Workington Comets

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Workington Comets
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Club information
Track address Derwent Park Stadium
Country England
Closed2019 [1] [2]
Team managerTony Jackson
Team captainTy Proctor
Club facts
Colours Blue and White
Track size364 metres (398 yd)
Track record time60.9 seconds
Track record date12 August 2017
Track record holder Craig Cook
Major team honours
Premier League Fours Champions 2001, 2004
2006, 2008
Young Shield2008, 2009
SGB Championship Champions 2018
Knockout Cup Winners 2018
Challenge Shield Winners 2018

Workington Comets were a speedway club that operated from 1970 to 2018. They were based at Derwent Park Stadium in Workington, Cumbria, which they shared with Workington Town Rugby League Football Club. [3]




The team's inaugural league season was the 1970 British League Division Two season in which they finished in 11th place. [4] The team spent 12 years in Division 2, finishing 2nd in 1973 and 3rd in 1976. [5]

The 1987 season saw Glasgow Tigers based at Derwent Park. However the team changed its name to Workington Tigers soon afterwards but held their last fixture against Stoke on 31 July. The team's results were expunged. [6] It was the last season of speedway at Workington for 12 years.


Speedway returned in 1999 as Workington joined the Premier League (division 2). They would spend 20 consecutive years in the division but before their 2018 play off victory their best finish was 2nd in 2004.

At the end of the 2007 season, the club was sold by promoter Tony Mole to businessman Keith Denham. [7] [8] Several riders left for the Birmingham Brummies but Carl Stonehewer and Kauko Nieminen stayed. The club went on to win the Young Shield, Premier League Pairs and Premier League Four-Team Championship during the 2008 season. [9] [10] The Premier League Fours was an event that they had won on three previous occasions, in 2001, 2004 and 2006. [11]

In October 2018, the Comets won the SGB Championship for the first time in their history. [12] In the same month, the Comets made it a treble win with Knockout Cup and Championship Shield victories. [13]

In January 2019, the Comets announced their withdrawal from the SGB Championship and from racing in the 2019 season. [1] [2]

Notable riders

The club's most notable rider was Carl Stonehewer, who still holds the record for the most Comets appearances and remains the only Premier League rider to qualify for the Speedway Grand Prix series.

Season summary

Extended content
Year and leaguePositionNotes
1970 British League Division Two season 11th
1971 British League Division Two season 15th
1972 British League Division Two season 7th
1973 British League Division Two season 2nd
1974 British League Division Two season 4th
1975 New National League season 6th
1976 National League season 3rd
1977 National League season 16th
1978 National League season 14th
1979 National League season 15th
1980 National League season 20th
1981 National League season 19th
1987 National League season N/Awithdrew, results expunged
1999 Premier League speedway season 11th
2000 Premier League speedway season 5th
2001 Premier League speedway season 6th
2002 Premier League speedway season 15th
2003 Premier League speedway season 9th
2004 Premier League speedway season 2nd
2005 Premier League speedway season 7th
2006 Premier League speedway season 7th
2007 Premier League speedway season 7th
2008 Premier League speedway season 5thYoung Shield, Premier League Pairs & Fours
2009 Premier League speedway season 7thYoung Shield
2010 Premier League speedway season 6thYoung Shield
2011 Premier League speedway season 4th
2012 Premier League speedway season 4th
2013 Premier League speedway season 5th
2014 Premier League speedway season 6th
2015 Premier League speedway season 8th
2016 Premier League speedway season 7th
SGB Championship 2017 8th
SGB Championship 2018 3rd Champions (won PO) & Knockout Cup winners


SGB Championship
Winners: 2018

SGB Championship Knockout Cup
Winners: 2018

SGB Championship Shield
Winners: 2018

Young Shield
Winners: 2008, 2009, 2010

Premier League Four-Team Championship
Winners: 2001, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009

Premier League Riders Championship

Premier League Pairs Championship

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Tyron Brian Proctor is an Australian speedway rider.


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