Herts Senior Cup

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Herts Senior Cup
County Flag of Hertfordshire.svg
Flag of Hertfordshire
Region Hertfordshire
Flag of England.svg  England
Number of teams22
Current champions Boreham Wood (7th title)
Most successful club(s) Barnet (19 titles)

The Herts Senior Cup, officially titled the Hertfordshire County Football Association Senior Challenge Cup, is the oldest County-based football Cup competition based exclusively in Hertfordshire, England. It was first contested in the 1886-87 season and won by Hoddesdon Town. It has been contested every year since except for the years 1915 to 1918 when it was suspended during World War I. It is usually contested by the twenty-two most senior Clubs in the County, though this number has been higher and lower in previous years.


Finals have nearly always been staged at a neutral venue in the County, apart from a few seasons in the mid-1960s when the final was played over two-legs. Since the 2004-05 season, finals have been staged at the Herts FA's headquarters at the County Ground, Letchworth Garden City, with the exception of 2010-11, when the final was moved to Underhill as the final was contested between two Football League clubs, Barnet and Stevenage, prompting safety concerns.

The current holders are Boreham Wood.


1886–87 Hoddesdon 5–2 Watford Rovers
1887–88 Hoddesdon 4–3 Watford Rovers
1888–89 Watford Rovers 2–0 Hoddesdon
1889–90 Hoddesdon 3–3St. Albans
Hoddesdon 5–0St. Albans
1890–91 Watford Rovers 6–2St. Albans
1891–92 Watford Rovers 5–2 Hoddesdon
1892–93 St. Albans4–1West Hertfordshire Association
1893–94 West Hertfordshire 5–1West Hertfordshire Association
1894–95 Hitchin 2–0 Watford St. Marys
1895–96 Hitchin 3–1 Apsley
1896–97 West Hertfordshire 2–1 Hitchin
1897–98 Hitchin 2–1 Aldenham School
1898–99 Ware 2–1 Hitchin
1899–00 Hitchin 2–1Hemel Hempstead
1900–01 St. Albans Amateurs1–1Stanville
St. Albans AmateursAwarded to St Albans Amateurs after Stanville failed to appear for the replay.Stanville
1901–02 St Albans Amateurs4–2 Ware
1902–03 Hitchin 2–0 Ware
1903–04 Ware 2–2St. Albans Amateurs
Ware 3–1St. Albans Amateurs
1904–05 Hitchin 2–0Watford Victoria Works
1905–06 Apsley 4–1 Ware
1906–07 Ware 5–1Hitchin Blue Cross
1907–08 Apsley 4–1 Hitchin
1908–09 Apsley 3–0Waltham Glendale
1909–10 Hitchin 2–1 Hoddesdon
1910–11 Waltham Glendale3–1 St. Albans City
1911–12 Leavesden Asylum 5–1 Hoddesdon
1912–13 Letchworth Athletic 1–0 Harpenden
1913–14 Leavesden Asylum 4–1Hitchin Union Jack
1919–20 Leavesden Mental Hospital 1–0Welwyn
1920–21 Watford Old Boys2–1Hitchin Blue Cross
1921–22 Ware 3–3 Apsley
Ware 1–1 Apsley
Ware 2–0 Apsley
1922–23 Hitchin Blue Cross1–0Watford Old Boys
1923–24 Cheshunt 3–0 Hoddesdon Town
1924–25 St Albans City 2–1 Leavesden Mental Hospital
1925–26 Apsley 3–1 Cheshunt
1926–27 Watford Old Boys6–4 Ware
1927–28 Watford Old Boys3–1* Baldock Town
1928–29 St Albans City 1-0 Apsley
1929–30 Leavesden Mental Hospital 3–2 Apsley
1930–31 Hitchin Town 0–0 Leavesden Mental Hospital
Hitchin Town 3–0 Leavesden Mental Hospital
1931–32 Hitchin Town 5–1 Apsley
1932–33 Bishop's Stortford 3–1Bushey United
1933–34 Hitchin Town 3–2 Hertford Town
1934–35 St. Albans City 4–2* Leavesden Mental Hospital
1935–36 Letchworth Town 3–1 Leavesden Mental Hospital
1936–37 Leavesden Mental Hospital 2–1 Apsley
1937–38 Hitchin Town 4–1 Leavesden Mental Hospital
