2010 UFL season

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2010 United Football League season
Regular season
DurationSeptember 18, 2010 – November 20, 2010
2010 UFL Championship Game
DateNovember 27, 2010
Site Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium, Omaha, Nebraska
Champion Las Vegas Locomotives
Runner-up Florida Tuskers

The 2010 United Football League season was the second season of the United Football League. The regular season ran from September 18 to November 20 and featured five teams playing eight games each (twice against each of the other teams) over a 10-week span. The 2010 season was a relatively competitive one as no team won more than five games, and no team lost more than five. The season ended with the 2010 UFL Championship Game on November 27 at Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska, where the Las Vegas Locomotives defeated the Florida Tuskers, 23–20.


League changes for 2010

The UFL based its plans for 2010 in part on the lessons learned from its inaugural season in 2009, a year the league considered a modest "dress rehearsal". [1] One of the lessons learned from 2009 was that the league performed better in cities that did not have an NFL presence. [2] To that end, the league relocated two of their 2009 franchises away from NFL markets: The New York Sentinels were relocated to Hartford, Connecticut (where they played one home game in 2009) and were renamed the Hartford Colonials, while the California Redwoods, a team based in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2009, were moved to Sacramento, California and became the Sacramento Mountain Lions. Rentschler Field and Hornet Stadium were the respective home venues for the Colonials and Mountain Lions.

Along with the above franchise shifts, the league set forth to add two new franchises; San Antonio, Texas was considered as the leading candidate for a new team along with Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and Omaha. Civic leaders in San Antonio were cool to the league's advances, however, citing previous failed football teams in the city and the fear that the UFL's presence would hinder the University of Texas at San Antonio's launch of its Division I college football team in 2011. [3] [4] Instead, the league added just one franchise for 2010, the Omaha Nighthawks, who spent 2010 at Rosenblatt Stadium before moving downtown to TD Ameritrade Park Omaha for 2011.

Three of the four charter teams retained their ownership from the previous year, though some sold portions of their teams to minority owners. The lone exception was the Florida Tuskers; Stuart Sternberg pulled out of ownership after the 2009 season and filed legal action against the league for funds he believes is owed to his company, Sunburst Entertainment Group. After spending the offseason and the first four weeks of the season under league ownership, a group led by Joe Theismann purchased the Tuskers in October 2010. [5] NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson agreed to purchase the Omaha Nighthawks. Mark Cuban also loaned the league $5 million in April 2010; in January 2011, he filed a federal lawsuit against the league after they had yet to repay the loan.

To account for the odd number of teams (five), each team played an eight-game schedule over a 10-week span (as opposed to six games in seven weeks during 2009); two bye weeks for each team were included. The schedule's double round robin format remained intact. Also, all of the games were being played in the teams' home stadiums, as opposed to the neutral site "barnstorming" approach used for some of the 2009 games.

In another change from 2009, the UFL strengthened local exposure of its teams, including radio coverage (see Broadcasting below) and the establishment of training camps and practices at sites in each team's market. [6] (During 2009, the teams trained and practiced in two sites, Orlando and Casa Grande, Arizona.) Additionally, each team gained their own uniform identity for 2010, loosening them from the standard league colors (green, blue, black, silver) and uniform template used in 2009. [7]

The 2010 season was a high-water mark for the league. The Sacramento and Omaha franchises were rousing successes with their fanbases, regularly playing to sold-out stadiums with over 20,000 fans a week. The league's salaries would be the highest in its history, peaking at $200,000 a year for a starting quarterback (a level comparable to the National Football League's minimum per-game salary); as such, the league was able to sign prominent NFL veterans such as Daunte Culpepper (Sacramento) and Jeff Garcia (Omaha). [9] The inability to sustain that level of spending and the systemic lack of sustainable revenue sources to match it became evident shortly after the season, prompting the league's slow unraveling over the course of the next two seasons. The league had intended to lose money the first two seasons in an effort to sell their product to television for a rights fee high enough to sustain spending at 2010 levels, but the networks refused to buy a rights package, instead insisting on payment from the league for television coverage.

