Emanem Records

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Emanem Records
Founded1974 (1974)
Founder Martin Davidson
Madelaine Davidson
Genre Free improvisation
Country of originUK
Location London, England
Official website www.emanemdisc.com

Emanem Records is a record company and independent record label founded in London, England in 1974 by Martin Davidson and Madelaine Davidson to record free improvisation.


Its headquarters moved to New York City (1975–76), New Jersey (1979, recordings released as Quark Records), Massachusetts (1979, recordings released as QED Records), and Sydney (1986–88), releasing about 25 records before returning to London in the 1990s and issuing compact discs. [1] Since 2013 it has been based in Spain. The slogan of the label is "Unadulterated New Music For People Who Like New Music Unadulterated".

It has become a prolific source of both new recordings and archival recordings, notably its extensive documentation of the work of John Stevens and the Spontaneous Music Ensemble.

In the 2000s, Emanem joined Evan Parker's Psi and Eddie Prévost's Matchless label to present Freedom of the City, an annual improvised-music festival in London. Though its size and scope vary from year to year depending on funding, it continued as an annual event for several years, with many of the recorded performances issued on either Emanem or Matchless.

Partial discography

Source: emanemdisc.com/cds.html

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