Cleveland State Vikings

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Cleveland State Vikings
Cleveland State Vikings logo.svg
University Cleveland State University
Conference Horizon League
Mid-American Conference
NCAA Division I
Athletic directorScott Garrett
Location Cleveland, Ohio
Varsity teams17 (7 M, 9 W. 1 C)
Basketball arena Wolstein Center
Soccer stadium Krenzler Field
Fight songThe Pride of Cleveland
ColorsForest Green and White [1]

The Cleveland State Vikings, or Vikes, are the athletic teams of Cleveland State University. Before as Fenn College they were known as the Fenn College Foxes or Fenn Foxes. Cleveland State competes in NCAA Division I. They have been a member of the NCAA Division I since 1972. They were previously a member of the NCAA College Division, a precursor to NCAA Division II. The university is a member of the Horizon League (1994–present) and Mid-American Conference (2019–present) for wrestling. Cleveland State was formerly in the Mid-Continent Conference (1982–1994) and North Star Conference (1989–1992). Cleveland State previously fielded baseball, men's cross country as well as men and women's track and field. As Fenn College they fielded men's ice hockey and rifle. Cleveland State has a number of club sports as well.

Cleveland State University University

Cleveland State University (CSU) is a public research university in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, United States. It was established in 1964, and opened for classes in 1965 after acquiring the entirety of Fenn College, a private school that had been in operation since 1923. CSU absorbed the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in 1969. Today it is part of the University System of Ohio, has more than 120,000 alumni, and offers over 200 academic programs.

National Collegiate Athletic Association American athletic organization

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a cartel organization that regulates student athletes from 1,268 North American institutions and conferences. It also organizes the athletic programs of many colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, and helps more than 480,000 college student-athletes who compete annually in college sports. The organization is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

NCAA Division I highest level of intercollegiate athletics sanctioned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association

NCAA Division I (D-I) is the highest level of intercollegiate athletics sanctioned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the United States. D-I schools include the major collegiate athletic powers, with larger budgets, more elaborate facilities and more athletic scholarships than Divisions II and III as well as many smaller schools committed to the highest level of intercollegiate competition.


Fenn College Foxes logo (1950s-1965) Fenn Fox Head logo.png
Fenn College Foxes logo (1950s–1965)


Athletic Director history

1 Homer E. Woodling September 1, 1929 – June 30, 1966
2 Robert F. Busbey July 1, 1966—1990
3 John Konstantinos July 1, 1990 – July 1, 2002
4 Lee Reed [2] July 24, 2002— May 2010
5 John Parry [3] [4] May 10, 2010—June 30, 2017 [5]
6 Michael Thomas March 1, 2017 [6] —April 30, 2019
7Scott GarrettMay 1, 2019 -

McCafferty Trophy

The McCafferty Trophy is awarded by the Horizon League to the school with the best overall athletic performance in all the sponsored sports. Cleveland State has won the award twice, in 2008 and 2013. Below is a table of the Cleveland State finishes and points.

YearMen's PointsWomen's PointsTotal PointsFinish
2005 [7] ????
2008 [8] 2521461st
2009 [9] ??413rd
2010 [10] [11] ??363rd
2011 [12] 22.51739.53rd
2012 [13] 1920392nd
2013 [14] 2619451st


Baseball at Cleveland State was played for a total of 69 seasons. On May 2, 2011 Clevleland State University announced that they would eliminate the baseball team. The reasons cited were budget concerns as well as the difficulty of having a baseball team in the northern United States with the season starting earlier and earlier and favoring teams in the warmer southern United States. [15]

