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Malaysian National News Agency
Pertubuhan Berita Nasional Malaysia
Founded20 May 1968;54 years ago (1968-05-20)
HeadquartersWisma Bernama, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Key people
  • Senator Datuk Ras Adiba Mohd Radzi
  • Datuk Mokhtar Hussain
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Abdul Rahman Ahmad
  • Mr Ahmad Fuad Yahya
    Deputy Editor-in-Chief Domestic News Service
  • Mr Khairdzir Md Yunus
    Deputy Editor-in-Chief Business and Finance News Service
  • Mr Jamaluddin Muhammad
    Deputy Editor-in-Chief International News Service

The Malaysian National News Agency (Malay : Pertubuhan Berita Nasional Malaysia), is a news agency of the government of Malaysia. It is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia. Bernama (usually stylized in all caps) is an abbreviation of Berita Nasional Malaysia (Malaysia National News); it also means named or titled in the Malay language. It was created by an Act of Parliament in 1967 and began operating on 20 May 1968.



BERNAMA operates from its headquarters at Wisma Bernama, off Jalan Tun Razak near National Library, Kuala Lumpur. It has its branches in every state in Malaysia. It also has correspondents in Jakarta, Singapore and Bangkok and also its stringers in Washington, D.C., New York City, Australia and London. Most of the news media in Malaysia and Singapore and international news agencies subscribe to BERNAMA.

Bernama began reporting using the audio-visual medium with the opening of its audio-visual division in September 1998. It also has its own radio and television channel. Bernama Radio is a 24-hour news and talk radio station broadcasting in the areas of Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley on 93.9 FM, as well as in Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Johor Bahru and Singapore on different frequencies. Bernama TV is a channel which offers news in Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil on Channel 502 and Channel 631 of Astro and Unifi TV, respectively.

Bernama TV

Bernama TV
Bernama TV.png
Country Malaysia
Broadcast area
Picture format 1080i (16:9/HDTV)
Launched1 October 2007;15 years ago (2007-10-01)
Former namesBernama News Channel
Flag of Malaysia.svg myFreeview Channel 121 (HD)
Logo briefly used by the channel from 2016 to 2019. Bernama News Channel Logo.png
Logo briefly used by the channel from 2016 to 2019.

Bernama TV (formerly known as Bernama News Channel) [1] is a Malaysian free-to-air news television network. It is owned by Bernama, a government news agency. It airs news programmes that are related to local and international business, lifestyle, sports and entertainment. Like Radio Televisyen Malaysia's television channels, Bernama TV have some amount of commercial advertising.

BNC news bulletins were initially aired on Astro Ria, Astro Prima, Astro AEC, Astro Wah Lai Toi and Astro Vaanavil, but they have since been integrated to one Astro network. Its news content is primarily broadcast in Malay. However, there are also news bulletin in English, Mandarin, and Tamil since 2018. Other shows that are broadcast on BNC are flagship talk-shows like Malay-medium "Ruang Bicara" as well as English-medium "The Nation" and "The Brief".

On 25 May 2016, BNC went into a major rebrand, rebranding itself from Bernama TV to Bernama News Channel (BNC) only to quietly revert to its original logo and name in October 2019. [1] The staff were offered a contract with Gem Bytes Sdn Bhd on 14th day of the same month and year. On 8 October 2021 from 12:00 am onwards, Bernama TV switch to broadcasting in HD format.

Bernama Radio

Bernama Radio
Broadcast area
Language(s) Malay
  • News
  • Weather
  • Traffic
  • Information
First air date
3 September 2007;15 years ago (2007-09-03)
Former names
Radio24 (2007-16)

Bernama Radio (formerly known as Radio24 or BERNAMA Radio24 until March 2016 [2] ) is the first all-news radio station in Malaysia. The free-to-air station began trial transmission on 2007 at noon and was officially launched on 3 September 2007 at 9:00 a.m. It broadcasts on the FM 93.9 MHz frequency in the Klang Valley that was formerly used by RTM's Klasik Nasional FM. [3] [4]

The station broadcasts domestic, regional and world news through hourly news bulletins, quarter-hourly news highlights and breaking news as and when they happen through live field reports and telephone cross-overs. The station also has an array of talk-back shows. It also airs at frequent intervals, traffic, weather and stock market reports. The station also provides live audio streaming through its website. On 3 January 2011, the station began its Mobile Streaming service via smartphones, accessible through the devices on board internet browser.

The station underwent a minor rebrand in March 2016 whereby the station is now known as "Bernama Radio". [2]

Broadcasting in both English and Malay, the station is owned and operated by the news agency, and broadcasts from Wisma Bernama in Kuala Lumpur. For its first phase, the station's transmission covered the Klang Valley, which is home to approximately eight million people.

