Too Easy

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Too Easy is a 2002 album by artist Broderick Smith published by New Market Music..

Track listing

  1. ”Rainy Day” (Broderick Smith, K. Bennett) 4:10
  2. ”I Have No Song” (Broderick Smith, K. Bennett) 4:05
  3. ”Aria Branca” (Broderick Smith, K. Mazella) 3:18
  4. ”The Girl with Green Eyes” (Broderick Smith, K. Bennett) 3:03
  5. ”Two Men and Some Dogs” (Broderick Smith, K. Bennett) 4:00
  6. ”From the Hills” (Broderick Smith, K. Bennett) 3:52
  7. ”Victim's Highway” (Broderick Smith, Matt Walker) 3:29
  8. ”You're Not Naked” (Broderick Smith, N. Maclean) 3:42
  9. ”Wind Dogs” (Broderick Smith, N. Maclean) 3:39
  10. ”Starlight Lounge” (Broderick Smith, Nick Smith) 3:04
  11. ”Xmas In Melbourne” (Broderick Smith, Nick Smith) 2:51
  12. ”This Land” (R. Freeman-Smith, Phillip Hyde) 3:41
  13. ”Thirteen” (Glenn Danzic) 4:00
  14. ”Going North” (Broderick Smith, Phillip Hyde) 3:08
  15. ”Writers on a Train” (Broderick Smith, Nick Smith) 2:55
  16. ”Man to Man” (Broderick Smith, K. Bennett) 3:15

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