Men's basketball

Men's cross country


NCAA Championship history


Men's fencing

Record by year

SchoolSeasonRecord(Conf. Record)Postseason
Fenn College 1931–320–4(N/A)--
Fenn College 1932–331–4(N/A)--
Fenn College 1933–34N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1934–350–6(N/A)--
Fenn College 1935–36N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1936–37N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1937–38N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1938–39N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1939–40N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1940–41N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1941–42N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1942–43N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1943–44N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1944–45N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1945–46N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1946–47N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1947–48N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1948–490–5(N/A)--
Fenn College 1949–501–6(N/A)--
Fenn College 1950–512–6(N/A)--
Fenn College 1951–52N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1952–533–4(N/A)--
Fenn College 1953–546-4(N/A)--
Fenn College 1954–555–6(N/A)--
Fenn College 1955–563–9(N/A)--
Fenn College 1956–577-5(N/A)--
Fenn College 1957–589-2(N/A)--
Fenn College 1958–595–6(N/A)--
Fenn College 1959–608-6(N/A)--
Fenn College 1960–6110-7(N/A)--
Fenn College 1961–625–9(N/A)--
Fenn College 1962–633–9(N/A)--
Fenn College 1963–646-6(N/A)--
Fenn College 1964–654–9(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1965–663–9(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1966–673–7(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1967–6810-6(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1968–695–10(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1969–703–9(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1970–715–9(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1971–725–10(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1972–739-5(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1973–7414-3(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1974–7511-1(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1975–7612-5(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1976–7710-4(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1977–7810-3(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1978–799-8(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1979–8011-5(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1980–8111-5(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1981–829-8(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1982–8313-5(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1983–8417-6(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1984–8515-4(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1985–8617-6(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1986–876–16(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1987–889–12(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1988–8915-10(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1989–9011-10(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1990–9117-9(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1991–9210-6(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1992–933–18(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1993–9419-13(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1994–9519-13(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1995–9610–21(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1996–973–21(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1997–986–19(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1998–991–12(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1999-00?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2000–01?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2001–025-6(9th)--
Cleveland State 2002–03?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2003–047–9(10th)--
Cleveland State 2004–059-4(8th)--
Cleveland State 2005–069–15(14th)--
Cleveland State 2006–0719-5(3rd)--
Cleveland State 2007–0811-23(3rd)--
Cleveland State 2008–099–23(9th)--
Cleveland State 2009–104–17(9th)--
Cleveland State 2010–118–23(9th)--
Cleveland State 2011–1213–17(10th)--
Cleveland State 2012–1318–10(5th)--
Cleveland State 2013–1423–13(?-?)--Total?? years?-?(?-?)? Postseason bids

Head coaching history

1 E. Sylvester Kennedy 1931—19331–8
2 O. Adolf Berger 1934—19350–6
3 John Royner
Madison Dods
4 Madison Dods 1949—19513–12
5 Charles Simonian 1952—195833-30
6 Madison Dods 1958—196013-12
7 John Szent Kiralyi 1960—1986324-215
8 Joe Fazekas 1986—1995176-160
9 William Reith 1995—2001?-?
10 James A Sager 2001—2008?-?
11 Christopher Tulleners 2008 – 201599-264
12Jim Fazekas2015–2017
13 Christopher Tulleners 2017 – Present


On October 14, 2008 Cleveland State University President Michael Schwartz stated "he wants a blue ribbon panel to give him a recommendation on the football team before July 1 when he is scheduled to retire. He also said the program will have to be structured to pay for itself." [16] On November 19, 2008 it was revealed that President Schwartz had chosen the committee members to explore the feasibility of football at Cleveland State. [17] On October 9, 2009 it was announced the University had completed its feasibility study. [18] From April 12–14, 2010 the Cleveland State Student Government Association polled students online about whether they favored football at Cleveland State. The results were as follows. [19]

#Question% YesVotes% NoVotes
1Are you interested in having Cleveland State add a Division I non-scholarship football team?68.71,21431.3553
2Are you willing to pay a fee for Division I non-scholarship football in addition to any potential, future tuition increases that may be instituted by the university?44.478055.6977
3The fee that would be instituted will cover operating costs for the football team. This would include staff salaries, equipment, travel, insurance, and medical care. Would you be willing to pay $4 to $6 per credit hour for CSU football?51.891348.2847
4Would you be willing to pay $6 to $8 per credit hour for CSU football and other Division I sports?41.873258.21,022

Men's golf

Men's ice hockey

Record by year

Fenn College(Penn-Ohio Intercollegiate Hockey League [20] [21] )(1938–1941)
1938 Bud Cook 1–8–1
1939 Peggy O'Neill 3–9–0Lost, John Carroll
1940 James W. Griswold 2–11–0
1941 James W. Griswold 2–6–1

      National champion        Postseason invitational champion  
      Conference regular season champion        Conference regular season and conference tournament champion
      Division regular season champion      Division regular season and conference tournament champion
      Conference tournament champion

