Command Performance (1937 film)

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Command Performance
Directed by Sinclair Hill
Written by
Produced by Harcourt Templeman
Cinematography Cyril Bristow
Edited byMichael Hankinson
Music by Louis Levy
Grosvenor Films
Distributed by General Film Distributors
Release date
19 August 1937
Running time
84 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom
Language English

Command Performance is a 1937 British musical drama film directed by Sinclair Hill and starring Arthur Tracy, Lilli Palmer and Mark Daly. [1] It was based on a play by Stafford Dickens. Like The Street Singer which was released the same year, it was designed as a vehicle for Tracy who performs a number of songs during the film. It was made at Pinewood Studios. [2]



Growing tired of his life of fame, a singer runs away from a domineering manager and goes to live with a group of gypsies. A massive manhunt is whipped by the press to find him so that he can shoot the final scenes of his latest film.


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