Lancashire Senior Cup

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Lancashire Senior Cup
Region Lancashire
Number of teams13 (2010–11)
Current champions Blackburn (2019)
Most successful club(s) Blackburn Rovers (19 times)
Website Lancashire FA

The Lancashire County Football Association Cup (commonly known as the Lancashire Senior Cup), is a football knockout tournament involving teams from Lancashire, England. [1] It is a County Cup competition of the Lancashire County Football Association and involves Premier League clubs and Football League clubs. However, these days the bigger Football League clubs generally field their reserve teams.


List of winners

1879–80 Darwen 1921–22 Bolton Wanderers 1961–62 Burnley 2012–13 Manchester United
1880–81 Accrington 1922–23 Manchester City 1962–63(competition not completed)2013–14 Bury
1881–82 Blackburn Rovers 1923–24 Liverpool 1963–64 Everton 2014-15 Bury
1882–83 Blackburn Rovers 1924–25 Bolton Wanderers 1964–65 Burnley 2015-16 Everton
1883–84 Blackburn Rovers 1925–26 Bury 1965–66 Burnley 2016-17 Liverpool
1884–85 Blackburn Rovers 1926–27 Bolton Wanderers 1966–67 Oldham Athletic 2017-18 Bury
1885–86 Bolton Wanderers 1927–28 Manchester City 1967–68 Morecambe 2018-19 Blackburn Rovers
1886–87 Preston North End 1928–29 Manchester United 1968–69 Manchester United
1887–88 Accrington 1929–30 Manchester City 1969–70 Burnley
1888–89 Accrington 1930–31 Liverpool 1970–71 Rochdale
1889–90 Burnley 1931–32 Bolton Wanderers 1971–72 Burnley
1890–91 Bolton Wanderers 1932–33 Liverpool 1972–73 Liverpool
1891–92 Bury 1933–34 Bolton Wanderers 1973–74 Manchester City
1892–93 Preston North End 1934–35 Everton 1974–82(no competition)
1893–94 Everton 1935–36 Blackpool 1982–83 Bury
1894–95 Preston North End 1936–37 Blackpool 1983–84 Blackburn Rovers
1895–96 Blackburn Rovers 1937–38 Manchester United 1984–85 Wigan Athletic
1896–97 Everton 1938–39 Bolton Wanderers and Preston North End (joint winners)1985–86 Blackburn Rovers
1897–98 Newton Heath 1939–40 Everton 1986–87 Bury
1898–99 Bury 1940–41 Manchester United 1987–88 Blackburn Rovers
1899–1900 Preston North End 1941–42 Blackpool 1988–89 Bolton Wanderers
1900–01 Blackburn Rovers 1942–43 Manchester United 1989–90 Blackburn Rovers
1901–02 Blackburn Rovers 1943–44 Liverpool 1990–91 Bolton Wanderers
1902–03 Bury 1944–45 Blackburn Rovers 1991–92 Wigan Athletic
1903–04 Blackburn Rovers 1945–46 Manchester United 1992–93 Burnley
1904–05 Southport Central 1946–47 Liverpool 1993–94 Blackpool
1905–06 Bury 1947–48 Bolton Wanderers 1994–95 Blackpool
1906–07 Blackburn Rovers 1948–49 Rochdale 1995–96 Blackpool
1907–08 Oldham Athletic 1949–50 Burnley 1996–97 Preston North End
1908–09 Blackburn Rovers 1950–51 Manchester United 1997–98(no competition)
1909–10 Everton 1951–52 Burnley 1998–99 Wigan Athletic
1910–11 Blackburn Rovers 1952–53 Manchester City 1999–04(no competition)
1911–12 Bolton Wanderers 1953–54 Blackpool 2004–05 Rochdale
1912–13 Manchester United 1954–55 Barrow 2005–06 Oldham Athletic
1913–14 Manchester United 1955–56 Liverpool 2006–07 Blackburn Rovers
1914–15 Burnley 1956–57 Chester 2007–08 Manchester United
1915–18(no competition)1957–58 Bury 2008–09 Manchester United
1918–19 Liverpool 1958–59 Liverpool 2009–10 Liverpool
1919–20 Liverpool and Manchester United (joint winners)1959–60 Burnley 2010–11 Blackburn Rovers
1920–21 Manchester City 1960–61 Burnley 2011–12 Manchester United

Recent finals

Results of Finals from 1879 to 1900 and since the competition was revived for the 2004–05 season, are:-

SeasonWinnersRunners-upFinal result
1879-80 Darwen Blackburn Rovers 3-1
1880-81 Accrington Blackburn Park Road 6-4
1881-82 Blackburn Rovers Accrington 3-1
1882-83 Blackburn Rovers Darwen 3-2
1883-84 Blackburn Rovers Blackburn Olympic 2-1
1884-85 Blackburn Rovers Blackburn Olympic 2-1
1885-86 Bolton Wanderers Blackburn Rovers 1-0
1886-87 Preston North End Bolton Wanderers 3-0
1887-88 Accrington Preston North End *Accrington awarded the game as Preston refused to turn up
1888-89 Accrington Higher Walton 1-0
1889-90 Burnley Blackburn Rovers 2-0
1890-91 Bolton Wanderers Darwen 2-1
1891-92 Bury Blackburn Rovers 2-0
1892-93 Preston North End Bolton Wanderers 2-0
1893-94 Everton Bolton Wanderers 2-1
1894-95 Preston North End Everton 2-0
1895-96 Blackburn Rovers Bury 2-0
1896-97 Everton Manchester City 2-0
1897-98 Newton Heath Blackburn Rovers 2-1
1898-99 Bury Bolton Wanderers 3-1
1899-00 Preston North End Burnley 1-0
2004–05 Rochdale Bury 1-0
2005–06 [2] Oldham Athletic Preston North End 0-0 (7-6 pen.)
2006–07 [3] Blackburn Rovers Bolton Wanderers 6-2
2007–08 Manchester United Liverpool 3-2
2008–09 Manchester United Bolton Wanderers 1-0
2009–10 Liverpool Oldham Athletic 3-0
2010–11 Blackburn Rovers Preston North End 1-1 (3-2 pen.)
2011–12 Manchester United Accrington Stanley 4-0
2012–13 Manchester United Manchester City 2-1
2013–14 Bury Wigan Athletic 1-1 (4-2 pen.)
2014–15 Bury Rochdale 2-1
2015–16 Everton Oldham Athletic 2-2 (5-3 pen.)
2016–17 Liverpool Fleetwood Town 1-1 (5-4 pen.)
2017–18 Bury Fleetwood Town 4-2
2018-19 Blackburn Rovers Burnley 2-0

Table of winners

ClubNumber of WinsMost Recent Win
1 Blackburn Rovers 192018/2019
2 Manchester United 152012–13
3 Bolton Wanderers 121990–91
Burnley 1992–93
Liverpool 2016–17
6 Bury 112017-18
7 Blackpool 71995–96
Everton 2015-16
8 Manchester City 61973–74
Preston North End 1996–97
11 Accrington 31888–89
Oldham Athletic 2005–06
Rochdale 2004–05
Wigan Athletic 1998–99
15 Barrow 11954–55
Chester City (as Chester)1956–57
Darwen 1879–80
Morecambe 1967–68
Southport 1904–05

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