SchoolSeasonRecord(Conf. Record)Postseason
Total4 years8-34-2(8-34-2)1 Postseason bid

Head coaching history

1 Bud Cook 1938—19381-8-1
2 Peggy O'Neill 1939—19393-9-0
3 James W. Griswold 1940—19414-17-1

Men's lacrosse

Cleveland State established its varsity men's lacrosse program on March 30, 2015. [22] The Vikings' inaugural lacrosse match was a 138 home loss to Michigan on February 4, 2017. [23]

Michigan Wolverines mens lacrosse mens lacrosse team of the University of Michigan

The Michigan Wolverines men's lacrosse team is the intercollegiate men's lacrosse program representing the University of Michigan. The school competes in the Big Ten Conference in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Prior to joining the NCAA, Michigan competed as a club-varsity program at the Division I level of the Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) in the Central Collegiate Lacrosse Association (CCLA), where the Wolverines secured three MCLA national championships and won 11 consecutive conference titles. The team is coached by Kevin Conry.

Head coaching history

1 Dylan Sheridan 2017—201959
2Andy German2019-present

Men's rifle

Head coaching history

1 Don Fable 1929—1938

Men's soccer

Men's swimming & diving

1998, 1999, 2006, 2013

Record by year

SchoolSeasonRecord(Conf. Record)Postseason
Fenn College 1931–321-4-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1932–333-3-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1933–340-4-2(N/A)--
Fenn College 1934–356-4-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1935–369-1-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1936–374-8-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1937–383-8-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1938–395-5-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1939–404-5-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1940–418-3-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1941–425-7-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1942–432-5-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1943–44N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1944–45N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1945–46N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1946–4714-2-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1947–4811-3-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1948–4911-4-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1949–509-3-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1950–515-6-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1951–521-11-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1952–533-11-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1953–541-12-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1954–554-9-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1955–567-8-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1956–577-8-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1957–5810-1-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1958–597-5-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1959–607-6-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1960–612-9-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1961–622-11-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1962–631-10-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1963–641-9-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1964–652-10-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1965–662-10-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1966–673-7-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1967–684-8-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1968–695-8-1(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1969–701-12-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1970–7111-3-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1971–7210-2-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1972–736-6-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1973–748-2-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1974–757-4-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1975–769-4-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1976–7711-2-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1977–786-4-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1978–7912-5-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1979–806-5-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1980–818-4-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1981–828-3-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1982–839-3-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1983–846-6-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1984–858-4-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1985–865-7-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1986–876-6-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1987–888-5-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1988–899-5-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1989–9010-5-1(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1990–918-6-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1991–929-7-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1992–936-6-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1993–948-9-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1994–9512-4-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1995–9610-6-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1996–9714-4-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1997–986-8-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1998–999-4-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1999-007-6-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2000–017-5-0(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2001–0211-3(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2002–0311-3(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2003–0411-3(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2004–0510-4(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2005–0611-4(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2006–0711-3(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2007–0811-4(3–1)--
Total76 years507-416-2(?-?)? Postseason bids

Head coaching history

1 Larry Peterson 1931—19321-4-0
2 Oliver Tammi 1932—19333-3-0
3 William Robertson 1933—19340-4-2
4 Gordon Cholmondoley 1934—19356-4-1
5 Harry Kyr 1935—19369-1-0
6 Morton Leavitt 1936—19374-8-0
7 Robert Mills 1937—19383-8-0
8 Raymond Ray 1938—195069-37-0
9 Jody Gram 1950—19515-6-0
10 Robert F. Busbey 1951—1981164-206-1
11 Wally Morton 1981—248-133-1

Men's tennis

Cleveland State dropped tennis as a sport following the 1991–1992 school year. Tennis was brought back for the 1999–2000 school year.

