Gasser (car)

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Two gassers racing
Model years 1930s to mid-1960s
Body and chassis
Class Hot rod

A gasser is a type of hot rod originating on the dragstrips of the United States in the late 1950s and continued until the early 1970s. [1] [2] In the days before Pro Stock, the A/Gas cars were the fastest stock-appearing racers around. [3]



Gassers are based on closed body production models[ clarification needed ] from the 1930s to mid-1960s, which have been stripped of extraneous weight and jacked up using a beam axle or tubular axle to provide better weight distribution on acceleration (beam axles are also lighter than an independent front suspension), though a raised stock front suspension is common as well. Common weight reduction techniques include fiberglass body panels, stripped interiors, and Lexan windows (sometimes color tinted).

The 1933-36 Willys coupés and pickups were very popular gassers. [4] The best-known would be the 1933 Willys 77. [4] While neither cheap nor plentiful, it was a competitive and lightweight choice satisfying the rules of the era (which required a ladder frame). At least one gasser incorporated a Willys frame in a Ford body to placate their sponsor while keeping it track-legal. [5] [4] Keith Ferrell's Dogcatcher, for instance, was a 1936 delivery with a fuel injected small-block Chevrolet, built for the class; in 1967, Ferrell deliberately left something off to run it in B/Altered (later, with a supercharger, in BB/A). [6]

After the company revived, the 1937-42 coupés, sedans, and pickups were again popular with hot rodders and gasser teams, and again, comparatively low production leaves unexplained why they gained so much attention. [4] Ollie Olsen's 1940 coupé Wil-A-Meaner (driven by Bob "Rapid" Dwyer[ citation needed ]) won the 1961 Nationals' A/G title. [4] [7] Between 1962 and 1964, the Hassel & Vogelsong 1940 coupé "was the scourge of B/Gas", winning the 1963 and 1964 Nationals and setting a 1964 national record at 11.34. [8] In 1967, the Hrudka Brothers' 1933 panel delivery was a popular wheelstander. [8]

Postwar Willyses were also used (such as the Bremerton, Washington-based Speed Sport Specialties 1954 Willys in B/Gas), but, despite being a better chassis than the 1955-7 Chevrolet, were never as popular as the prewar cars. [9]

Combinations could be unusual. Fujimo, Too! was a B/G 1950 Plymouth business coupé (run by Adler and Trout) with an injected Oldsmobile and Hydro-Motive transmission. [10]

NHRA first licensed women drivers in gas classes in 1963, when Roberta Leighton, member of the Dust Devils Car Club and driver of an injected El Camino, was first admitted. [11]

Throughout the 1960s, the Stickle and Riffle Anglia, based out of the Rod Shop and driven by Bob Riffle, were frequent winners. Their only national title, however, was the B/G title at the 1967 Nationals and C/G at the 1968 Nationals. [8] Riffle's best pass in B/Gas was 10.54 seconds at 128.20 mph (206.32 km/h). [8]

At the 1965 NHRA Nationals, held at Indianapolis Raceway Park in Indianapolis, Indiana, 1941 Willyses driven by Dick Bourgeous (owned by "Big John" Mazmanian, sponsored by Engle Cams) and Doug "Cookie" Cook (the Stone-Woods-Cook gasser, sponsored by Isky Cams) faced off in A/GS. [12] [13] (Cook took the win with a pass of 14.20 seconds at 116.53 mph (187.54 km/h). [14] )

Stone-Woods-Cook abandoned A/GS for Top Fuel Funny Car by the start of the 1967 season. [13]

Late model cars were first allowed in the Gas classes in 1967. [13]

Mazmanian would quit the gas classes for fuel funny car in 1968. [13]

Gas classes were eliminated by NHRA in 1972. [15] However, the NHRA still categorises gasers in sportsman categories, and vehicles can run gasoline or alcohol fuel (the latter safer in case of fire). The term "Super Gas" in NHRA refers to the rules that prohibit dragsters and mandate full-bodied race cars in that category today.[ citation needed ]


Because they were primarily built for racing, these cars typically had the engine swapped to a larger or more powerful one, or the existing stock engine modified (often heavily). It was very common to fit a Roots supercharger modified from original use on General Motors two-cycle diesel truck engines and mechanical fuel injection, manufactured by Algon, Hilborn, or Crower.


