Essex Senior Cup

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Essex Senior Cup
Region Essex
Number of teams44
Current champions East Thurrock United
Most successful club(s) Ilford
(13 titles)
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The Essex Senior Cup is a knock-out system football competition that has been running since 1884, and is the most prestigious cup competition in the county of Essex. The competition is run mainly for non-League clubs in the region, although league sides have been known to enter the competition, such as Colchester United, Dagenham & Redbridge, Leyton Orient and Southend United. Ilford have won the competition the most times, with 13 wins (their first victory came in 1888 and their most recent in 1954). [1] The current holders are East Thurrock United, who beat Chelmsford City 3–1 in the 2019 final at the Jobserve Community Stadium.



The following shows a full list of winners and runners-up in the Essex Senior Cup since the knock-out competition was started in 1883. [1]

ScoreMatch went to extra time
ScoreMatch decided by a penalty shootout after extra time
1883–84 Colchester 3–1Braintree
1884–85 Old Foresters 7–0Woodford Bridge
1885–86 Old Foresters 5–0 Ilford
1886–87 Old Foresters 7–1Grange Park
1887–88 Ilford 3–1Upton Excelsior
1888–89 Ilford 2–0 Somerset Light Infantry
1889–90 Ilford 2–0 Romford
1890–91 Clapton 7–0 Harwich & Parkeston
1891–92 Ilford 3–1 Colchester
1892–93 Chelmsford 3–0 Romford
1893–94Woodville5–1Braintree Gordon
1894–95 Upton Park 2–1 Harwich & Parkeston
1895–96Barking Woodville2–0Woodford
1896–97 Leyton 4–0 York and Lancaster Regiment
1897–98 Leyton 3–0 Romford
1898–99 Harwich & Parkeston 2–0 Leytonstone
1899–1900 Leyton 5–1 Colchester Town
1900–01 Leyton 4–3Woodford
1901–02 Chelmsford 5–2 Leytonstone
1902–03 Leyton 2–1Colchester Crown
1903–04 Ilford 7–0 South Weald
1904–05 Leytonstone 3–1 Chelmsford
1905–06Wanstead2–0 South Weald
1906–07 South Weald 5–0 Harwich & Parkeston
1907–08 Ilford 3–0Walthamstow Grange
1908–09 King's Royal Rifle Corps 4–0 Barking
1909–10 South Weald 1–0 Leytonstone
1910–11Custom House3–1 South Weald
1911–12 Romford Town 1–0 South Weald
1912–13 Ilford 3–2 Romford Town
1913–14 Leytonstone 2–1 Harwich & Parkeston Replay after 2–2 draw
1914–15 Grays Athletic 2–1 Clapton
1915–1919No competition - World War I
1919–20 Barking Town 1–0 Grays Athletic
1920–21 Grays Athletic 2–1 Great Eastern Railway (Romford)
1921–22Custom House1–0 Harwich & Parkeston Replay after 1–1 draw
1922–23 Grays Athletic 4–1 Harwich & Parkeston
1923–24 Ilford 1–0 Grays Athletic Replay after 3–3 draw
1924–25 Clapton 2–0 Leyton Replay after 0–0 draw
1925–26 Clapton 2–0 Grays Athletic
1926–27 Ilford 2–1 Barking Town
1927–28 Ilford 2–1 Barking Town
1928–29 Ilford 8–1 Barking Town
1929–30 Leyton 2–1 Barking Town
1930–31 Leyton 2–0 Chelmsford
1931–32 Romford 3–0 Clapton
1932–33 Walthamstow Avenue 2–1 Leyton
1933–34 Romford 3–0 Walthamstow Avenue
1934–35 Leyton 1–0 Harwich & Parkeston Replay after 1–1 draw
1935–36 Walthamstow Avenue 3–2 Ilford
1936–37 Harwich & Parkeston 2–1 Ilford Replay after 2–2 draw
1937–38 Romford 3–1 Eton Manor Replay after 0–0 draw
1938–39 Walthamstow Avenue 1–0 Barking
1939–40 Briggs Sports 3–0 Leyton
1940–1944No competition - World War II
1944–45 Grays Athletic 2–1 Clapton Replay after 3–3 draw
1945–46 Barking 3–2 Romford Replay after 2–2 draw
1946–47 Romford 1–0 Tilbury
1947–48 Leytonstone 4–0 Tilbury
1948–49 Leytonstone 3–0 Leyton
1949–50 Briggs Sports 4–0 Leyton
1950–51 Briggs Sports 3–1 Barking
1951–52 Briggs Sports 1–0 Romford
1952–53 Ilford 3–1 Grays Athletic
1953–54 Ilford 2–0 Grays Athletic
1954–55 Clapton 3–2 Grays Athletic
1955–56 Walthamstow Avenue 3–1 Dagenham
1956–57 Grays Athletic 3–1 Ilford
1957–58 Walthamstow Avenue 2–1 Grays Athletic
1958–59 Walthamstow Avenue 1–0 Romford
1959–60 Walthamstow Avenue 3–0 Harwich & Parkeston
1960–61 Tilbury 4–1 Walthamstow Avenue
1961–62 Dagenham 3–1 Walthamstow Avenue On aggregate
1962–63 Barking 3–2 Ilford On aggregate
1963–64 Tilbury 4–3 Ford United On aggregate
1964–65 Leytonstone 7–1 Aveley On aggregate
1965–66 Leytonstone 5–1 Grays Athletic On aggregate
1966–67 Leytonstone 7–5 Barking On aggregate
1967–68 Dagenham 4–3 Leytonstone On aggregate
1968–69 Walthamstow Avenue 2–1 Leytonstone On aggregate
1969–70 Barking 3–1 Tilbury On aggregate
1970–71 Dagenham 1–0 Leytonstone On aggregate
1971–72 Walthamstow Avenue 2–1 Tilbury On aggregate
1972–73 Tilbury 2–0 Dagenham On aggregate
1973–74 Walthamstow Avenue 4–0 Leytonstone On aggregate
1974–75 Tilbury 3–2 Dagenham
1975–76 Billericay Town 3–2 Epping Town
1976–77 Walthamstow Avenue 1–0 Romford
1977–78 Dagenham 7–1 Harwich & Parkeston
1978–79 Harlow Town 1–0 Tilbury
1979–80 Dagenham 2–1 Harwich & Parkeston
1980–81 Dagenham 6–2 Chelmsford City Replay after 1–1 draw
1981–82 Leytonstone & Ilford 2–1 Colchester United
1982–83 Southend United 2–0 Clapton
1983–84 Clapton 1–0 Southend United
1984–85 Walthamstow Avenue 2–1 Dagenham
1985–86 Chelmsford City 3–0 Billericay Town On aggregate
1986–87 Dagenham 2–1 Southend United
1987–88 Grays Athletic 1–0 Leytonstone & Ilford
1988–89 Chelmsford City 3–2 Grays Athletic
1989–90 Barking 4–0 Southend United Replay after 1–1 draw
1990–91 Southend United 3–2 Leyton Orient Replay after 1–1 draw
1991–92 Redbridge Forest 3–0 Chelmsford City
1992–93 Chelmsford City 1–0 Wivenhoe Town
1993–94 Grays Athletic 1–0 Billericay Town
1994–95 Grays Athletic 1–0 Billericay Town
1995–96 Braintree Town 2–1 Billericay Town
1996–97 Southend United 2–1 Braintree Town
1997–98 Dagenham & Redbridge 2–1 Purfleet
1998–99 Canvey Island 2–1 Leyton Orient
1999–2000 Canvey Island 2–0 Purfleet
2000–01 Dagenham & Redbridge 2–2 Canvey Island 5–3 on penalties
2001–02 Canvey Island 6–1 Dagenham & Redbridge
2002–03 Chelmsford City 5–0 Aveley
2003–04 Thurrock 3–1 Aveley
2004–05 Thurrock 1–0 Halstead Town
2005–06 Waltham Forest awarded competition [A]
2006–07 A.F.C. Hornchurch 2–1 Great Wakering Rovers
2007–08 Southend United 1–0 Chelmsford City
2008–09 Chelmsford City 2–0 Concord Rangers
2009–10 Colchester United 2–1 A.F.C. Hornchurch
2010–11 Billericay Town 2–0 Aveley
2011–12 Canvey Island 1–0 Colchester United
2012–13 A.F.C. Hornchurch 2–1 Grays Athletic
2013–14 Concord Rangers 2–1 Braintree Town
2014–15 Concord Rangers 5–0 Billericay Town
2015–16 Concord Rangers 1–0 Heybridge Swifts
2016–17 Chelmsford City 1–0 East Thurrock United
2017–18 Billericay Town 2–1 Chelmsford City
2018–19 East Thurrock United 3–1 Chelmsford City

