Trout Lake (Ontario)

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Trout Lake
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Trout Lake
Location East Ferris & North Bay, Nipissing, Ontario, Canada
Coordinates 46°18′52″N79°19′27″W / 46.31444°N 79.32417°W / 46.31444; -79.32417 Coordinates: 46°18′52″N79°19′27″W / 46.31444°N 79.32417°W / 46.31444; -79.32417
Type Lake
Part of Ottawa River drainage basin
Max. length11 km (6.8 mi)
Max. width4 km (2.5 mi)
Surface elevation202 m (663 ft)
Islands 25

Trout Lake is a lake in municipalities of East Ferris and North Bay, Nipissing District in Northeastern Ontario, Canada, approximately 6 kilometres (4 mi) east of the much larger Lake Nipissing. Trout Lake is the source of the Mattawa River and a significant body of water on a well-known historic North American voyageur (fur-trading) route. It is about 11 kilometres (7 mi) long and 4 kilometres (2 mi) wide and exits eastward into the Mattawa River, which flows via the Ottawa River to the St. Lawrence River. Some of the most difficult portages are found on this part of the voyageur route between Trout Lake and the end of the Mattawa River, e.g., Portage de Mauvaise Musique, located at the Talon Chute (named after explorer and voyageur Jean Talon).


Water reservoir

The City of North Bay (population approx 54,000) draws its drinking water from Trout Lake. While the urban core of North Bay is located primarily between Trout Lake and Lake Nipissing, the city limits contain the lake's entire northern shore. Much of the lake's southern shore is located within the township of East Ferris.

Seaplane Base

North Bay Water Aerodrome (CNH7) is a seaplane base located near the western end of the lake. [1]

Campbell disappearance

In October 2006, a long-time unsolved mystery of a couple who disappeared from their Trout Lake cabin in the spring of 1956 was solved. Margaret and Allen Campbell, along with their family dog, went missing on May 25, 1956 under mysterious conditions. It was believed that Mr. and Mrs. Campbell went out in their fibreglass boat from the shore, encountered trouble and presumably drowned, but search teams in 1956 were unable to find their bodies or their boat. This mystery also amplified the belief in the legend of the Trout Lake Monster. [2]




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King's Highway 63, commonly referred to as Highway 63, is a provincially maintained highway in the Canadian province of Ontario. The 63.5-kilometre (39.5 mi) route travels from Highway 11 and Highway 17 in North Bay northeast to the Ontario-Quebec provincial boundary, where it continues as Route 101 into Témiscaming.

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