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Brad Pettitt
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Pettitt in 2013
Member-elect of the Western Australian Legislative Council for South Metropolitan
Assuming office
22 May 2021
Mayor of Fremantle
Assumed office
October 2009
Preceded by Peter Tagliaferri
Personal details
Born (1972-07-14) 14 July 1972 (age 48)
Political party Greens WA

Bradley Pettitt (born 14 July 1972) is an Australian politician, who has been Mayor of Fremantle in Western Australia since 2009. [1] At the 2021 state election, Pettitt was elected to the Western Australian Legislative Council as the sole member of the Greens Western Australia in the state upper house. [2] [3]

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The 2021 Western Australian state election was held on 13 March 2021.


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Civic offices
Preceded by
Peter Tagliaferri
Mayor of Fremantle