Coaching changes for 2010

Team2010 Coach2009 CoachReason for leavingStory/Accomplishments
Hartford Colonials Chris Palmer Ted Cottrell FiredCottrell compiled an 0-6 (.000) record in his lone season as the head coach of the New York Sentinels. Upon the team's move to Hartford, Palmer, a longtime NFL assistant and the first head coach of the revived Cleveland Browns, was named head coach and general manager.
Florida Tuskers Jay Gruden Jim Haslett ResignedBefore leaving to become defensive coordinator for the NFL's Washington Redskins, Haslett compiled a 6-1 (.857) record, including a perfect 2009 regular season and an overtime loss in the championship game. He was replaced by Gruden, the Tuskers' offensive coordinator and a former coach of the Arena Football League's Orlando Predators; he is the brother of current Oakland Raiders' head coach Jon Gruden.
Omaha Nighthawks Jeff Jagodzinski N/AN/AJagodzinski was named as the expansion franchise's first head coach on April 15, 2010. He has coached in the NFL and college football for over 20 years, including a 2-year stint as Boston College head coach.


The 2010 season was the second and final year in the UFL's initial broadcast deals with HDNet and Versus; HDNet carried 10 regular season games, while Versus carried 8 games plus the championship game. In addition, the league gained its first partnership with a regional network—the New England-based NESN, which carried 2 Hartford Colonials home games. The league website provided live and archived video streaming for all games, while YouTube provided a live HD simulcast of Versus' Championship Game broadcast with additional content. [10]

Also, UFL games were carried on radio for the first time, with each team having their own flagship station:

Team2010 Radio broadcaster
Florida Tuskers WYGM (740 AM) (primary); WFLF (540 AM) (secondary)
Hartford Colonials WPOP (1410 AM)
Las Vegas Locomotives KWWN (1100 AM) (primary); KBAD (920 AM) (secondary)
Omaha Nighthawks KOZN (1620 AM)
Sacramento Mountain Lions KHTK (1140 AM)

Team schedules

     Win      Loss

Florida Tuskers

WeekDateKickoffOpponentResultsGame siteAttendanceTV
Final scoreTeam record
1Saturday, September 1811:00 p.m. ET at Las Vegas Locomotives W 27–201–0 Sam Boyd Stadium 9,103 HDNet
2Saturday, September 2511:00 p.m. ETat Sacramento Mountain Lions L 20–241–1 Hornet Stadium 20,000 Versus
3Thursday, September 306:00 p.m. ETLas Vegas LocomotivesL 17–201–2 Citrus Bowl 9,053Versus
4Saturday, October 93:00 p.m. ETat Hartford Colonials W 33–202–2 Rentschler Field 14,468Versus
5 Bye
6Thursday, October 217:00 p.m. ETSacramento Mountain LionsL 17–212–3Citrus Bowl10,066HDNet
8Friday, November 58:00 p.m. ET Omaha Nighthawks W 31–143–3Citrus Bowl9,203HDNet
9Thursday, November 117:00 p.m. ETHartford ColonialsW 41–74–3Citrus Bowl9,367HDNet
10Friday, November 198:30 p.m. ETat Omaha NighthawksW 27–105–3 Rosenblatt Stadium 21,106HDNet

