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Todd Mitchell Porter is an American game developer and author of the children's book Firefly Fred. He is the nephew of country music legend Chet Atkins.

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Firefly is a fictional comic book character created by Harry Shorten and Bob Wood for MLJ Comics in 1940. He first appeared in Top-Notch Comics #8. Artist Warren King and writer Joe Blair loaned their talents to many of the Firefly's installments.

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Broučci is a classic children's book by Jan Karafiát published in the Czech language in the early 1870s. The title is the Czech word for beetles, and the word is also used for "traditional Czech figures of fairylike insect people" such as the characters in the book. In English, the title is often translated as Fireflies.

Julia Doria is a Slovene writer, illustrator and visual artist. * Ljubljana, Slovenia. She writes children's books and prose fiction for adults. Her illustrations appear in children's picture books and in prose fiction and nonfiction books.