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 [24]

Men's track & field

NCAA Championship history


Head coaching history

1 Homer E. Woodling 1934—1942
2 Raymond Ray 1946—1950
3 Homer E. Woodling 1950—1951
4 Robert F. Busbey 1951—1956
5 David Burger 1967—1992


Lee Barylski, 142 pounds (1970)
Paul Azzarti, Heavyweight (1971)
Frank Yoo, 142 pounds (1972)
Tony DiGiovanni, 134 pounds (1973)
Tom Cavanaugh, 150 pounds (1973)
Toby Matney, 158 pounds (1979)
Dave Zahoransky, 142 pounds (1986, 1988)
Dan Carcelli, 142 pounds (1995)

Record by year

SchoolSeasonRecord(Conf. Record)League/NCAA Finishes
Fenn College 1931–323-3-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1932–330-3-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1933–341-4-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1934–62N/A(N/A)--
Fenn College 1962–634-5-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1963–642-7-0(N/A)--
Fenn College 1964–658-2-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1965–669-1-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1966–678-1-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1967–689-0-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1968–697-1-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1969–709-2-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1970–714-3-1(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1971–7210-2-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1972–7312-2-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1973–7415-2-1(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1974–7514-0-1(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1975–7610-5-2(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1976–7714-2-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1977–7811-4-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 1978–7915-1-1(N/A)2nd EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1979–809-4-0(N/A)1st EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1980–815-4-0(N/A)3rd EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1981–826-9-1(N/A)4th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1982–8312-4-0(N/A)6th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1983–8412-3-0(N/A)2nd EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1984–858-6-0(N/A)7th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1985–868-6-1(N/A)T-5th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1986–877-6-0(N/A)2nd EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1987–887-6-0(N/A)6th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1988–8911-6-0(N/A)7th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1989–905-7-0(N/A)8th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1990–917-7-0(N/A)8th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1991–9210-6-1(N/A)7th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1992–933-8-0(N/A)7th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1993–944-7-0(N/A)7th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1994–955-7-0(N/A)7th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1995–966-10-0(N/A)7th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1996–973-17-0(N/A)7th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1997–987-14-0(N/A)7th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1998–996-8-2(N/A)7th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 1999-009-8-1(N/A)7th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 2000–014-13-0(N/A)7th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 2001–026-8-0(N/A)5th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 2002–0313-6-0(N/A)3rd EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 2003–049-9-0(N/A)4th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 2004–054-15-0(N/A)T-6th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 2005–066-8-0(2–4 EWL)5th EWL Tourney
Cleveland State 2006–0710-5-0(3-3 EWL)6th EWL Tourney/47th NCAA
Cleveland State 2007–084-11-0(0–6 EWL)7th EWL Tourney
Total49 years341-275-12(?-?-?)122 NCAA Championship Qualifiers

Head coaching history

1 Spike Sperry 1931—19333–6
2 William White 1933—19341–4
3 William Leickie 1933—19341–4
4 Richard Bonacci 1962—1997296-177-9
5 Jack Effner 1997—200871-91-3
6 Ben Stehura 2008—present0-0-0

Women's basketball

Women's cross country

First Season 1980

Women's fencing

Record by year

SchoolSeasonRecord(Conf. Record)Postseason
Cleveland State 1979–8012-4(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1980–816–7(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1981–8214-3(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1982–836–10(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1983–8414-4(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1984–8515-4(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1985–86?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1986–8714-6(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1987–885–11(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1988–897–10(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1989–9012-9(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1990–9111 -9(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1991–9215-8(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1992–939-4(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1993–94?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1994–9517-15(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1995–9611–22(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1996–9717-11(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1997–985–21(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1998–99?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 1999-00?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2000–01?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2001–024-9(13th)--
Cleveland State 2002–03?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2003–043–15(11th)--
Cleveland State 2004–056-7(10th)--
Cleveland State 2005–069–13(6th)--
Cleveland State 2006–076–7(8th)--
Cleveland State 2007–080–32(13th)--
Cleveland State 2008–091-33(18th)--
Cleveland State 2009–102–23(N/A)--
Cleveland State 2010–111–32(17th)--
Cleveland State 2011–123–27(15th)--
Cleveland State 2012–132–26(19th)--
Cleveland State 2013–1415–20(?-?)--Total?? years??-???(?-?)? Postseason bids

Women's golf

Record by year

Cleveland State(Independent)(2001–2002)
2001–2002 Tom Porten ?–?–?N/A
Cleveland State(Horizon League)(2002–present)
2002–2003 Tom Porten ?–?–?N/A
2003–2004 Tom Porten ?–?–?N/A
2004–2005 Tom Porten ?–?–?N/A
2005–2006 Tom Porten ?–?–?N/A
2006–2007 Brian Varsey ?–?–?N/A
2007–2008 Steve Weir ?–?–?N/A
2008–2009 Steve Weir ?–?–?N/A
2009–2010 Steve Weir ?–?–?N/A
2010–2011 Steve Weir ?–?–?N/A
2011–2012 Steve Weir ?–?–?N/A