Hartford Colonials

WeekDateKickoffOpponentResultsGame siteAttendanceTV
Final scoreTeam record
1Saturday, September 182:30 p.m. ET Sacramento Mountain Lions W 27–101–0 Rentschler Field 14,384 NESN
2Friday, September 248:00 p.m. ETat Omaha Nighthawks L 26–271–1 Rosenblatt Stadium 23,067 HDNet
3 Bye
4Saturday, October 93:00 p.m. ET Florida Tuskers L 20–331–2Rentschler Field14,468 Versus
5Saturday, October 163:00 p.m. ETOmaha NighthawksL 14–191–3Rentschler Field14,056NESN
6Saturday, October 233:30 p.m. ETat Las Vegas Locomotives L 21–24 (OT)1–4 Sam Boyd Stadium 8,451Versus
7Saturday, October 3011:00 p.m. ETat Sacramento Mountain LionsW 27–262–4 Hornet Stadium 13,500Versus
9Thursday, November 117:00 p.m. ETat Florida TuskersL 7–412–5 Citrus Bowl 9,637HDNet
10Saturday, November 203:30 p.m. ETLas Vegas LocomotivesW 27–143–5Rentschler Field14,554Versus

Las Vegas Locomotives

WeekDateKickoffOpponentResultsGame siteAttendanceTV
Final scoreTeam record
1Saturday, September 188:00 p.m. PT Florida Tuskers L 20–270–1 Sam Boyd Stadium 9,103 HDNet
2 Bye
3Thursday, September 303:00 p.m. PTat Florida TuskersW 20–171–1 Citrus Bowl 9,053 Versus
4Friday, October 87:00 p.m. PT Omaha Nighthawks W 22–102–1Sam Boyd Stadium9,767HDNet
5Friday, October 158:00 p.m. PTat Sacramento Mountain Lions W 26–33–1 Hornet Stadium 19,000HDNet
6Saturday, October 2312:30 p.m. PT Hartford Colonials W 24–21 (OT)4–1Sam Boyd Stadium8,451Versus
7Thursday, October 285:00 p.m. PTat Omaha NighthawksW 24–105–1 Rosenblatt Stadium 23,554HDNet
8Saturday, November 68:00 p.m. PTSacramento Mountain LionsL 24–275–2Sam Boyd Stadium13,622Versus
10Saturday, November 2012:30 p.m. PTat Hartford ColonialsL 14–275–3 Rentschler Field 14,554Versus

Omaha Nighthawks

WeekDateKickoffOpponentResultsGame siteAttendanceTV
Final scoreTeam record
1 Bye
2Friday, September 247:00 p.m. CT Hartford Colonials W 27–261–0 Rosenblatt Stadium 23,067 HDNet
3Saturday, October 27:30 p.m. CT Sacramento Mountain Lions W 20–172–0Rosenblatt Stadium23,416HDNet
4Friday, October 89:00 p.m. CTat Las Vegas Locomotives L 10–222–1 Sam Boyd Stadium 9,767HDNet
5Saturday, October 162:00 p.m. CTat Hartford ColonialsW 19–143–1 Rentschler Field 14,056 NESN
7Thursday, October 287:00 p.m. CTLas Vegas LocomotivesL 10–243–2Rosenblatt Stadium23,554HDNet
8Friday, November 57:00 p.m. CTat Florida Tuskers L 14–313–3 Citrus Bowl 9,203HDNet
9Saturday, November 1310:00 p.m. CTat Sacramento Mountain LionsL 3–413–4 Hornet Stadium 20,000 Versus
10Friday, November 197:30 p.m. CTFlorida TuskersL 10–273–5Rosenblatt Stadium21,106HDNet

Sacramento Mountain Lions

WeekDateKickoffOpponentResultsGame siteAttendanceTV
Final scoreTeam record
1Saturday, September 1811:30 a.m. PT at Hartford Colonials L 10–270–1 Rentschler Field 14,384 NESN
2Saturday, September 258:00 p.m. PT Florida Tuskers W 24–201–1 Hornet Stadium 20,000 Versus
3Saturday, October 25:30 p.m. PTat Omaha Nighthawks L 17–201–2 Rosenblatt Stadium 23,416 HDNet
4 Bye
5Friday, October 158:00 p.m. PT Las Vegas Locomotives L 3–261–3Hornet Stadium19,000HDNet
6Thursday, October 214:00 p.m. PTat Florida TuskersW 21–172–3 Citrus Bowl 10,066HDNet
7Saturday, October 308:00 p.m. PTHartford ColonialsL 26–272–4Hornet Stadium13,500Versus
8Saturday, November 68:00 p.m. PTat Las Vegas LocomotivesW 27–243–4 Sam Boyd Stadium 13,622Versus
9Saturday, November 138:00 p.m. PTOmaha NighthawksW 41–34–4Hornet Stadium20,000Versus


