We Women

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We Women
Directed by W.P. Kellino
Written by Countess Hélène Barcynska (novel)
Lydia Hayward
W.J. Roberts
StarringBeatrice Ford
Pauline Cartwright
John Stuart
Reginald Bach
CinematographyWilliam Shenton
Edited by Challis Sanderson
Distributed byStoll Pictures
Release date
February 1925
Running time
5,100 feet [1]
CountryUnited Kingdom
English intertitles

We Women is a 1925 British silent comedy film directed by W.P. Kellino and starring Beatrice Ford, Pauline Cartwright and John Stuart. It depicts the adventures of the flappers Billie and Dollie, who work as dance hostesses. [2]



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