Tapes of Wrath

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Tapes of Wrath
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ReleasedAugust 8, 2000 [1]
Label Warner Reprise Video
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Tapes of Wrath is a compilation of promotional videos by American industrial metal band Ministry and their side project Revolting Cocks. Available both in VHS and DVD format, as well as in its entirety on the Internet Archive. [3]


The title is a play on The Grapes of Wrath , a 1939 novel by John Steinbeck, and was also the original title for Ministry's 1992 album Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs .

Track listing

  1. "Over the Shoulder"
  2. "Stigmata"
  3. "Flashback"
  4. "Burning Inside"
  5. "The Land of Rape and Honey"
  6. "Jesus Built My Hotrod"
  7. "N.W.O."
  8. "Just One Fix"
  9. "Lay Lady Lay"
  10. "Reload"
  11. "Bad Blood"
  12. "Crackin' Up"
  13. "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?"

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<i>Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs</i> 1992 studio album by Ministry

ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ is the fifth studio album by American industrial metal band Ministry, released on July 14, 1992 by Sire Records. It was produced by frontman Al Jourgensen and bassist Paul Barker, and was recorded from March 1991 to May 1992 in Chicago and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The album's title, initially intended to be The Tapes of Wrath, ended up being derived from Alister Crowley's The Book of Lies.

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As of 2018, the discography of Ministry—an American rock band founded and fronted by Al Jourgensen—consists of fourteen studio albums, eight live albums, fourteen compilation and remix albums, thirty singles, five video albums and twenty music videos.

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"Over the Shoulder" is a song by American rock band Ministry, from their second studio album, Twitch (1986). Written by frontman Al Jourgensen, produced by Adrian Sherwood, and released in November 1985 as a 12-inch single, it was the band’s first recording after signing with Sire Records; the accompanying music video was directed by Peter Christopherson.

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