Wins by club

RankClubWinnerLast winRunner-upLast losing final
1 Ilford 131953–5451962–63
2 Walthamstow Avenue 121984–8531961–62
3 Grays Athletic 81994–95102012-13
4 Chelmsford/Chelmsford City 82016-1772018–19
5 Leyton 81934–3551949–50
6 Leytonstone 71966–6771973–74
7 Dagenham 71986–8741984–85
8 Barking/Barking Town 51989–8981966–67
Romford/Romford Town 1946–471958–59
10 Clapton 51983–8441982–83
11 Tilbury 41974–7551978–79
12 Southend United 42007–0831989–90
13 Canvey Island 42011–1212000–01
14 Briggs Sports 41951–520 
15 Billericay Town 32017–1852014–15
16 Concord Rangers 32015–1612008–09
17 Old Foresters 31886–870 
18 Harwich & Parkeston 21936–37101979–80
19 South Weald 21909–1041911–12
20 Purfleet/Thurrock 22004–0521999–2000
21 A.F.C. Hornchurch 22012-1312009–10
Dagenham & Redbridge 2000–012001–02
Redbridge Forest/Leytonstone & Ilford 1991–921987–88
24Barking Woodville/Woodville21895–960 
Custom House1921–22 
26 Colchester/Colchester Town/Colchester Crown 11883–8431899–1900
27 Braintree Town 11995–9622013–14
Colchester United 2009–102011–12
29 East Thurrock United 12018-1912016-17
30 Harlow Town 11978–790 
King's Royal Rifle Corps 1908–09 
Upton Park 1894–95 
Waltham Forest 2005–06 
35 Aveley 0 42010–11
36 Leyton Orient 0 21998–99
Woodford 1900–01
38Braintree0 11883–84
Braintree Gordon 1893–94
Epping Town  1975–76
Eton Manor  1937–38
Ford United/Redbridge  1963–64
Grange Park 1886–87
Great Eastern Railway (Romford) 1920–21
Great Wakering Rovers  2006–07
Halstead Town  2004–05
Heybridge Swifts -2015–16
Somerset Light Infantry  1888–89
Upton Excelsior 1887–88
Walthamstow Grange 1907–08
Wivenhoe Town  1992–93
Woodford Bridge 1884–85
York and Lancaster Regiment  1896–97


a The 2005–06 final was not played due to Chelmsford City and Braintree Town being removed from the competition following the abandonment of their semi-final in the second half. Waltham Forest beat Heybridge Swifts 3–0 in their semi-final.

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