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Burton C. Bell
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Bell performing with Fear Factory in 2013
Background information
Born (1969-02-19) February 19, 1969 (age 51)
Houston, Texas, U.S.
Genres Industrial metal, thrash metal, death metal, groove metal, heavy metal, folk, nu metal, ambient, alternative metal
Instruments Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, sampler
Associated acts Fear Factory, Ascension of the Watchers, GZR, City of Fire, Ministry

Burton Christopher Bell (born February 19, 1969) is an American musician and vocalist. Bell is best known as co-founder and frontman of the metal band Fear Factory. [1] His singing style mixes clean and shouted vocals with death growls.



Fear Factory

Prior to his role in Fear Factory, Bell was in the band Hate Face. In 1989 after Hateface disbanded, his housemate Dino Cazares invited him to meet a drummer (Raymond Herrera) to possibly work with. On October 31, 1990, Bell, Cazares, Herrera and Romero jammed for the first time in a studio in South Central L.A.. The group recorded four studio albums before Fear Factory disbanded temporarily in 2002. The band reformed in 2004 with Christian Olde Wolbers switching from bass to guitar and Byron Stroud on bass. This line-up recorded two albums. During the following period of inactivity within the band, Cazares and Bell patched up their differences, and in 2009 decided to have Fear Factory return to form.

Bell is the only member to have appeared on every Fear Factory release.

In 2012, Bell and Cazares received the Revolver Golden Gods Icon award. [2]

Ascension of the Watchers

After Fear Factory's hiatus in 2002, Bell went on to form Ascension of the Watchers with John Bechdel at Bechdel's studio in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania. The Watchers released an online only selling EP entitled Iconoclast in 2005. On February 19, 2008, Ascension of the Watchers released their first full-length album Numinosum.

Guest appearances

Bell has performed guest vocals on many records in addition to taking lead vocal duties for G/Z/R's Plastic Planet album released in 1995. [3] Due to commitments with Fear Factory, Bell was not the vocalist for G/Z/R's second album, Black Science . Bell, alongside fellow bandmate, Dino Cazares, both appeared on the Soulfly song, Eye for an Eye in 1998. Bell featured as guest vocalist on the Apartment 26 song 'Void', a bonus track from their debut album 'Hallucinating' in 2000.

Bell recorded a track for UK metal band This Is Menace, the track was then cut out of the final edit from the album No End In Sight. Bell performed live in the encore segments of the Ministry 2008 Tour singing songs such as Stigmata, Thieves and So What taking over vocal duties from Al Jourgensen. Bell has joined with Byron Stroud to form City of Fire who released their debut album in August 2009.

Bell featured on Delain's 2012 album We Are The Others, providing vocals for the track "Where is the Blood". [4]

Bell was featured on Chris Vrenna's project Tweaker on the song "I am The One", intended to appear on the album The Attraction to All Things Uncertain . When Vrenna reedited the album, Bell's song was cut only to be included in a DVD instead.


All appearances are as a vocalist, unless mentioned otherwise.

BandRelease dateTitle
Fear Factory 1992 Soul of a New Machine
Fear Factory1995 Demanufacture
Clay People 1995 The Iron Icon
G/Z/R 1995 Plastic Planet
Fear Factory1998 Obsolete
Spineshank – guest1998 Strictly Diesel
Kilgore – guest1998 A Search for Reason
Soulfly – guest1998 Soulfly
Static X – guest2000 The Crow: Salvation
Apartment 26 - guest2000Hallucinating
Fear Factory2001 Digimortal
Fear Factory2004 Archetype
Fear Factory2005 Transgression
Ascension of the Watchers 2005Iconoclast (EP)
Soil – guest2006 True Self
Ministry – guest2007 The Last Sucker
Ministry – guest2007 Cover Up
Ascension of the Watchers 2008Numinosum
M.A.N – guest2008 Peacenemy
City of Fire2010City of Fire
Fear Factory2010 Mechanize
Delain – guest2012 We Are The Others
Fear Factory2012 The Industrialist
City of Fire2013Trial Through Fire
Fear Factory2015 Genexus
Ministry – guest2018 AmeriKKKant
Conflict – guest2019Decision Code

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Genexus is the ninth studio album by American heavy metal band Fear Factory, released on August 7, 2015. This is the third studio album from Fear Factory since guitarist Dino Cazares rejoined the band in 2009, and their first and only studio album to feature drummer Mike Heller. Genexus is also Fear Factory's first release through Nuclear Blast. Upon its release, "Genexus" received very positive reviews from critics.

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Remanufacture – Cloning Technology is a remix album of Fear Factory's second album Demanufacture, released on May 20, 1997. It is sometimes considered to be the band's third album and the sequel to Demanufacture.

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<i>Mechanize</i> 2010 studio album by Fear Factory

Mechanize is the seventh studio album by American heavy metal band Fear Factory. It is the only album to feature Gene Hoglan on drums and the first since 2001's Digimortal to include original guitarist and founding member Dino Cazares, who rejoined the band after a reconciliation with lead vocalist Burton C. Bell, in April 2009. The album was produced by Rhys Fulber, who had not produced or been involved with a Fear Factory album since Archetype. The album has received mostly positive reviews from fans and music critics, being praised for its very aggressive and heavy sound. In its first week of release, the album sold 10,000 copies.


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