Birmingham Senior Cup

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Birmingham Senior Cup
Region West Midlands
Number of teams32 (5 rounds)
Current champions Leamington
Most successful club(s) Aston Villa
(19 titles)
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The Birmingham Senior Cup is a football competition for Birmingham County FA club teams, organised by the Birmingham County Football Association. It began in 1876 and is the oldest county cup competition still active. [1] [2]


The Birmingham Senior Cup is a regional cup contest, which has featured all of the West Midlands' big clubs, Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Burton Albion, Coventry City, Stoke City, West Bromwich Albion, Walsall and Wolverhampton Wanderers. [3] However, in recent years many of region's higher division clubs have tended to treat the cup as a reserve or youth team competition, giving non-league sides a greater chance of success, while the competition's most successful team, Aston Villa, did not compete at all for several years, before returning for the 2018-19 competition. [4] In the 2016–17 season, Leamington became the first team to win the cup in a penalty shootout, defeating Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Past finals

The programme for the 1883 final between Wednesbury Old Athletic and Aston Villa BhamSeniorCup1883.jpg
The programme for the 1883 final between Wednesbury Old Athletic and Aston Villa
SeasonWinner [3] Score [3] Runner–up [3]
1876–77 Wednesbury Old Athletic 3–2 Stafford Road
1877–78 Shrewsbury Town 2–1 Wednesbury Strollers
1878–79 Wednesbury Old Athletic 3–2 (aet) Stafford Road
1879–80 Aston Villa 3–1 Saltley College
1880–81 Walsall Swifts 1–0 Aston Villa
1881–82 Aston Villa 2–1 Wednesbury Old Athletic
1882–83 Aston Villa 3–2 Wednesbury Old Athletic
1883–84 Aston Villa 4–0 Walsall Swifts
1884–85 Aston Villa 2–0 Walsall Swifts
1885–86 West Bromwich Albion 0–0, 1–0 Walsall Swifts
1886–87 Long Eaton Rangers 1–0 West Bromwich Albion
1887–88 Aston Villa 3–2 West Bromwich Albion
1888–89 Aston Villa 2–0 Wolverhampton Wanderers
1889–90 Aston Villa 2–0 West Bromwich Albion
1890–91 Aston Villa 3–0 Wednesbury Old Athletic
1891–92 Wolverhampton Wanderers 5–2 West Bromwich Albion
1892–93 Wolverhampton Wanderers 3–1 Aston Villa
1893–94 Wolverhampton Wanderers 3–3 [a] West Bromwich Albion
1894–95 West Bromwich Albion 0–0, 1–0 Aston Villa
1895–96 Aston Villa 3–0 Sheffield United
1896–97 Walsall 2–1 Wolverhampton Wanderers
1897–98 Walsall 3–0 Wolverhampton Wanderers
1898–99 Aston Villa 4–0 Burslem Port Vale
1899–00 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1–1, 2–1 Burslem Port Vale
1900–01 Stoke 1–1, 4–3 Aston Villa
1901–02 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1–0 Aston Villa
1902–03 Aston Villa 3–0 West Bromwich Albion
1903–04 Aston Villa 3–1 Wolverhampton Wanderers
1904–05 Small Heath 7–2 West Bromwich Albion
1905–06 Aston Villa 3–1 Birmingham
1906–07 Birmingham 5–3 Wolverhampton Wanderers
1907–08 Aston Villa 6–0 Walsall
1908–09 Aston Villa 2–1 Wolverhampton Wanderers
1909–10 Aston Villa 2–1 Stoke
1910–11 Coventry City 1–0 Stourbridge
1911–12 Aston Villa 2–1 Willenhall Pickwick
1912–13 Port Vale 0–0, 1–0 Wolverhampton Wanderers
1913–14 Stoke 0–0, 2–1 Port Vale
1914–15 Birmingham 2–0 Stoke
1915–19No competition due to World War I
1919–20 Birmingham 3–0 Stoke
1920–21 Birmingham 5–1 Stoke
1921–22 Birmingham 2–1 Wellington
1922–23 Coventry City 2–1 Bilston United
1923–24 Wolverhampton Wanderers 2–1 Aston Villa
1924–25 Redditch 1–0 Cradley Heath
1925–26 Burton Town 3–0 Wellington Town
1926–27 Cradley Heath 3–3, 1–0 Burton Town
1927–28 Burton Town 3–2 Hereford United
1928–29 Burton Town 0–0, 2–0 Hereford United
1929–30 Oakengates Town 3–1 Kidderminster Harriers
1930–31 Nuneaton Town 1–1, 4–2 Evesham Town
1931–32 Redditch 3–2 Brierley Hill
1932–33 Brierley Hill 3–2 Redditch
1933–34 Kidderminster Harriers 2–1 Burton Town
1934–35 Kidderminster Harriers 5–2 Nuneaton
1935–36 Hednesford Town 2–1 Burton Town
