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Tsinelas leadership, a term derived from the Filipino word for flip-flops, refers to the rural grassroots and poverty alleviation program started by Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, the husband of Vice President Leni Robredo, as Mayor of Naga, Camarines Sur. [1] [2]


As mayor and mayoral spouse, Jesse and Leni Robredo initiated a consultative assembly in the far-flung barangays of the city to gather information on the needs of the local community. Both leaders have been noted to wear "tsinelas" or cheap flip-flops while traversing muddy terrain both as a practical foot wear, that became a symbol of the struggles of the rural communities. This also became the symbol used by Vice President Robredo during her campaign. [3]

In order to continue and consolidate this grassroots program, a non-government foundation was launched as the Jesse M. Robredo Foundation, Inc. The foundation runs the Tsinelas Leadership Awards for the best practices of rural local government units. [4] [5] [6] A fundraising program is organized yearly on the death anniversary of Jesse Robredo as a way to fund and reach the private initiatives of the foundation. [7]

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