United Football League
y-Las Vegas Locomotives 530.625174142L2
y-Florida Tuskers 530.625213136W3
x-Sacramento Mountain Lions 440.500169164W2
x-Hartford Colonials 350.375169194W1
x-Omaha Nighthawks 350.375113202L4

y-denotes team has clinched a 2010 UFL Championship Game berth
x-denotes team has been eliminated from championship contention

Championship Game

The 2010 UFL Championship was held on November 27, 2010 (two days after Thanksgiving) and involved the Las Vegas Locomotives and Florida Tuskers, who finished first and second, respectively, in the league standings. The Locomotives won the championship game for the second straight year, beating the Tuskers 23-20 behind an MVP performance by quarterback Chase Clement and a blocked field goal by defensive lineman Alfred Malone on the final play. The game was played at Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska, which was chosen as host venue on October 18, 2010, after the league employed a formula that took into consideration "advance ticket and merchandise sales, energy for all events prior to the season starting, and team record" to determine the site. (The first-year Nighthawks sold out each of their 4 home games, including the first UFL game with over 20,000 in attendance.) [11] [12]


The UFL's attendance generally improved from its inaugural season; in that year, the average attendance was 9,678 spectators per game, with one game as low as 4,312 fans and the highest-attended game at less than 18,187. For the 20 home dates in the 2010 regular season, crowd numbers ranged from a high of 23,554 (Las Vegas at Omaha on October 28) to a low of 8,451 (Hartford at Las Vegas on October 23). The league's newest marketsOmaha, Sacramento, and Hartfordwere the front runners in attendance, with the Nighthawks selling out all 4 of their home games and never failing to draw less than 21,000 to Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium. The Mountain Lions and Colonials saw marked improvements from their 2009 seasons in the San Francisco and New York markets, respectively.

After being the attendance leaders in 2009, both Las Vegas and Florida suffered noticeable declines at the turnstiles during 2010. The crowd decrease for the Locos, coupled with a high rate of rent at Sam Boyd Stadium, led the league and team management to consider a smaller, more affordable home stadium for 2011, such as Cashman Field. [13]

Note that in the table below, numbers for the Sacramento Mountain Lions are rounded to the nearest 500 spectators; Sacramento did not give out exact ticket counts and only offered estimates.

TeamHome GmsHome TotalHome AvgTop Home CrowdRoad GmsRoad TotalRoad AvgOverall GmsOverall TotalOverall Avg
Omaha Nighthawks 491,14322,78523,554 (10/28 vs. LV)453,02613,2568144,16918,021
Sacramento Mountain Lions 472,50018,12520,000 (9/25 vs. FLA and 11/13 vs. OMA)461,48815,3728133,98816,749
Hartford Colonials 457,46214,36614,554 (11/20 vs. LV)454,65513,6648112,11714,015
Las Vegas Locomotives 440,94310,23613,622 (11/6 vs. SAC)466,16116,5408107,10413,388
Florida Tuskers 437,6899,42210,066 (10/21 vs. SAC)464,67716,1698102,36612,796
League20299,73714,98723,554 (LV at OMA on 10/23)20300,00715,000---


