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Tom Bentley

Tom Bentley is an author and policy analyst based in Australia. Bentley was born and educated in the United Kingdom, where he gained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of Oxford.

Bentley was formerly executive director for policy and cabinet for the Premier of Victoria, Australia, [1] and was then deputy chief of staff to Prime Minister Julia Gillard [2] and part-time director of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government. [3] Between 1998 and 2006 he was director of DEMOS [4] - described by The Economist as ‘Britain's most influential think tank'. Prior to his role at Demos he was a special adviser to David Blunkett MP, then Secretary of State for Education and Employment, [5] where he worked on issues including school curriculum reform, social inclusion, creativity, citizenship, adult skills and area-based regeneration. He has been a trustee and chair of the Learning Programme for the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) [6] and a trustee of the Community Action Network in London.

Bentley has been a regular contributor to The Guardian , The Observer , [7] the Financial Times and the New Statesman as well as regularly being interviewed for print and broadcast media.


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