DIFC Tower

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DIFC Towers.
General information
Location DIFC, Dubai
Technical details
Floor countTower 1, 100
Tower 2, 75
Design and construction

DIFC towers is a complex of two supertall vision skyscrapers in DIFC, Dubai, UAE. DIFC tower 1 will have 100 floors and DIFC tower 2 will have 75 floors. The two towers will be connected by three bridges. It is planned that 85 percent of the towers will be office space and the remaining space will be retail and apartments. DIFC towers will be the second office tower in Dubai after Lighthouse tower, which incorporates wind turbines so that the building will be able to reduce the consumption of energy and water by 65 and 40 percent respectively. A total of 4,000 solar panels will be installed in the towers.

The DIFC towers will cost around US$816.7 million. The whole complex will be built on 20,000 sq ft (1,900 m2) of land in DIFC. The excavation will begin in the coming months and the towers will be completed in 2025

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The Emirates Towers is a building complex in Dubai that contains the Emirates Office Tower and Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. The building is owned by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The two towers, which rise to 354.6 m tall to the tip and 241.4 m high of occupied space, respectively, stand as the 51st tallest buildings in the world and 11th tallest in Dubai. The two towers are connected by a 9,000 m² (96,875 ft²) two-story retail complex known as "The Boulevard". The Emirates Towers complex is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is a symbol of the city of Dubai. The Emirates Towers was constructed by the construction wing of Al Ghurair Investment group.

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Dubai Marina is a district in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city, built along a 3-kilometre (2 mi) stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline. As of 2016, it has a population of 45,395. When the entire development is complete, it will accommodate more than 120,000 people in residential towers and villas. It is located on Interchange 5 between Jebel Ali Port and the area which hosts Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and the American University in Dubai. The first phase of this project has been completed. Dubai Marina was inspired by the Concord Pacific Place development along False Creek in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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The Burj Al Alam was a proposed 108-story, 510 m (1,670 ft) hyperboloid skyscraper in the Business Bay area of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, though the project's roots are in a 101-storey design called "Fortune 101" and slated for the Dubai Marina area. It was designed to resemble a crystal flower. If constructed, it would have become one of the world's tallest buildings. The tower was one of the projects of the Fortune Group, which has a number of other projects in Dubai such as the Fortune Bay and Fortune Tower.

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Business Bay is a central business district under construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The project features numerous skyscrapers located in an area where Dubai Creek has been dredged and extended. Business Bay will have upwards of 240 buildings, comprising commercial and residential developments. The infrastructure of Business Bay has been completed in 2008, and the entire development is expected to be completed between 2012-2015. Business Bay is part of the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, and Ruler of Dubai. Business Bay will be a new 'city' within the city of Dubai and is being built as a commercial, residential and business cluster along a new extension of Dubai Creek extending from Ras Al Khor to Sheikh Zayed Road. Covering an area of 64,000,000 square feet (5,900,000 m2), once completed it will be composed of office and residential towers set in landscaped gardens with a network of roads, pathways and canals. It will become the region's business capital as well as a freehold city.

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Dubai Towers - Doha is a super-tall skyscraper with a roof height of 400 m (1,300 ft) under construction in Doha, Qatar. The estimated cost of Dubai Towers - Doha is 2.3 billion Qatari Riyal. When completed, the structure will be the tallest building in Qatar.

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The Bow is a 158,000-square-metre (1,700,000 sq ft) office building for the headquarters of Encana Corporation and Cenovus Energy, in downtown Calgary, Alberta. The 236 metre (774 ft) building is currently the second tallest office tower in Calgary, since construction of Brookfield Place; and the third tallest in Canada outside Toronto. The Bow is also considered the start of redevelopment in Calgary's Downtown East Village. It was completed in 2012 and was ranked among the top 10 architectural projects in the world of that year according to Azure magazine.

