Comic Book Tattoo

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Comic Book Tattoo
Comic Book Tattoo cover.
Art by Jason Levesque.
Page count480 pages
Publisher Image Comics
Creative team
EditorsRantz A. Hoseley
Original publication
Date of publicationJuly 2008
ISBN 1-58-240964-1

Comic Book Tattoo is an eisner award and Harvey Award-winning anthology graphic novel made up of fifty-one stories, each based on or inspired by a song by American singer-songwriter Tori Amos, published by Image Comics in 2008. Rantz Hoseley, longtime friend of Amos, served as the book's editor. Together, Hoseley and Amos gathered eighty different artists to collaborate on the book. Comic Book Tattoo includes an introduction by another longtime friend of Amos, Neil Gaiman, creator of The Sandman series.



From the start, it was decided that Comic Book Tattoo would not contain comic book versions of music videos for Amos's songs, nor illustrations created from literal interpretations of Amos's lyrics. Of her role in the project, editor Hoseley said, "It was very important to [Amos] that she see how the different creators were treating 'her girls' (the songs), but at the same time, not tying the creator's hands or make them feel restricted in any way and making sure that they felt the freedom to tell the kind of story that they felt strongly about." [1] When approached to contribute to the project, the graphic artists were asked to create a story that reflects that which the songs make them feel.

About the finished collection, Amos said, "I have been surprised, excited and pleasantly shocked by these comics that are extensions of the songs that I have loved and therefore welcome these amazing stories of pictures and words because they are uncompromisingly inspiring. It shows you thought is a powerful, formidable essence and can have a breathtaking domino effect." [2]


Flying Dutchman Little Earthquakes * David Mack
Bouncing off Clouds American Doll Posse Josh Hechinger, Matthew Humphreys
GirlLittle Earthquakes Jonathan Tsuei, Eric Canete
Merman From the Choirgirl Hotel *Jason Horn, Dean Trippe
Take to the SkyLittle Earthquakes* Sara Ryan, Jonathan Case
Mr. Zebra Boys for Pele Rantz A. Hoseley, James Stokoe
Little EarthquakesLittle Earthquakes Tristan Crane, Atticus Wolrab
MarianneBoys for Pele Kako
Crazy Scarlet's Walk Nikki Cook
Programmable SodaAmerican Doll Posse Drew Bell, Kevin Mellon, Mark Sweeney (C)
Toast The Beekeeper Jeff Carroll, Mike May
Jackie's Strength From the Choirgirl Hotel Jeremy Haun, Amber Stone (C)
Little AmsterdamBoys for PeleLeif Jones
Here. In My HeadLittle Earthquakes* Elizabeth Genco, Carla Speed McNeil, Mark Sweeney (C)
Suede To Venus and Back Kelly Sue DeConnick, Andy Macdonald, Nick Filardi(C), Kristyn Ferretti (L)
SugarLittle Earthquakes* Cat Mihos, Andre Szymanowicz, Gabe Bautista (C), Kristyn Ferretti (L)
Teenage HustlingAmerican Doll Posse C. B. Cebulski, Ethan Young, Joey Weltjens & Lee Duhig For Guru Efx (C)
Father LuciferBoys for Pele Omaha Perez
Snow Cherries From France Tales of a Librarian Irma Page, Mark Buckingham
The Waitress Under the Pink Rantz A. Hoseley, Ming Doyle, Mark Sweeney (C), Kristyn Ferretti (L)
Caught a Lite Sneeze Boys for Pele Mike Maihack
Winter Little Earthquakes John Ney Reiber, Ryan Kelly, Kristyn Ferretti (L)
Baker BakerUnder the Pink Alice Hunt, Trudy Cooper
1000 Oceans To Venus and Back Jonathan Hickman
Space DogUnder the Pink Matthew S. Armstrong
The BeekeeperThe Beekeeper Neil Kleid, Christopher Mitten, Kristyn Ferretti (L)
Siren Great Expectations Soundtrack Stephanie Leong, Sonia Leong
IieeeFrom the Choirgirl Hotel Peov
Silent All These Years Little EarthquakesKelly Sue Deconnick, Laurenn McCubbin
LeatherLittle Earthquakes John Bivens
Gold DustScarlet's Walk Hope Larson
Precious ThingsLittle Earthquakes Emma Vieceli, Faye Yong (C)
Glory Of The '80sTo Venus and Back Chris Arrant, Star St.Germain
HoneyUnder the Pink* Mike Dringenberg
Crucify Little Earthquakes Paul Maybury
God Under the Pink Jim Bricker, Craig Taillefer
Pandora's AquariumFrom the Choirgirl Hotel Dame Darcy
Scarlet's WalkScarlet's Walk G. Willow Wilson, Steve Sampson
Beauty Of SpeedAmerican Doll Posse Neal Shaffer, Daniel Krall
I Can't See New YorkScarlet's Walk Adisakdi Tantimedh, Ken Meyer Jr.
Upside DownLittle Earthquakes* Mark Sable, Salgood Sam
Northern LadFrom the Choirgirl Hotel Tom Williams
Roosterspur BridgeAmerican Doll Posse James A. Owen
Cornflake Girl Under the Pink Seth Peck, Daniel Heard
Pirates Y Kant Tori Read Ivan Brandon, Callum Alexander Watt
Hey Jupiter Boys for Pele Leah Moore & John Reppion, Pia Guerra, Mark Sweeney, Kristyn Ferretti
Devils And GodsAmerican Doll Posse Jessica Staley, Shane White
Past The MissionUnder the Pink Ted McKeever, Chris Chuckry (C)
Sweet the Sting The Beekeeper Jimmie Robinson
Ribbons UndoneThe Beekeeper Lea Hernandez
Pretty Good YearUnder the Pink Derek McCulloch, Colleen Doran, Jason Hanley (L)

* – Song is a B-side from aforementioned album
(C) – Artist served as a colorist
(L) – Artist served as a letterer


Comic Book Tattoo was initially made available in three formats, with the addition of another special edition released in November 2008. The available versions are;

ISBN   1-58240-964-1

ISBN   1-58240-965-X

ISBN   1-58240-966-8

ISBN   1-60706-031-0

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