Trox sordidus

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Trox sordidus
Trox sordidus sjh.jpg
Trox sordidus, adult
Scientific classification Red Pencil Icon.png
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Coleoptera
Family: Trogidae
Subfamily: Troginae
Genus: Trox
T. sordidus
Binomial name
Trox sordidus
LeConte, 1854

Trox sordidus is a beetle of the Family Trogidae. Commons-logo.svg Media related to Trox sordidus at Wikimedia Commons

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Trogidae Family of beetles

Trogidae, sometimes called hide beetles, is a family of beetles with a distinctive warty or bumpy appearance. Found worldwide, the family includes about 300 species contained in four or five genera.

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<i>Trox</i> Genus of beetles

Trox is a genus of beetles of the family Trogidae. Its species occur almost worldwide.

Cosmopolites is a genus of true weevil in the Dryophthorinae subfamily and tribe Sphenophorini. The type species and most economically important is the banana weevil Cosmopolites sordidus.

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Trox atrox is a beetle of the family Trogidae.

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Eudesmic acid Chemical compound

Eudesmic acid is an O-methylated trihydroxybenzoic acid.


TROX-1 is a drug which acts as a potent blocker of the Cav2 type calcium channels. It was developed as a potential analgesic after the discovery that the selective Cav2.2 blocker ziconotide is an active analgesic with similar efficacy to strong opioid drugs. Unlike ziconotide, TROX-1 is not so selective, and also blocks the Cav2.1 and Cav2.3 calcium channel subtypes, but it has the great advantage of being orally active, whereas ziconotide must be administered intrathecally, by injection into the spinal fluid. In animal studies of TROX-1, analgesic effects were observed with similar efficacy to NSAIDs such as naproxen or diclofenac, and anti-allodynia effects equivalent to pregabalin or duloxetine.

The Mindanao miniature babbler is a bird species in the family Cisticolidae. It was formerly included in M. leytensis as a subspecies, is now usually held to be a distinct species, M. sordidus.

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Chlorurus sordidus, known commonly as the daisy parrotfish or bullethead parrotfish, is a species of marine fish in the family Scaridae.

ViTrox Corporation Berhad is a Malaysian based electronics company located at Penang, Malaysia. Vitrox specializes in designing and developing automated vision inspection system and equipment testers for the semiconductor and electronic packaging industries as well as electronic communications equipment.

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The Torresian kingfisher is a species of bird in the family Alcedinidae. It is found in southern New Guinea and in Australia. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, mangroves, and plantations. It was formerly considered a subspecies of the collared kingfisher.

Cosmopolites sordidus, commonly known as the banana root borer, banana borer, or banana weevil, is a species of weevil in the family Curculionidae. It is a pest of banana cultivation and has a cosmopolitan distribution, being found in all parts of the world in which bananas are grown. It is considered the most serious insect pest of bananas.