Dubai Towers Istanbul(or DTI) was a skyscraper project that was to be built in the district of Levent, in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Lighthouse Tower is a supertall, commercial skyscraper to be built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates designed by multi-national architectural firm Atkins. It will be constructed in the DIFC, is set rise to 402 m and have 66 floors. The tower is a Green Building with a huge emphasis put on reducing its carbon footprint and conserving energy.

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The Sky Gardens is a 45-floor tower in the Dubai International Financial Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The tower has a total structural height of 160 m (525 ft), 575 units vary from studio,1,2,3 bedroom and 7 luxury penthouses. Sky Gardens was delivered by Caddick Developments, with construction completed in 2008. Construction started in March 2005.

The Al Seef Towers is a cluster of three residential buildings in the Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The complex has two towers that will be 35 floors and one tower 40 floors. Construction of the Al Seef Towers was completed in 2008.

The Lam Tara Towers was a planned complex of two towers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They were supposed to be built along Sheikh Zayed Road, opposite the Millennium Tower. Bin Manama tower 1 was designed to have 77 floors and a total structural height of 384 m (1,260 ft). However, in December, 2010 the construction of the twin towers was cancelled.

The Marina Sky Towers was a residential complex under construction in the Dubai Marina area, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The complex would have consisted of two skyscrapers that would have been named Marina Sky Tower 1 and Marina Sky Tower 2. Both buildings would have stood 200 m (660 ft) and would have contained 60 floors for residential use. They would have been joined together by a nine-story podium. Construction began in 2009, but was cancelled.

City of Capitals multifunctional complex

The City of Capitals is a mixed-use complex composed of two skyscrapers and an office building located on plot 9 in the Moscow International Business Center in Moscow, Russia with a total area of 288,680 square metres (3,107,300 sq ft). The two skyscrapers are named after the two historical capitals of Russia: Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Construction of the complex began in 2005, with the office building completed in 2008 and the two skyscrapers completed in 2009.

Meraas Tower was a supertall skyscraper 600 m (1,968 ft) tall, which was proposed to be constructed in Jumeirah Garden City, Dubai. When completed it would have been one of the tallest skyscrapers in Dubai. The tower design had a series of faceted surfaces that would help light and air travel throughout the building. The faceted shapes were projected to maximize energy generation, balance natural light, and offer 360-degree views of the city below. They also would create natural atrium spaces as the building ascended, allowing the creation of naturally lit sky gardens. Exposing the intermediate floors would have made it seem as if the structure was composed of four smaller towers stacked one on top of another. Tower was to include 300,000 square meters of hotel, convention, commercial and retail spaces. However, in 2009, The project was cancelled.

1 Dubai was a complex of three skyscrapers proposed for Jumeirah Garden City in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Tower 1 would have been the tallest and Towers 2 and 3 much shorter. Although the planned height was never officially released, various heights over 1,008 m (3,307 ft) were suggested, with the intention to be taller than Burj Khalifa which was under construction at the time. The complex was designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, and the developer was Meraas.

IRIS Mist is a cancelled mixed used tower which was to be built in Dubai Maritime City, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The tower will reach 200 m (656 ft) in height and will have 54 floors for various purposes, the tower will be the first development in the region to be shaped like patterned sea waves. IRIS Mist will be the tallest tower in Dubai Maritime city, the tower's facade will be built in layers of white pre-cast, aluminium and glass of varying colour and texture. Once completed it will have 54 residential floors, retail outlets, and 28 units of office space. The development will have a built-up area of 850,000 square feet (79,000 m2), the tower is expected to be completed in 2011. The tower will be a green building, as its design concept includes facilities to reduce use of non-renewable resources.

The Central Park Towers is a complex of two towers at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The complex comprises the Office Tower which is 45 floors and 219.9 m (721 ft) tall, and the Residential Tower which is 47 floors and 243 m (797 ft) tall.

OKO Complex of skyscrapers

OKO is a complex of two skyscrapers located on plot 16 in the Moscow International Business Center (MIBC) in Moscow, Russia. Occupying a total area of about 250,000 square metres (2,700,000 sq ft), the mixed-use complex houses apartments, office space, a 5-star hotel, and other commodities.