1936–37 Brierley Hill 5–2 Tamworth
1937–38 Kidderminster Harriers 1–1, 2–1 (aet) Burton Town
1938–39 Redditch 1–0 Darlaston
1939–40 Solihull Town 2–1 Darlaston
1940–45No competition due to World War II
1945–46 Kidderminster Harriers 5–0 Stourbridge
1946–47 Wellington Town 2–1 Bromsgrove Rovers
1947–48 Atherstone Town 2–0 Bromsgrove Rovers
1948–49 Nuneaton Borough 2–1 Banbury Spencer
1949–50 Stourbridge 1–1, 2–1 Bedworth Town
1950–51 Lockheed (Leamington) 2–2, 3–1 Hereford United
1951–52 Brierley Hill 2–1 Halesowen Town
1952–53 Brierley Hill 2–1 Nuneaton Borough
1953–54 Burton Albion 2–1 Brierley Hill
1954–55 Brush Sports 0–0, 1–1 (aet) [b] Hinckley Athletic
1955–56 Nuneaton Borough 2–0 Brush Sports
1956–57 Lockheed (Leamington) 2–0 Redditch
1957–58 Moor Green 1–0 Lockheed (Leamington)
1958–59 Stourbridge 2–1 Lockheed (Leamington)
1959–60 Nuneaton Borough 1–0 Banbury Spencer
1960–61 Tamworth 3–1 Rugby Town
1961–62 Lockheed (Leamington) 5–1 Rugby Town
1962–63 Stratford Town 2–1 Lockheed (Leamington)
1963–64 Kidderminster Harriers 3–2 Tamworth
1964–65 Kidderminster Harriers 3–1 Dudley Town
1965–66 Tamworth 3–1 Kidderminster Harriers
1966–67 Kidderminster Harriers 6–3 (agg) [c] Nuneaton Borough
1967–68 Stourbridge 4–3 (agg) [c] Halesowen Town
1968–69 Tamworth 6–3 (agg) [c] Bilston
1969–70 Lockheed (Leamington) 3–0 (agg) [c] Burton Albion
1970–71 Rugby Town 2–0 (agg) [c] Burton Albion
1971–72 Lockheed (Leamington) 1–0 (agg) [c] Highgate United
1972–73 Darlaston 2–1 Lockheed (Leamington)
1973–74 Highgate United 3–2 Darlaston
1974–75 Atherstone Town 1–0 AP Leamington
1975–76 Worcester City 1–0 Stourbridge
1976–77 Redditch United 3–0 (aet) Atherstone Town
1977–78 Nuneaton Borough 1–1, 1–0 Redditch United
1978–79 Bedworth United 1–1 (aet), 2–0 AP Leamington
1979–80 Nuneaton Borough 2–0 Lye Town
1980–81 Bedworth United 2–0 Alvechurch
1981–82 Bedworth United 4–2 Alvechurch
1982–83 Birmingham City 1–0 Aston Villa
1983–84 Halesowen Town 1–0 (aet) Dudley Town
1984–85 Aston Villa 3–1 Wednesfield Social
1985–86 Dudley Town 4–2 (aet) Willenhall Town
1986–87 Wolverhampton Wanderers 2–2 (aet), 2–1 Burton Albion
1987–88 West Bromwich Albion 3–1 Bedworth United
1988–89 VS Rugby 1–0 Bromsgrove Rovers
1989–90 West Bromwich Albion 2–0 (aet) Atherstone United
1990–91 West Bromwich Albion 2–0 Nuneaton Borough
1991–92 VS Rugby 3–0 Birmingham City
1992–93 Nuneaton Borough 2–0 VS Rugby
1993–94 Walsall 3–0 Hednesford Town
1994–95 Solihull Borough 2–0 Aston Villa
1995–96 Birmingham City 2–0 Aston Villa
1996–97 Burton Albion 3–1 (aet) Tamworth
1997–98 Halesowen Town 3–1 Redditch United
1998–99 Birmingham City 4–1 Wolverhampton Wanderers
1999–00 Birmingham City 1–0 Walsall
2000–01 Moor Green 3–1 (aet) Tamworth
2001–02 Nuneaton Borough 2–0 (aet) West Bromwich Albion
2002–03 Birmingham City 2–0 (aet) Moor Green
2003–04 Moor Green 1–0 Wolverhampton Wanderers
2004–05 Redditch United 3–2 (aet) Birmingham City
2005–06 Willenhall Town 1–0 Stourbridge
2006–07 Coventry City 3–2 (aet) Walsall
2007–08 Birmingham City 5–0 Burton Albion
2008–09 Hednesford Town 2–0 Stourbridge
2009–10 Nuneaton Town 2–1 Alvechurch
2010–11 Sutton Coldfield Town 1–0 Nuneaton Town
2011–12 West Bromwich Albion 2–0 Solihull Moors
2012–13 Hednesford Town 4–1 Sutton Coldfield Town
2013–14 West Bromwich Albion 2–1 Tamworth
2014–15 Birmingham City 2–1 Nuneaton Town
2015–16 Solihull Moors 2–1 Birmingham City
2016–17 Leamington 1–1 (aet), 5–4 (pens) Wolverhampton Wanderers
2017–18 Stourbridge 2–1 Hednesford Town
2018–19 Leamington 4–1 Nuneaton Borough
2019-20Competition abandoned due to Covid-19 outbreak

a. ^ The 1893–94 cup was shared following a 3–3 draw

b. ^ In 1954–55 the trophy was shared after a replay

c. ^ From 1966–67 to 1971–72 the final was composed of two legs


Five or more wins by club

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The West Midlands region straddles the historic borders between the counties of Warwickshire, Staffordshire in the north, and Worcestershire in the south.