      National champion        Postseason invitational champion  
      Conference regular season champion        Conference regular season and conference tournament champion
      Division regular season champion      Division regular season and conference tournament champion
      Conference tournament champion

SchoolSeasonRecord(Conf. Record)Postseason
Total?? years?-?-?(?-?-?)0 Postseason bids

Head coaching history

1 Tom Porten 2001—2006?–?–?
2 Brian Varsey 2006—2007?–?–?
3 Steve Weir 2007—?–?–?

Women's soccer

Record by year

Cleveland State(Horizon League)(2004–present)
2004 Derrek Falor 0–19–00–7–08th
2005 Derrek Falor 0–18–10–6–18th
2006 Derrek Falor 3–17–00–7–08th
2006 Derrek Falor 3–17–00–7–08th
2007 Derrek Falor 5–14–11–6–18th
2008 Derrek Falor 8–10–13–4–16th
2009 Derrek Falor 3–14–12–5–17th
2010 Derrek Falor 9–8–25–3–0T–3rd
2011 Derrek Falor 10–7–23–3–2T–4th
2012 Derrek Falor 6–11–02–5–08th
2013 Derrek Falor 8–9–12–5–0T–6th
2014 Sonia Curvelo 8–8–33–4–1T–5th
2015 Sonia Curvelo 8–10–14–5–06th
2016 Sonia Curvelo 5–12–02–7–08th

      National champion        Postseason invitational champion  
      Conference regular season champion        Conference regular season and conference tournament champion
      Division regular season champion      Division regular season and conference tournament champion
      Conference tournament champion

SchoolSeasonRecord(Conf. Record)Postseason
Total13 years76–174–13(27–74–7)0 Postseason bids

Head coaching history

1 Derrek Falor 2004—201355–144–8
2 Sonia Curvelo 2014—201621–30–4


Record by year

SchoolSeasonRecord(Conf. Record)Postseason
Cleveland State 19796–10(N/A)--
Cleveland State 19801–14(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19818-7(?-?)--
Cleveland State 198214-7(?-?)--
Cleveland State 198314-15-1(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 198412-3(?-?)--
Cleveland State 198513-10(?-?)--
Cleveland State 198614–17(?-?)--
Cleveland State 198711–17(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19889–24(?-?)--
Cleveland State 198911-18-2(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 199015-11(?-?)--
Cleveland State 199113–17(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19923–21(?-?)--
Cleveland State 199312–33(3–13)--
Cleveland State 199416–41(4–14)--
Cleveland State 199537-13(13–3)--
Cleveland State 199624-21(6–8)--
Cleveland State 199736-11(11–3)NCAA, Regionals
Cleveland State 199816–33(3–9)--
Cleveland State 199923–24(8–4)--
Cleveland State 200019–37(4–6)--
Cleveland State 200119–33(3–9)--
Cleveland State 200220-24-1(3–9)--
Cleveland State 200323-30-1(6–6)--
Cleveland State 200426–27(6–11)--
Cleveland State 200524–26(13–6)--
Cleveland State 200638-15(10–5)--
Cleveland State 200733-14(8–6)--
Cleveland State 200831-18(14–4)--
Cleveland State 200935-18(17–5)NCAA, Regionals
Cleveland State 201044-15(22–2)--
Cleveland State 201129-21(13–8)--
Cleveland State 201217–39(9–15)--
Total33 years666–684(?-?)2 Postseason bids

NCAA Championship history

Teams DefeatedLost to
Michigan State
2009RegionalsNotre Dame
Miami (Ohio)

Head coaching history

1 Louise Furjanic 1979—19807-22-0
2 Ken Leckler 1981—19818-7-0
3 Alice Khol 1982—198328-22-1
4 Robin Sobelewski 1984—198412-3-0
5 Sue Welch 1985—198738-44-0
6 Mitch Wagner 1988—198920-42-2
7 Chico Chernosky 1990—199128-28-0
8 Tom McLaughlin 1992—199692-129-0
9 Julie Jones 1997—2006244-260-2
10 Angie Nicholson 2007—172-86-0

