The Guns of Loos

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The Guns of Loos
The Guns of Loos.jpg
Directed by Sinclair Hill
Produced by Oswald Mitchell
Written by Reginald Fogwell
Leslie Howard Gordon
Joe Grossman
Sinclair Hill
Starring Henry Victor
Madeleine Carroll
Bobby Howes
Hermione Baddeley
Cinematography D.P. Cooper
Desmond Dickinson
Sidney Eaton
Edited byLeslie Brittain
Distributed byNew Era
Release date
9 February 1928
Running time
84 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

The Guns of Loos is a 1928 British silent war film directed by Sinclair Hill and starring Henry Victor, Madeleine Carroll, and Bobby Howes. [1]



A blind veteran of the First World War returns home to run his family's industrial empire. [2]


Production background

Carroll was selected for the role from 150 applicants to play her role. [3] It was her first film role and helped launch her career.


In 2011, sheet music for Richard Howgill's score, meant to be performed live as the film was projected, was rediscovered in Birmingham Central Library. [4]


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