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(unranked): Viridiplantae
Division: Chlorophyta
Class: Trebouxiophyceae
Order: Chlorellales
Family: Oocystaceae
Genus: Trochiscia

Trochiscia is a genus of green algae in the family Oocystaceae. [1]

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Prorocentrales Order of single-celled organisms

The Prorocentrales are a small order of dinoflagellates. They are distinguished by having their two flagella inserted apically, rather than ventrally as in other groups. One flagellum extends forward and the other circles its base, and there are no flagellar grooves. This arrangement is called desmokont, in contrast to the dinokont arrangement found in other groups. Accordingly, the Prorocentrales may be called desmoflagellates, and in some classifications were treated as a separate class Desmophyceae.

Charales Order of green algae in the division Charophyta

Charales is an order of freshwater green algae in the division Charophyta, class Charophyceae, commonly known as stoneworts. Depending on the treatment of the genus Nitellopsis, living (extant) species are placed into either one family (Characeae) or two. Further families are used for fossil members of the order. Linnaeus established the genus Chara in 1753.

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Trebouxiophyceae Class of algae

The Trebouxiophyceae are a class of green algae, in the division Chlorophyta. Their circumscription within the green algae is not well established due to the need for more genetic studies at higher levels within the group.

Chaetophorales Order of algae

Chaetophorales is an order of green algae in the class Chlorophyceae.

Oocystaceae is a family of green algae, in the order Chlorellales. The type genus is Oocystis.

The Mesostigmatophyceae are a class of basal green algae found in freshwater. In a narrow circumscription, the class contains a single genus, Mesostigma. AlgaeBase then places the order within its circumscription of Charophyta. A clade containing Chlorokybus and Spirotaenia may either be added, or treated as a sister, with Chlorokybus placed in a separate class, Chlorokybophyceae. When broadly circumscribed, Mesostigmatophyceae may be placed as sister to all other green algae, or as sister to all Streptophyta.

Chlorokybus is a multicellular (sarcinoid) genus of basal green algae or charophyte, a soil alga. It has been classified as the sole member of the family Chlorokybaceae, which is the sole member of the order Chlorokybales, in turn the sole member of the class Chlorokybophyceae.

Mesostigma is a genus of freshwater green algae, with a single species Mesostigma viride. As of February 2022, AlgaeBase classified it as the only genus in the family Mesostigmataceae, the only family in the order Mesostigmatales, the only order in the class Mesostigmatophyceae. It is now considered to be one of the earliest diverging members of green plants/algae (Viridiplantae).


Klebsormidiales is an order of charophyte algae. It is the only order in the class Klebsormidiophyceae. As of February 2022, AlgaeBase accepted two families in the order:

Mamiellophyceae Class of algae

Mamiellophyceae is a class of green algae in the division Chlorophyta.

Pyramimonadophyceae Class of algae

Pyramimonadophyceae is a class of green algae in the division Chlorophyta.


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