Truth Will Out

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Truth Will Out
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Genre Industrial
Label Invisible Records
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Washingmachine Mouth
Truth Will Out
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Truth Will Out is a 1993 live album by Pigface. The album was recorded at Cabaret Metro in Chicago, Illinois, on December 22, 1992. While the album contains selected songs from the show, Invisible Records released the performance, in its entirety, in 2006 as part of their Pigface Live Archive series.


Track listing

1."Can You Feel Pain?"8:19
2."War Ich Nicht"5:34
3."Point Blank"5:19
4."Do No Wrong"7:19
6."White Trash Reggae - Pigface In Your Area"5:30
7."Alles Ist Mein"2:21
8."Hips, Tits, Lips, Power!"7:12
9."7 Words"4:21
11."Jingle Bells"4:46


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