Tamil language broadcasting was introduced on 4 February 2017. The slot, known as "Tamil Oli", is broadcast from 11a.m. to 1p.m. and from 11p.m. to midnight every Saturday and Sunday respectively. It is created in collaboration with New Wave Events Sdn Bhd and will be based on an infotainment concept. [5] The introduction of such slots also means that Tamil language radio broadcasts will be launched in East Malaysia for the first time, since other Tamil radio stations available in Malaysia only broadcast in Peninsular Malaysia.

The old Radio24 logo before the rebranding exercise Radio24 logo.jpg
The old Radio24 logo before the rebranding exercise


93.9 MHz Klang Valley Kuala Lumpur Tower
102.9 MHz*Gunung Ulu Kali
100.9 MHz Kuching, Sarawak Bukit Djin
107.5 MHz Johor Bahru and Singapore Gunung Pulai
107.9 MHz Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Bukit Karatong

*Coming Soon New Radio Stations Frequency.


TV PlatformChannel
myFreeview 711


Noramfaizul Mohd Nor worked for Bernama TV as a TV camera operator when he was killed 2 September 2011 covering a humanitarian mission to Somalia. [6] He was the first Malaysian journalist to be killed while on assignment abroad.

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The primary regulator of telecommunications in Malaysia is the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). It issues licenses under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, the Postal Services Act 2012 and the Digital Signature Act 1997.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Selangor</span> State of Malaysia

Selangor, also known by its Arabic honorific Darul Ehsan, or "Abode of Sincerity", is one of the 13 Malaysian states. It is on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and is bordered by Perak to the north, Pahang to the east, Negeri Sembilan to the south, and the Strait of Malacca to the west. Selangor surrounds the federal territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, both of which were previously part of it. Selangor has diverse tropical rainforests and an equatorial climate. The state's mountain ranges belong to the Titiwangsa Mountains, which is part of the Tenasserim Hills that covers southern Myanmar, southern Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia, with Mount Semangkok as the highest point in the state.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Kuala Lumpur Tower</span> Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Tower, also known as KL Tower and is a 6-story, 421-meter-tall telecommunication tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is the world's 7th tallest tower, also, Malaysia and Southeast Asia's 2nd tallest tower. Its construction was completed on 1994. It features an antenna that increases its height to 421 metres. The roof of the pod is at 335 metres. The rest of the tower below has a stairwell and an elevator to reach the upper area, which also contains a revolving restaurant, providing diners with a panoramic view of the city.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Television in Malaysia</span>

Malaysian television broadcasting was introduced on 28 December 1963. Colour television was introduced on 28 December 1978. Full-time colour transmissions were officially inaugurated on New Year's Day 1982. There are currently 16 national free-to-air terrestrial television channels in Malaysia and 3 national pay subscription television operators in Malaysia.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">8TV (Malaysian TV network)</span> Malaysia Chinese-language free-to-air television network

8tv is a Malaysian Chinese-language free-to-air television network focused on the Chinese community of Malaysia. Its programming consists of mostly dramas, sitcoms and reality shows made in Chinese, either produced in Malaysia or imported from other countries, such as Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore, the occasional Korean drama is target for Malay viewers.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Radio Televisyen Malaysia</span> Public broadcaster of Malaysia

Radio Televisyen Malaysia, also known as the Department of Broadcasting, Malaysia is the national public broadcaster of Malaysia. Established on 1 April 1946 as Radio Malaya, it is the first and the oldest broadcaster in the country. After Malaysia was formed on 16 September 1963, Radio Malaya was renamed Radio Malaysia. On 28 December the same year, television service in Malaysia began with the establishment of Televisyen Malaysia. In 1969, Radio Malaysia and Televisyen Malaysia merged to form the present-day broadcast department. Radio Televisyen Malaysia monopolised the free-to-air television until 1984 and radio until 1988, when private television and radio stations such as TV3 and Best FM begin to exist. Currently, it operates 6 television channels and 34 radio stations nationwide.

<span class="mw-page-title-main"></span> Radio station in Kuala Lumpur

THR is a defunct radio channel in Malaysia. It was the first private commercial radio station in the country, having based in the capital of Kuala Lumpur.

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Mass media in Malaysia</span>

The mass media in Malaysia includes television, radio, newspapers, and web-based media such as bloggers. Many media outlets are either owned directly by the government of Malaysia or owned by component parties of the Barisan Nasional coalition which formed the government until May 2018. Opposition parties PAS and PKR, now the main parties of the ruling "Pakatan Harapan" coalition, publish their own newspapers, Harakah and Suara Keadilan, respectively, which are openly sold alongside regular publications.