Players of the week

WeekOffenseDefenseSpecial Teams
1 [14] Josh McCown, QB, Hartford Brandon Moore, LB, Las Vegas Nick Novak, K, Florida
2 [15] Daunte Culpepper, QB, Sacramento
Jeff Garcia, QB, Omaha
Zeke Moreno, LB, Sacramento Fabrizio Scaccia, K, Sacramento
3 [16] DeDe Dorsey, RB, Las Vegas Eric Henderson, DE, Las Vegas Tom Malone, P, Sacramento
4 [17] Dominic Rhodes, RB, Florida Isaiah Trufant, CB, Las Vegas Nick Novak, K, Florida
5 [18] Jeff Garcia, QB, Omaha Lewis Baker, S, Las Vegas Steve Hauschka, K, Las Vegas
6 [19] Daunte Culpepper, QB, Sacramento Derek Walker, DE, Hartford Steve Hauschka, K, Las Vegas
7 [20] Lorenzo Booker, RB, Hartford Kevin Hobbs, CB, Las Vegas Aaron Woods, KR, Sacramento
8 [21] Chris Greisen, QB, Florida Keiwan Ratliff, CB, Florida Fabrizio Scaccia, K, Sacramento
9 [22] Cory Ross, RB, Sacramento
Dominic Rhodes, RB, Florida
Eric Moncur, DE, Sacramento Nick Novak, K, Florida
10 [23] Chris Greisen, QB, Florida Darius Vinnett, CB, Florida Nick Novak, K, Florida

Players and Coach of the Year

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2010 Florida Tuskers season

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The 2011 UFL season was the third season of the United Football League (UFL). The season, which was affected by franchise shifts and schedule delays due in part to the UFL's lingering financial issues, began on September 15, 2011 and would have run through October 28, with a championship game set for the following weekend. The regular season was abandoned after the games of October 15, and the Championship Game moved up to October 21, when the Virginia Destroyers claimed their first UFL title by defeating the two-time defending champion Las Vegas Locomotives 17-3 at Virginia Beach Sportsplex.

The 2011 UFL Championship Game was the third championship game of the United Football League and took place on October 21, 2011, the concluding weekend of the league's truncated third season. The game was won by the Virginia Destroyers, who, in front of a standing-room-only home crowd at Virginia Beach Sportsplex, defeated the two-time defending champion Las Vegas Locomotives 17–3, spurred by the performance of strong safety and game MVP Aaron Rouse. The win gave Destroyers coach Marty Schottenheimer, notorious for his failure to reach the Super Bowl in his NFL coaching career despite strong regular season statistics, his first championship as a professional head coach and his first professional championship since the 1965 American Football League Championship Game, Schottenheimer's rookie season as a player.

The 2011 UFL Draft was the third and final draft of the United Football League. The draft took place on Monday, May 2, 2011. The draft was held over a period of 10 rounds during which each of the five UFL teams was allowed one pick per round, in reverse order of 2010 finish, with the last-place Hartford Colonials picking first and the champion Las Vegas Locomotives picking last in each round. The expansion Virginia Destroyers took the place of the defunct Florida Tuskers, from whom the Destroyers inherited their staff, in the draft order; the Destroyers also received a "bonus selection" at both the end of the fourth round and the end of the draft, respectively. During rounds one and two, each team had five minutes to make their selection of a player. During rounds three through ten, each team had three minutes to make their selection of a player. The round by round results were announced via the Twitter feeds of each individual coach, as well as through commissioner Michael Huyghue's Twitter feed.

The 2011 Omaha Nighthawks season was the second season for the United Football League franchise.

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The 2011 Virginia Destroyers season was the third season for the United Football League franchise and its first since relocating from Orlando, where they played as the Florida Tuskers. Guided by head coach and general manager Marty Schottenheimer, the Destroyers finished the truncated regular season with a 3–1 record and defeated Las Vegas 17–3 in the October 21 Championship Game for the franchise's first UFL title.

The 2012 UFL season was the fourth and final season of the United Football League. Four teams began what was originally scheduled to be an eight-game schedule beginning September 26, 2012. The league ceased operations on October 20, 2012, after four weeks, extensive financial problems and dismal attendance figures. At the time of the cessation, the Las Vegas Locomotives had compiled a perfect season to date.


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