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Engineer's Day is observed in several countries on various dates of the year. As of the 20th of November 2019, the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) has designated March 4th as 'World Engineering Day for a Sustainable World'.

Argentina June 16 [1]
Australia Week of 4 to 10 August in 2014
Bangladesh May 7 [2]
Bahrain July 1 [1]
Belgium March 20 [3]
Bolivia October 16
Brazil 11 December 1933Day that the Law 23.659 regulated the Engineer, Architect and Surveyor professions.
Bulgaria Week of 17 to 23 February in 2014
Canada Month of March
Chile May 14 [4]
Colombia August 17
Costa Rica July 20 [1] Corresponds to the date of Panamerican engineer's day
Croatia March 2Engineer's Day is celebrated on 2 March as a tribute to the date in 1878 on which first associatian of engineers was established in Zagreb.
Dominican Republic August 14 in 2014
Ecuador June 29
Egypt September, date variable [5]
France April 3 in 2014 [6]
Guatemala January 30 [7]
Greece March 10Known across the engineering student community as "Chiplunkar Chanera Group"
Honduras July 16 [8] [1]
Iceland April 10 [9]
India Sep 15It is celebrated as tribute to the greatest Indian engineer and Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Vishweshvaraya (popularly known as Sir MV). However the Telangana state celebrates Engineers day on July 11th on the birthday of Ali Nawaz Jung Bahadur [10]
Iran Week of 19 to 25 February - (24 February every year)This day is celebrated to respect Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, Iranian scientist. [11]
Ireland 9 to 15 February in 2014 [12]
Israel January 22יום המהנדס/ת הישראלי/ת - Israel Engineer's day
Italy June 15
Korea March 30 in 2014
Luxembourg February 8 in 2014 [13]
Malaysia Movable. Engineer’s week in 2017 20-26 August [1]
Mauritius September 13 [14]
Mexico July 1 [15] [1]
Nepal Shrawan 3, (Vikram Samvat calendar)Nepali Students and Groups affiliated with NOSK [16] Celebrates Engineer's Day on Software Freedom Day
Netherlands Third Wednesday of March (e.g. 19 March 2014). [17]
Pakistan 10 January in 2014When Pakistan Engineering Council came into being for the regulation of engineering profession and education in Pakistan. [18] Only celebrated in 2014 [1]
Paraguay July 23
Panama January 26 [1]
Perú June 8
Poland August 14 in 2014
Portugal November 23 in 2014 [19]
Puerto Rico 13 to 19 May in 2014 [20] Engineer's & Geometer's week
Romania, South Africa September 14 [21]
Russia December 22Power Engineer's day
Singapore 23 to 24 July 2016 [1] Organised by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES)
Slovakia March 16 in 2014 [22]
Spain March 19
Sri Lanka September 15
Switzerland March 15 [23] Tag der Ingenieure - 15.03. The engineer's day was launched on March 15, 2018 by Daniel Löhr (civil engineer FH / STV) and Christian Vils (electrical engineer FH / STV). The day of the engineers becomes a nationwide event every year in Switzerland. On this day, the company should pay tribute to the achievements of the engineers, who enable us to lead a carefree life.
Taiwan June 6 [1]
Tanzania 15 September
Tunisia October 26 in 2013 [24]
Turkey December 5 [25]
United Kingdom Week of 14 to 23 March in 2014 [26]
United States of America Week of February 22 Always the week in February that encompasses George Washington's birthday
Uruguay October 12 [27]
Venezuela October 28In commemoration of the installment of the Engineers College on October 28, 1861

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