The Lonely Lady of Grosvenor Square

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The Lonely Lady of Grosvenor Square is a 1922 British silent romance film directed by Sinclair Hill and starring Betty Faire, Jack Hobbs and Eileen Magrath. [1]



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Grosvenor Square Square in the Mayfair district of London, England

Grosvenor Square is a large garden square in the Mayfair district of London. It is the centrepiece of the Mayfair property of the Duke of Westminster, and takes its name from the surname "Grosvenor". It was developed for fashionable residences in the 18th century. In the 20th it had an American and Canadian diplomatic presence, and currently is mixed use, commercial.

Ava Lowle Willing American socialite

Ava Lowle Willing was an American socialite. She was the first wife of Colonel John Jacob Astor IV and later married Thomas Lister, 4th Baron Ribblesdale.

Terence De Marney British actor (1908–1971)

Terence Arthur De Marney was a British film, stage, radio and television actor, as well as theatre director and writer.

Mrs Henry de la Pasture English writer, 1866–1945

Elizabeth Lydia Rosabelle, Lady Clifford, as known as Mrs Henry de la Pasture, was an English novelist, dramatist and children's writer. Her children's novel The Unlucky Family has been called a classic of its genre.

<i>I Live in Grosvenor Square</i> 1945 British film

I Live in Grosvenor Square is a British comedy-drama romance war film directed and produced by Herbert Wilcox. It was the first of Wilcox's "London films" collaboration with his wife, actress Anna Neagle. Her co-stars were Dean Jagger and Rex Harrison. The plot is set in a context of US-British wartime co-operation, and displays icons of popular music with the purpose of harmonising relationships on both sides of the Atlantic. An edited version was distributed in the United States, with two additional scenes filmed in Hollywood, under the title A Yank in London.

<i>The Vanishing West</i> 1928 film

The Vanishing West is a 1928 American silent Western film serial directed by Richard Thorpe. The film is considered to be lost.

<i>No Way to Treat a Lady</i> (film) 1968 black comedy thriller directed by Jack Smight

No Way to Treat a Lady is a 1968 black comedy thriller directed by Jack Smight, with a screenplay by John Gay adapted from William Goldman's novel of the same name. The film starred Rod Steiger, Lee Remick, George Segal and Eileen Heckart. Segal was nominated for a BAFTA for his role as Detective Moe Brummel.

<i>The Prisoner</i> (1923 film) 1923 film

The Prisoner is a 1923 American silent drama film set in a fictional kingdom, directed by Jack Conway and featuring Herbert Rawlinson, Eileen Percy, June Elvidge, George Cowl and Boris Karloff. Karloff was paid $150.00 a week salary for working on this film. The screenplay was written by Edward T. Lowe Jr., based on a novel called Castle Craneycrow by George Barr McCutcheon. The film is considered to be lost.

Sinclair Hill was a British film director, producer and screenwriter. He directed nearly fifty films between 1920 and 1939. He was born as George Sinclair-Hill in London in 1894. He was awarded an OBE for his services to film.

A Romance of Mayfair is a 1925 British romance film directed by Thomas Bentley and starring Betty Faire, Henry Victor and Molly Johnson. It was based on the novel The Crime of Constable Kelly by J.C. Snaith and made by Stoll Pictures at their Cricklewood Studios. The screenplay concerns the love affair between the heir to a Duke and a young actress.

The Last Coupon is a 1932 British comedy film directed by Frank Launder and starring Leslie Fuller, Mary Jerrold and Molly Lamont. It was based on a play by Ernest Bryan and was a success at the box office.

Waltz Time is a 1945 British musical film directed by Paul L. Stein and starring Carol Raye, Peter Graves and Patricia Medina.

Claude Duval is a 1924 British silent adventure film directed by George A. Cooper and starring Nigel Barrie, Fay Compton and Hugh Miller. It is based on the historical story of Claude Duval.

Betty Faire was a British actress of the silent era.

Eileen Magrath was a British actress.

Dorothy Fane (actress) British actress (1889–1976)

Dorothy Fane (1889–1976), nee Foster, was a British actress. She is sometimes credited as Dorothy Fayne. Fane appeared frequently in the British theatre and silent films.

Jack Hobbs (actor) British actor (1893–1968)

Jack Hobbs was a British stage and film actor who appeared in more than forty films. After making his debut in the 1915 silent The Yoke Hobbs appeared in a mixture of leading and supporting roles in both the silent and sound eras. He played the hero in several quota quickies of the 1930s, including All That Glitters (1936). He was cast as an effectively glib, smooth-talking antagonist in two George Formby films No Limit (1935) and It's in the Air (1938).

The Children of Gibeon is a 1920 British silent drama film based on a novel by Sir Walter Besant, directed by Sidney Morgan and starring Joan Morgan, Langhorn Burton and Eileen Magrath. An aristocrat adopts a criminal's daughter and brings her up with her own daughter. She never reveals to them which way round they were.

The Gay Corinthian is a 1924 British silent historical drama film directed by Arthur Rooke and starring Victor McLaglen, Betty Faire and Cameron Carr. It was shot at Leyton Studios.

<i>Paddy the Next Best Thing</i> (novel) 1908 novel by Gertrude Page

Paddy the Next Best Thing is a 1908 romantic comedy novel by the British writer Gertrude Page.