Konsortium Transnasional Berhad (KTB) (MYX: 4847) is one of the largest public bus operator in Malaysia. The company provides services of stage buses and express buses covering all major cities and towns in Peninsular Malaysia as well as routes to Singapore. KTB debut on Bursa Malaysia on 15 June 2007.

<i>Sinar Harian</i>

Sinar Harian is a Malay-language daily newspaper published in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia in a compact format. It first hit the newsstands on 31 March 2006 in the East Coast states of Kelantan and Terengganu before expanding its distribution to the state of Selangor and the federal territory of Kuala Lumpur in the West Coast in September 2007.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">BFM 89.9</span> Malaysian radio station

BFM 89.9 is a Malaysian independent business and current affairs-oriented radio station.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Astro (television)</span> Malaysian direct broadcast satellite pay TV service

All-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Operator, doing business as Astro, is a Malaysian satellite television and IPTV provider. It operates in Malaysia and Brunei and operates from the All Asia Broadcast Centre (AABC) in Kuala Lumpur and MEASAT in Cyberjaya. In 2016, the company was recorded as achieving 71% household penetration in Malaysia. It was granted an exclusive license as the sole pay-television provider by the Malaysian federal government until 2017. Astro is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad and is operated by MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn. Bhd.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Era (radio station)</span> Radio station in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching

ERA is a Malaysian Malay-language radio station operated by Astro Radio Sdn. Bhd. The radio station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The radio station went on air on 1 August 1998. In the past few years, this station played a wider mixture of music from the 1980s to current-day, but now it plays Malaysian and international hit songs, including Korean songs. It is also has regional stations in Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. In 2015, as according to Nielsen RAM Survey Wave #1, Era FM maintained its position as Malaysia's leading Malay-language station with over 4.8 million listeners.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ministry of Communications and Digital</span>

The Ministry of Communications and Digital, is a ministry of the Government of Malaysia that is responsible for digitalisation, communications, multimedia, radio broadcasting, digital terrestrial television broadcasting, other media broadcasts, information, personal data protection, special affairs, media industry, film industry, domain name, postal, courier, mobile service, fixed service, broadband, digital signature, universal service, international broadcasting, and content.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Capital FM 88.9</span> Radio station in Kuala Lumpur

Capital FM launched in 2013 by a team led by Jamal Hassim, a Malaysia-based media entrepreneur, together with a group of influential investors. Its headquarters and studios were uniquely located in the Concord Hotel Atrium in downtown Kuala Lumpur. It was a radio network that pitched programming for listeners in the Klang Valley, the first Malaysian urban focused station. It then merged with the Rediffusion Group and the network was then repositioned to address urban female listeners and marketed as the destination of choice for stylish, thinking women, target 25–34 years old, living in the city and other urban areas in Malaysia.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Negeri FM</span> Radio station in Seremban

Negeri FM is a Malay language-radio station broadcasting from Seremban, Malaysia which is operated by the Radio Televisyen Malaysia. Negeri FM has been in operation since 1990. It provides the latest news, plays Western music, other entertainment, religious programmes etc. It covers the areas of Negeri Sembilan, Klang Valley, Malacca, North Johor and parts of Pahang in Malaysia. Negeri FM is transmitted in Malay language. Negeri FM provides hourly news broadcasts. Negeri FM broadcasts in Negeri Sembilan on 92.6 MHz.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Berita RTM</span> Malaysian government television news network

Berita RTM, also known as Saluran Berita RTM, or BES is a free-to-air Malaysian television network owned and operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM). With 'Yang Sahih di Berita RTM' as its corporate slogan, the network is headquartered at the Wisma Berita RTM in Angkasapuri and was launched on 25 June 2020 alongside its television channel at 7.45 pm (MST) and broadcast via myFreeview channel 123. It broadcasts specialised news covering of current affairs and talk shows in high definition (HD). Berita RTM channel broadcast 24 hours a day covering a wide range of languages, mainly in Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil in addition to East Malaysian languages: Iban, Kadazan, Dusun and Bajau.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Awesome TV</span> Malaysian free-to-air terrestrial television station

Awesome TV is a free-to-air Malaysian television channel owned by Awesome Media Network Sdn Bhd. The channel features first-run local original production and foreign content. Awesome TV started its trial broadcast on 28 July 2020 and full operation started on 1 August 2020. Awesome TV can be watched for free nationwide via myFreeview platform on Channel 112 and Astro on Channel 123.

Buletin FM is a Malaysian private radio station owned by Media Prima Berhad, which broadcasts in the Malay language. It was launched on 1 March 2016. It is the fourth radio station of the Media Prima company after 8FM, Fly FM, Hot FM and before Molek FM. The radio station is based on the acquisition of Copyright Laureate Sdn. Bhd. in October 2015, which owns Ultra FM and Pi Mai FM.


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