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Chris Connelly
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Connelly in 2008
Background information
Born (1964-11-10) 10 November 1964 (age 55)
Origin Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Musician
  • singer-songwriter
  • author
  • Vocals
  • guitar
Labels Underground, Inc.
Associated acts

Chris Connelly (born 10 November 1964) is a Scottish musician and author [3] who became famous for his industrial music work of the late 1980s and early 1990s, particularly his involvement with the Revolting Cocks and Ministry. He has since established himself as an alternative singer-songwriter, and continues to release solo albums.


Early years

Connelly was born in Bruntsfield, Scotland to Michael and Sadie (née King) Connelly near the city centre of Edinburgh. Connelly's father died in a swimming accident early in his life, [4] causing Chris to focus on artistic interests outside the home to help fill the void. Connelly's Scottish ancestry includes Irish descent through the Connellys and Murphys, who originally came from Ireland to Scotland. His mother’s side, the Kings and the McCullochs, were from the Highlands and migrated to Glasgow in search of work. [5]

Music career

Connelly began his music career in 1980 with the formation of Finitribe. [6] Through subsequent years he fronted or was heavily involved with numerous notable industrial, dance, and new wave acts. In 2008, Connelly published a memoir of his early years in the music industry, Concrete, Bulletproof, Invisible, and Fried: My Life As A Revolting Cock ( ISBN   0946719950). It describes his professional debut in Finitribe, meeting Al Jourgensen in London, his involvement with the Revolting Cocks, Ministry, PTP, Acid Horse, Killing Joke, and Pigface, and the development of his solo career.

In contrast to his industrial roots, Connelly explored various genres in his solo works. In 2013, he has started two projects more in the vein of industrial: Cocksure, with Jason C. Novak (Czar and Acumen Nation), and Bells into Machines, with Paul Barker (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, and Lard).

Personal life

Connelly is now based in Chicago and manages Reckless Records, a record store in Wicker Park. [7] He also is a vocal instructor at Oak Park School of Rock. [8]

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