1955 Chevrolet Bel Air gasser ChevroletBelAir.jpg
1955 Chevrolet Bel Air gasser

With form being dictated by function, their appearance is often very top heavy and ungainly, largely due to front ends being raised higher than stock, to assist in the weight transfer during rapid acceleration (racing). [1] Having their exhaust pipes exit through the front fender well is a common characteristic of gassers,[ citation needed ] as is having bodies painted in flamboyant metalflakes, pearls, and candy finishes complemented by lettering in wild fonts.[ citation needed ] Most[ citation needed ] gassers also had ladder bars.


The name arose because they competed in a gasoline-fueled drag racing class, rather than one using methanol or nitromethane.

Named cars

There were a number of cars run under names. [16]

NameEntrantYear and makeClass
AgitatorPaul Day1933 Willys BB/GS
AssassinationGuzman & Ward1934 MG AAM/SP
The BareDick Shroyer1939 ChevroletH/G
The Bird HunterTed Walters1940 WillysC/G
Bonesmobile SpecialCurt Carroll1931 FordA/G
Born Runnin'Willie Johnson1927 Ford truckA/SR
Boss HydroJoe Pirrone1933 WillysAA/G
Cat SkinnerBogan & Renfroe1941 WillysA/G
Chicken Coupe Ray Moore 1940 WillysB/GS
City of Industry Sam Parriott 1953 & 1963 Kurtis A/SP, AM/SP, AAM/SP
ConfusionCourtney Lee Scott1934 FordB/GS
Dark HorseStone-Woods-Finders (driven by Chuck Finders)1933 WillysB/GS
Dark Horse TooStone-Woods-Cook (driven by Doug Cook)1966 MustangAA/GS
Dirty ThirtyCharlie Hill1933 WillysA/GS
DogcatcherKeith Ferrell1933 Willys delivery B/A, BB/A
Filthy Forty Hill & Zartman1940 WillysC/G
Fire BrewedChuck Finders1949 AngliaAA/GS
Flintstone Flyer Dave Koffel 1949 PackardE/G
Flintstone Flyer Too Dave Koffel 1959 StudebakerF/G
Frivilous IBob & Jim Joffer1963 FordB/MP
Fujimo, Too!Adler & Trout1950 Plymouth B/G
The Gasser Passer "Ohio George" Montgomery Ford Prefect AA/G
Giddy Up GoJoe Lowery1956 ChevroletD/G
Here Comes SnoopyBucky Burk1949 AngliaB/G
The High and Mighty Jim Parsons 1927 FordA/SR
Holeshot 6Tom Langdon1949 AngliaG/G
The Hammer Dick Becker 1950 AngliaG/G
Hydro Phobia1931 FordB/G
Inch PincherDean Lowry1956 Volkswagen Beetle H/G
IrritationDan Stanton1940 WillysC/A
Jolly DollyBob Bernarden1939 ChevroletC/G
Kamikaze KoupCoonrod & Harry1933 WillysA/GS
The KentuckianGlen Wothington1966 CorvetteBM/SP
King KongKohler Brothers1951 AngliaA/GS
The Klein BirdBill Ireland1965 MustangA/MP
The NumismatistAllyn Lynch1941 Willy'sB/GS
The Numismatist IIAllyn Lynch1965 MustangC/GS
WahopponEd Mezzio1955 ChevroletB/GS
Wil-A-MeanerOllie Olsen (driven by Bob "Rapid" Dwyer)1940 Willys coupéA/G

NHRA National Champions

Source [17]

1955, Great Bend, Kansas

ClassEntrantEngineCar (year and make)Elapsed time (seconds)Trap speed
A/G Dick Cadwalader Oldsmobile1933 Ford(not recorded)96.87 mph (155.90 km/h)
B/GWaterworth/MorrisMercury 1932 Ford (not recorded)92.15 mph (148.30 km/h)
C/G Howard Johansen 1955 Chevrolet(not recorded)94.53 mph (152.13 km/h)
D/GM. S. Shephard1955 Chevrolet(not recorded)88.40 mph (142.27 km/h)
A/SR Owen Bowling Chrysler1929 Ford(not recorded)88.75 mph (142.83 km/h)
B/SR Red Lund Ford 1932 Ford (not recorded)96.15 mph (154.74 km/h)
C/SR Dale Ham Dodge1929 Ford(not recorded)91.64 mph (147.48 km/h)
A/SP Warren Turner Chrysler Allard (not recorded)104.89 mph (168.80 km/h)
B/SP Ralph Richter 1955 Porsche (not recorded)84.19 mph (135.49 km/h)