Women's swimming & diving

Record by year

SchoolSeasonRecord(Conf. Record)Postseason
Cleveland State 19754-4-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 19762-6-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 19771-6-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 19785-5-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 19798-4-1(N/A)--
Cleveland State 19805-6-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 19819-3-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 198210-2-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 19835-5-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 19845-6-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 19856-7-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 19869-3-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 19878-6-0(N/A)--
Cleveland State 19888-5-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 19898-7-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 19907-9-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 19918-6-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 19926-6-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 19938-9-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 19946-8-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 19957-8-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 19968-7-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 19976-9-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 19989-5-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 19995-9-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 20005-8-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 20019-6-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 20027-7-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 20037-6-0(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 2004?-?-?(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 2005?-?-?(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 2006?-?-?(?-?-?)--
Cleveland State 2007?-?-?(?-?-?)--
Total?? years?-?-?(?-?-?)0 Postseason bids

Head coaching history

1 Susan Ziegler 1975—19764-4-0
2 Norman Burkhart 1976—19772-6-0
3 Susan Ziegler 1977—19781-6-0
4 Joyce Ferguson 1978—198013-9-1
5 Dave Duda 1980—19815-6-0
6 Debbie Dugan 1981—19829-3-0
7 Robert G. Kloos 1982—198310-2-0
8 Sue Neff 1983—198510-11-0
9 Lorry Wagner 1985—199146-37-0
10 John Collis 1991—199422-21-0
11 Mike Lehto 1994—200788-98-0
12 Wally Morton 2007 – present4-8-0

Women's tennis

Record by year

SchoolSeasonRecord(Conf. Record)Postseason
Cleveland State 19790–8(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19806-3(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19815-5(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19827-3(?-?)--
Cleveland State 198310-2(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19842–4(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19857-2(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19864–7(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19875–12(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19881–5(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19890–10(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19900–7(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19910–10(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19920–14(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19932–11(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19940–11(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19950–10(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19962–14(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19974–22(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19985–21(?-?)--
Cleveland State 19997–16(?-?)--
Cleveland State 20005–17(?-?)--
Cleveland State 20017–19(?-?)--
Cleveland State 20022–24(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2003?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2004?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2005?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 200616-10(4–3)--
Cleveland State 200715-12(4–3)--
Cleveland State 2008?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2009?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2010?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 2011?-?(?-?)--
Cleveland State 201216-9(7–1)--
Total34 years?-?(?-?)0 Postseason bids

Head coaching history

1 Jane Pease 1979—19800–8
2 Susan Ziegler 1980—198318-11
3 Sheryl Smith 1983—198619-8
4 Robert Malaga 1986—198910–24
5 John Bondea 1989—19910–17
6 Charles Mosley 1991—19952–46
7 Rick Kroboth 1995—19960–16
8 Dave Heilbron 1996—19972–8
9 Teresa Baker 1997—200121–76
10 Sandy Geringer 2001—20027–19
11 Brian Etzkin 2003—2–24

Women's track & field

Women's volleyball

Club sports – crew (rowing)

Viking Crew is a successful coed club crew. [30] Each year the team travels around the nation to compete against other top collegiate crew. In 2006 the team's lightweight men's four traveled to Boston to race in the Head of the Charles Regatta. In 2007 and 2009 the team raced at Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta with over 37 boats in their race. In 2009 Cleveland State won the Hammer Ergatta cup and the Cleveland Collegiate Regatta cup.

Spring season regattas

1Hammer ErgattaCleveland, OH
2Cleveland Collegiate RegattaCleveland, OH
3West Virginia Governor's Cup RegattaCharleston, WV
4Mid-America Collegiate Rowing Association RegattaAthens, OH
5 Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta Philadelphia, PA

Fall season regattas

1Head of the CuyahogaCleveland, OH
2Head of the OhioPittsburgh, PA
3 Head of the Charles Regatta Boston, MA
4Speakmon MemorialColumbus, OH

Head coaching history

1 Dan DiAngelo 2000—2004
2 Mark Silverstein 2004—2006
3 Ron Dorchak 2006—2008
4 David Dressler 2008—2010


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