Birmingham County Football Association, also simply known as Birmingham County FA or BCFA, is the governing body of football within the West Midlands and predominantly Birmingham, Warwickshire and the Black Country, England. Birmingham County FA arrange 14 county cup competitions at different levels for teams in the West Midland region including the Birmingham Senior Cup which is one of the oldest cup competitions in the world. Birmingham County Football Association was formed in 1875 and was affiliated with just 10 teams, now there are over 4,800 affiliated teams. Birmingham FA promotes, develops, supports and governs affiliated grassroots football on behalf of the Football Association and is currently one of only two County FA's who hold the Intermediate level of the Equality Standard for Sport.

The Worcestershire Senior Cup is a football competition organised by the Worcestershire County Football Association. It began in the 1893-94 season, with Redditch Town taking the first honours. Due to the dearth of professional clubs within the county, few professional teams have taken part, though Walsall, Aston Villa, and Kidderminster Harriers are past winners.

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The 1885–86 season was the eighth season in the history of West Bromwich Albion Football Club. In what was their inaugural season as a professional club, Albion moved to the Stoney Lane ground after leaving their previous home at Four Acres. The team also changed the colour of its kit, wearing blue and white striped jerseys for the first time. As league football had not been introduced in England at the time, the team competed solely in cup competitions and friendly matches throughout the season, playing 52 matches in total.

The Lord Mayor of Birmingham's Charity Cup, commonly referred to as the Birmingham Charity Cup, was a football competition for teams from Birmingham and the surrounding area. It was inaugurated in 1881 by the city's mayor, Richard Chamberlain, and Aston Villa were the first winners of the competition in the 1881–82 season, defeating Walsall Swifts 4–1. From 1910 onwards, the preliminary rounds were scrapped and the final became an invitation match. Other than during the First World War, the competition took place every year until 1939 with the exception of the 1925–26 season, when it was abandoned due to the General Strike. It fluctuated between being contested at the start and the end of the football season.

The 1883–84 season was the sixth season in the history of West Bromwich Albion Football Club. Albion played their home matches at the Four Acres during the season, and the team wore a chocolate and white coloured kit. The club competed in the FA Cup for the first time, losing in the first round. They did reach the final of the Staffordshire Senior Cup, but were defeated by St George's in the final. Albion also participated in the Birmingham Senior Cup, Birmingham Charity Cup and Wednesbury Charity Cup, but were eliminated at the semi-final stage of all three competitions.

The 1886–87 season was the ninth season in the history of West Bromwich Albion Football Club. The club reached the FA Cup final for the second successive season, but again finished as runners-up, losing 0–2 to local rivals Aston Villa. Albion also reached the final of two regional cup competitions, winning the Staffordshire Senior Cup and finishing as runners-up in the Birmingham Senior Cup. In addition, they took part in the Walsall Senior Cup and Birmingham Charity Cup, as well as playing a number of friendly matches.

The Bass Charity Vase is a friendly association football tournament founded in 1889 in Burton upon Trent to raise funds for medical and hospital charities. The trophy was donated by Lord Burton and Hamar Bass the great-grandson of William Bass, the founder of the Bass Brewery. The trophy itself is made from gold and inscribed with the names of all previous winners. It is reputed to be one of the most valuable trophies in English football. The first final was played in 1890 and was won by Derby County, who remain as of 2020 the most successful club, with 20 titles.

The 1887–88 season was the 10th season in the history of West Bromwich Albion Football Club. The club reached the FA Cup final for the third successive season and won the competition for the first time, beating Preston North End 2–1. Albion also competed in four local cup competitions, winning the Walsall Senior Cup and West Bromwich Charity Cup and finishing as runners-up in the Birmingham Senior Cup and Staffordshire Senior Cup. Due to a congested fixture list, the club refused to take part in the Birmingham Charity Cup.

The 1890–91 season was the tenth season of competitive association football played by Small Heath Football Club, an English football club based in the Small Heath district of Birmingham, and their second season in the Football Alliance. They finished in tenth position in the twelve-team league for the second consecutive year. Seven wins, two draws and thirteen defeats gave them sixteen points, one point fewer than in 1889–90. The team scored 58 goals in Alliance competition, but conceded 66, at an average of three goals per match.

Aston Villa F.C.–West Bromwich Albion F.C. rivalry

Aston Villa F.C. and West Bromwich Albion F.C. are two English football clubs from the West Midlands who share a local rivalry. The matches between them are known as West Midlands derbies.

The 1889–90 season was Preston's 2nd season in professional football. The club entered the season as double defending champions, having won both the league and FA Cup titles the previous season. Although the Bolton Wanderers removed them from the cup, a successive league title was assured on the final day. With the Lilywhites holding off the challenges of Everton and the Blackburn Rovers.


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