1938–39 Hitchin Town 1–1 Leavesden Mental Hospital
Hitchin Town 3–0 Leavesden Mental Hospital
1939–40 Barnet 4–2 Hitchin Town
1940–41 Hitchin Town 3–2 Leavesden Mental Hospital
1941–42 Barnet 3–1 St. Albans City
1942–43 Hitchin Town 5–1 St. Albans City
1943–44 St. Albans City 4–1 Hitchin Town
1944–45 Barnet 8–0 Hitchin Town
1945–46 Barnet 6–0R.E.M.E. (Cupid Green)
1946–47 St. Albans City 5–2 Berkhamsted Town
1947–48 Barnet 3–1 St. Albans City
1948–49 Barnet 3–1 Cheshunt
1949–50 Barnet 3–1* Cheshunt
1950–51 St. Albans City 3–0 Hitchin Town
1951–52 Letchworth Town 1–0 Hoddesdon Town
1952–53 Berkhamsted Town 4–2 St. Albans City
1953–54 Ware 1–0 Barnet
1954–55 St. Albans City 1–0 Bishop's Stortford
1955–56 St. Albans City 4–1 Letchworth Town
1956–57 St. Albans City 5–1 Hitchin Town
1957–58 Barnet 2–1 St. Albans City
1958–59 Bishop's Stortford 2–0 Barnet
1959–60 Bishop's Stortford 1–0 Barnet
1960–61 Barnet 3–0 Letchworth Town
1961–62 Hitchin Town 2–0 Hemel Hempstead
1962–63 Barnet 1–1 Hertford Town
Barnet 2–1 Hertford Town
1963–64 Bishop's Stortford 3–2 Hertford Town
Bishop's Stortford 1–1 Hertford Town
1964–65 Barnet 2–2 St. Albans City
Barnet 3–0 St. Albans City
1965–66 St. Albans City 0–0 Hemel Hempstead
St. Albans City 2–1 Hemel Hempstead
1966–67 Hertford Town 5–2 Boreham Wood
Hertford Town 0–2 Boreham Wood
1967–68 St. Albans City 1–0 Hertford Town
1968–69 St. Albans City 3–2 Cheshunt
1969–70 Hitchin Town 1–0* Cheshunt
1970–71 Bishop's Stortford 1–1 St. Albans City
Bishop's Stortford 1–0 St. Albans City
1971–72 Boreham Wood 2–0 Cheshunt
1972–73 Bishop's Stortford 2–0* Hitchin Town
1973–74 Bishop's Stortford 2–1 Cheshunt
1974–75 Hitchin Town 2–0 Boreham Wood
1975–76 Bishop's Stortford 3–1 Watford
1976–77 Hitchin Town 2–0 Bishop's Stortford
1977–78 Watford 3–1 Tring Town
1978–79 Watford 3–2* St. Albans City
1979–80 Barnet 1–0 Boreham Wood
1980–81 Watford 5–0 Barnet
1981–82 Watford 3–0 Hertford Town
1982–83 Watford 1–0 Boreham Wood
1983–84 Watford 1–0 Hertford Town
1984–85 Watford 5–2 Barnet
1985–86 Barnet 4–0 Stevenage Borough
1986–87 Bishop's Stortford 2–0 Letchworth Garden City
1987–88 Watford 4–1 Boreham Wood
1988–89 Watford 5–1 Bishop's Stortford
1989–90 Hertford Town 2–0 St. Albans City
1990–91 Barnet 5–2 Watford
1991–92 Barnet 4–1 Hemel Hempstead
1992–93 Barnet 4–2 Watford
1993–94 Watford 3–1 Stevenage Borough
1994–95 Watford 4–0 St. Albans City
1995–96 Barnet 2–1 Watford
1996–97 Hitchin Town 4–1 Boreham Wood
1997–98 Watford 1–0 Boreham Wood
1998–99 Boreham Wood 3–2 Watford
1999–00 St. Albans City 3–1 Baldock Town
2000–01 Baldock Town 3–0 Ware
2001–02 Boreham Wood 3–2 London Colney
2002–03 Berkhamsted Town 2–0 Cheshunt
2003–04 Watford 4–2 Boreham Wood
2004–05 St. Albans City 2–1 Boreham Wood
2005–06 Bishop's Stortford 1–0 Stevenage Borough
2006–07 Barnet 4–2 Hemel Hempstead Town
2007–08 Boreham Wood 5–2 Ware
2008–09 Stevenage Borough 2–1 Cheshunt
2009–10 Bishop's Stortford 4–0 Cheshunt
2010–11 Barnet 2–1 Stevenage
2011–12 Bishop's Stortford 7–2 Oxhey Jets
2012–13 Hemel Hempstead Town 2–0 Potters Bar Town
2013–14 Boreham Wood 1–1 (3–1^) Bishop's Stortford
2014–15 Hemel Hempstead Town 1–0 Boreham Wood
2015–16 Hitchin Town 2–1 Boreham Wood
2016–17 Hitchin Town 2–1 Bishop's Stortford
2017–18 Boreham Wood 2–1 Royston Town
2018–19 Boreham Wood 1–0 St. Albans City
2019–20 Hemel Hempstead Town Not played and awarded jointly due to Covid-19 St. Albans City

