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Astro Citra
Astro Citra HD.png
Country Malaysia
Broadcast area Malaysia
Language(s) Malay
Picture format 16:9 HDTV (1080i)
Owner Astro
Launched1 June 2009 (SD)
1 October 2018 (HD)
Replaced Astro Kirana
Closed18 May 2009 (Replacing Astro Kirana)
12 April 2021 (SD) (Astro & NJOI)
1 April 2022 (HD) (Kristal-Astro)
myFreeview Channel 157 (HD) (available on 1 January 2023)

Astro Citra is a 24-hour Malay language version of HBO Asia, showing the local and Asian movies. The channel began broadcasting on 1 June 2009, replacing Astro Kirana (Channel 122) which ceased its broadcasting on 18 May 2009 due to low viewership. Most of the movies are available in Malay and English subtitles. It is only available on Astro Channel 131 on the Mustika package. All movies are also shown on Astro Mustika HD, although during the latter's start of broadcast, only local films were shown. Starting 1 October 2018, Astro Mustika HD will renamed Astro Citra HD and will be renumbering to Channel 126.

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Astro Mustika HD was a television channel by the Malaysian satellite provider Astro. It was the first in-house channel by Astro for telenovelas, movies, specials, telemovie & reality in High Definition in Malaysia. Astro Mustika HD was included in the network's Mustika Pack.

Pelangi was 24-hour Indonesian language channel which broadcasts Indonesian films and dramas. This channel was only available on Astro in the Indo Pek package. Most of the programmes are available in Malay subtitles.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Maya HD</span> Malaysian satellite TV channel

Astro Maya HD was a channel on Malaysia's satellite television Astro and began broadcasting on 24 June 2013, the second Malay high-definition channel launched by Astro after Astro Mustika HD.


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