Trust You

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"Trust You"
Trust you.jpg
Single by Yuna Ito
from the album Dream
B-side "Brand New World"
ReleasedMarch 4, 2009
Genre Pop
Label Studioseven Recordings
Songwriter(s) Markie
Yuna Ito singles chronology
"Ima Demo Zutto"
"Trust You"
"Let It Go"
Limited Edition
Trust you limited pressing.jpg

Trust You is the thirteenth Japanese-language single by American pop singer Yuna Ito. The title song, "Trust You" is the theme to Japanese anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00 season 2, while "Brand New World" was used as a tie-up song for the Commercial of Hawkins Sport.


In its first week, the single sold 27,254 copies, making it the third highest selling first week single sales by Ito as of March 2009, behind Endless Story and Precious. "Trust You" is Ito's first Top 5 single since the release of her previous single Mahaloha in June 2007. "Trust You" also gave Ito her highest first-week sales since 2006's Precious.

Track list

1."Trust You"MarkieMarkie5:19
2."Brand New World"Shunsuke MinamiShunsuke Minami4:30
3."Koi wa Groovyx2: DJ-Passion More Passion Remix (恋はgroovy×2-dj-passion More Passion Remix-, lit. Love Is Groovy Groovy)"Kenn KatoMinami Shunsuke3:42
4."Trust You: Gundam 00 Ver." (Limited Edition only)MarkieMarkie1:33
5."Trust You (Instrumental)"MarkieMarkie5:20

TV Promotional Performances

  1. 04/25 - Hong Kong Best Advertisement Award 2009 (with Endless Story)



ChartPeak PositionSales TotalChart Run
Oricon Daily Chart49 weeks
Oricon Weekly Chart527,254 [1]
Oricon Monthly Chart2041,866
Oricon Yearly Chart45,682 


Billboard JapanPeak
Japan Hot 100 [2] 20

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"Precious" is the third single by Yuna Ito. It is the theme song to the movie Limit of Love: Umizaru and was released on May 3, 2006. Both "I'm Free" and "Secrets" are more up-beat songs than "Precious".

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<i>Nana</i> (2005 film)

Nana (ナナ) is a 2005 Japanese drama film directed by Kentarō Ōtani. Based on the manga of the same name by Ai Yazawa, the film stars Mika Nakashima as Nana Osaki and Aoi Miyazaki as Nana "Hachi" Komatsu. The film was released on September 3, 2005.

<i>A 50 Singles: Live Selection</i> 2011 video by Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki A 50 Singles: Live Selection is 27th live DVD by Ayumi Hamasaki, released on April 20, 2011. It is the compilation of her 50 best live performances selected from each of her singles, from her 1st single, Poker Face, to her 50th single, L. It was released on the same day with Ayumi Hamasaki Rock 'n' Roll Circus Tour Final: 7 Days Special. It was originally scheduled to be released at March 30, but was pushed back till April 20 due to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. It charted strongly at #2 while Ayumi Hamasaki Rock 'n' Roll Circus Tour Final: 7 Days Special charted at #1, making her the first artist to hold #1 and #2 positions on the Oricon DVD Weekly Chart. The sales of this 2 DVD make her the female artist with the highest DVD sales of 2,313,000 units sold, behind Arashi. As her song, Kanariya, had not been performed live before, it was replaced as a video clip.


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