Results by team

ClubWinsLast final wonRunners–upLast final lost
Barnet 192010–1151984–85
Watford [n 1] 182003–0481998–99
St. Albans City [n 2] 152004–05122018-19
Hitchin Town 142016–1761972–73
Bishop's Stortford 122011–1252016–17
Boreham Wood 72018–19112015–16
Hitchin 71909–1031907–08
Hemel Hempstead Town [n 3] 72014–15112006–07
Ware 51953–5462007–08
Leavesden Mental Hospital [n 4] 51936–3771940–41
Hoddesdon Town [n 5] 31889–9061951–52
Letchworth Garden City [n 6] 31951–5231986–87
Watford Old Boys31927–2811922–23
Hertford Town 21989–9061983–84
Berkhamsted Town 22002–0311946–47
St. Albans Amateurs21901–0211903–04
Stevenage 12008–0942010–11
Baldock Town 12000–0121999–2000
Hitchin Blue Cross11922–2321920–21
St. Albans11892–9321890–91
Cheshunt (1880–1931)11923–2411925–26
Waltham Glendale11910–1111908–09
Cheshunt 0N/A92009–10
West Hertfordshire Association0N/A21893–94
Royston Town 0N/A12017-18
Potters Bar Town 0N/A12012–13
Oxhey Jets 0N/A12011–12
London Colney 0N/A12001–02
Tring Town 0N/A11977–78
R.E.M.E. (Cupid Green)0N/A11945–46
Hitchin Union Jack0N/A11913–14
Harpenden 0N/A11912–13
Watford Victoria Works0N/A11904–05
Aldenham School 0N/A11897–98
Bushey United0N/A11932-33

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The Hertfordshire County Football Association, also simply known as Hertfordshire FA, is the governing body of football in the county of Hertfordshire, England. The Hertfordshire FA was founded accidentally in 1885 after the existing teams agreed to hold a meeting to discuss their position, and ended up affiliating.

The Herts Charity Cup, officially titled the Hertfordshire Football Association Charity Cup, was begun in the 1900-01 season as a fund raising competition for the chosen charities of the Hertfordshire County Football Association. It is second only in status to the Herts Senior Cup within the competitions run by the Herts FA and is the third longest running, following the Herts Senior Cup (1886-87) and the Herts Junior Cup (1894-95). The charity aspect of the competition is still maintained with the Herts FA donating £525 from the 2008-09 competition to various chosen football-connected charities such as the St Johns Ambulance Brigade and Disability Sport England.

South-eastern English football clubs Luton Town and Watford have been rivals since their respective formations in the late 19th century. The clubs are respectively from Luton, Bedfordshire, and Watford, Hertfordshire, and for this reason a match between the two teams is sometimes called a "Beds–Herts Derby". Another name occasionally used in the press is "M1 Derby", which comes from the M1 motorway, which passes both towns. The clubs, which were both founded during the 1880s, met competitively for the first time in the 1898–99 FA Cup. Following this they played each other regularly in the Southern League and The Football League until 1936–37, when Luton's promotion separated them in league competition until 1963–64. The animosity intensified during the late 1960s and the 1970s, and reached a peak during the 1980s, when both teams played in the top-flight First Division. Watford were relegated at the end of the 1987–88 season, while Luton followed four years later.

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Hadley Football Club is a football club based in Arkley, Barnet, England. Affiliated to the Hertfordshire County Football Association, they are currently members of the Essex Senior League and play at Brickfield Lane.

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The Hertfordshire Rugby Football Union is the governing body for the sport of rugby union in the county of Hertfordshire in England. The union is the constituent body of the Rugby Football Union (RFU) for Hertfordshire, and administers and organises rugby union clubs and competitions in the county. It also administers the Hertfordshire county rugby representative teams.

The Hertfordshire presidents' Cup is an annual rugby union knock-out club competition organised by the Hertfordshire Rugby Football Union. It was first introduced during the 1970–71 season, with the inaugural winners being Fullerians. It is the most important rugby union cup competition in Hertfordshire, ahead of the Hertfordshire presidents' Tankard and Hertfordshire presidents' Trophy.


    1. Includes results under their previous names of Watford St Mary's, West Hertfordshire and Watford Rovers
    2. Includes joint win in 2019/20
    3. Includes results under their previous names of Hemel Hempstead and Apsley and joint win in 2019/20
    4. Includes results under the name of Leavesden Asylum
    5. Includes results under the name of Hoddesdon
    6. Includes results under their previous names of Letchworth Town and Letchworth Athletic