1956, Kansas City, Missouri

ClassEntrantEngineCar (year and make)Elapsed time (seconds)Trap speed
A/G Wilton Zaiser Oldsmobile1931 Ford13.32108.82 mph (175.13 km/h)
B/GH. L. DavisChrysler1940 Ford14.36103.32 mph (166.28 km/h)
C/GEarl DorrisChevrolet1934 Chevrolet15.2094.63 mph (152.29 km/h)
D/GLeland AllegaChevrolet1956 Chevrolet15.3587.29 mph (140.48 km/h)
A/SRSafford & ShoresChevrolet1929 Ford13.94102.04 mph (164.22 km/h)
B/SR John Mulkey Ford 1932 Ford 14.4399.22 mph (159.68 km/h)
A/SPJack Jenkins1956 Corvette 14.5298.36 mph (158.30 km/h)
B/SP Ralph Richter 1956 MGA 20.1369.44 mph (111.75 km/h)

1957, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

ClassEntrantEngineCar (year and make)Elapsed time (seconds)Trap speed
A/GHarry LawhonOldsmobile1933 Ford13.1496.25 mph (154.90 km/h)
B/GC. E. FoltinOldsmobile1938 Chevrolet14.0785.95 mph (138.32 km/h)
C/G Richard C. Jasper Chevrolet1934 Ford14.2896.56 mph (155.40 km/h)
D/GAlan TemplinChevrolet1951 Ford14.7792.78 mph (149.31 km/h)
A/SRCurtis FrankeChevrolet1924 Model T 13.22105.88 mph (170.40 km/h)
B/SRCarl StoneChevrolet 1932 Ford 13.9798.03 mph (157.76 km/h)
A/SPDon SimmonsBuick1954 Austin-Healey (not recorded)109.63 mph (176.43 km/h)
C/SPErnest Grimm1957 Corvette (not recorded)99.00 mph (159.33 km/h)

1958, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

ClassEntrantEngineCar (year and make)Elapsed time (seconds)Trap speed
A/GCarroll HowardOldsmobile1931 Ford13.53103.56 mph (166.66 km/h)
B/G Robert "Junior" Johnson Chevrolet1941 Studebaker 13.13104.04 mph (167.44 km/h)
C/G Richard C. Jasper Chevrolet1934 Ford13.7699.22 mph (159.68 km/h)
D/GRon HelfensteinChevrolet1940 Ford13.6799.44 mph (160.03 km/h)
E/GJim SpencerChevrolet1951 Chevrolet15.0790.54 mph (145.71 km/h)
A/SRCarl JohnsonCadillac1930 Ford13.52100.00 mph (160.93 km/h)
B/SR John Mulkey Chevrolet 1932 Ford 13.36104.65 mph (168.42 km/h)
A/SP Sam Parriott Cadillac1953 Kurtis (City of Industry)12.17122.44 mph (197.05 km/h)
B/SPDon SimmonsBuick1954 Austin-Healey 12.80116.27 mph (187.12 km/h)
C/SP}Wilson & CroyFordSpee19.9269.98 mph (112.62 km/h)
Little Eliminator Robert "Junior" Johnson B/G 1941 Studebaker

1959, Detroit Dragway

ClassEntrantEngineCar (year and make)Elapsed time (seconds)Trap speed
A/G "Ohio George" Montgomery Cadillac1933 Willys 11.94124.65 mph (200.60 km/h)
B/GJim WhitakerChevrolet 1932 Ford 14.1992.23 mph (148.43 km/h)
C/G Doug Cook Chevrolet1937 Chevrolet13.17105.88 mph (170.40 km/h)
D/GEd CoughlinChevrolet1955 Chevrolet14.0697.71 mph (157.25 km/h)
E/G Johnny Loper 1959 Chevrolet14.9493.45 mph (150.39 km/h)
A/SRG. A. JonesOlds1952 MG 11.61125.87 mph (202.57 km/h)
B/SRPeter MatteiChevrolet1934 Ford13.05107.91 mph (173.66 km/h)
AA/SPBill Jones Lincoln 1957 Thunderbird 16.1991.74 mph (147.64 km/h)
A/SPJack HorsleyLincoln1959 Devin 15.1693.26 mph (150.09 km/h)
B/SPAndrew ZancaChevrolet1954 Corvette12.96110.02 mph (177.06 km/h)
C/SPGil Dunn1955 Porsche 16.9981.00 mph (130.36 km/h)
Sports EliminatorJack HorsleyA/SP 1959 Devin
Little Eliminator"Ohio George" MontgomeryA/G 1933 Willys

