Tycoon (1947 film)

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Directed by Richard Wallace
Written by Borden Chase
John Twist
Based onTycoon
by Charles Elbert Scoggins
Produced byStephen Ames
Starring John Wayne
Laraine Day
Cedric Hardwicke
Cinematography W. Howard Greene
Harry J. Wild
Edited byFrank Doyle
Music by Leigh Harline
Distributed byRKO Radio Pictures
Release date
  • December 27, 1947 (1947-12-27)
Running time
128 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$3.2 million [1]
Box office$2.5 million (US rentals) [2]

Tycoon is a 1947 American Technicolor romantic drama film directed by Richard Wallace and starring John Wayne, Laraine Day and Cedric Hardwicke. It was produced and distributed by RKO Pictures. It is based on the 1934 novel of the same name by Charles Elbert Scoggins.



Johnny Munroe (John Wayne) travels to South America to build a mountain railroad tunnel for Frederick Alexander (Sir Cedric Hardwicke), a wealthy industrialist. Complications arise when Alexander insists upon a shorter, more dangerous passage and when his daughter Maura (Laraine Day) develops a romantic interest with Johnny.



Maureen O'Hara was originally cast as Wayne's leading lady, but RKO put her in Sinbad the Sailor instead. [3] Set in the Andes, the film was originally intended to be filmed at RKO's Estudios Churubusco in Mexico City but at the last minute production was shifted to Lone Pine, California. [3]


Though successful, the film did not earn back its huge production costs of RKO's most expensive production up to that time. [4] [ self-published source ] It ended up losing $1,035,000. [5]

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