1960, Detroit Dragway

ClassEntrantEngineCar (year and make)Elapsed time (seconds)Trap speed
A/GS "Ohio George" Montgomery Cadillac1933 Willys12.36107.65 mph (173.25 km/h)
B/GS Wilton Zaiser Oldsmobile1941 Willys11.84121.29 mph (195.20 km/h)
C/GS Doug Cook Chevrolet1941 Willys12.89119.36 mph (192.09 km/h)
A/GBilly PateChrysler 1932 Ford 12.36113.06 mph (181.95 km/h)
B/GLeonard GrennonChevrolet1935 Plymouth13.40105.38 mph (169.59 km/h)
C/G Jim Koonce Chevrolet1955 Chevrolet14.31102.04 mph (164.22 km/h)
D/GJohn EndesChevrolet1958 Chevrolet14.03100.11 mph (161.11 km/h)
E/GWilbur TackettChevrolet1955 Chevrolet15.7894.14 mph (151.50 km/h)
F/GThom ProsserFord1946 Ford15.9985.14 mph (137.02 km/h)
A/GA Al Zerbarini Oldsmobile1940 Willys12.61106.88 mph (172.01 km/h)
B/GA Johnny Loper Oldsmobile1941 Willys13.72108.82 mph (175.13 km/h)
C/GA Tom Hoover DeSoto 1957 Plymouth 14.33100.67 mph (162.01 km/h)
A/SR Don Cathcart Oldsmobile1926 Ford13.52106.83 mph (171.93 km/h)
B/SRCourtney Lee ScottDeSoto1934 Ford13.32107.27 mph (172.63 km/h)
C/SR Jim Lightcap GMC Model A 15.0377.5 mph (124.7 km/h)
AM/SP Sam Parriott Cadillac1953 Kurtis City of Industry 12.29130.62 mph (210.21 km/h)
BM/SPDick ValentineChevrolet1957 Corvette13.01103.80 mph (167.05 km/h)
Street EliminatorCourtney Lee ScottB/SR 1934 Ford
Little Eliminator "Ohio George" Montgomery A/GS 1933 Willys

1961, Indianapolis Raceway Park

ClassEntrantEngineCar (year and make)Elapsed time (seconds)Trap speed
A/GS "Ohio George" Montgomery Cadillac1933 Willys10.91130.63 mph (210.23 km/h)
B/GS Ray Moore Chevrolet1940 Willys Chicken Coupe11.76120.32 mph (193.64 km/h)
C/GSK. S. PittmanOldsmobile1941 Willys12.03118.89 mph (191.33 km/h)
A/G Ollie Olsen [ citation needed ]Chevrolet1940 Willys11.68116.27 mph (187.12 km/h)
B/GJunior GarrisonChevrolet1940 Willys12.42112.60 mph (181.21 km/h)
C/G Larry Teter Chevrolet 1932 Ford 13.34112.00 mph (180.25 km/h)
D/G Joe Hrudka Chevrolet1957 Chevrolet12.73105.26 mph (169.40 km/h)
E/G Jim Koonce Chevrolet1955 Chevrolet14.0796.20 mph (154.82 km/h)
F/GDon NealFord 1932 Ford 13.6799.33 mph (159.86 km/h)
G/GPete McNicholl Chrysler slant 6 1940 Willys14.1196.98 mph (156.07 km/h)
AM/SP Sam Parriott Cadillac1953 Kurtis City of Industry 11.91128.20 mph (206.32 km/h)
BM/SPJerry OsbornChevroletAustin-Healey12.09117.49 mph (189.08 km/h)
CM/SPBusham/CasazzaChevroletspecial13.16107.14 mph (172.43 km/h)
A/SRMilton PotterOldsmobile Model A 11.49132.55 mph (213.32 km/h)
B/SRArmstrong/ThomasChevrolet 1932 Ford 12.38114.79 mph (184.74 km/h)
C/SR Jim Lightcap GMC Ford Model A 13.63102.04 mph (164.22 km/h)
Street EliminatorJunior GarrisonB/G 1940 Willys

1962, NHRA Nationals, Indianapolis Raceway Park

ClassEntrantEngineCar (year and make)Elapsed time (seconds)Trap speed
A/GS Doug Cook (Stone-Woods-Cook)Oldsmobile1941 Willys10.59136.77 mph (220.11 km/h)
B/GSBill ReevesChevroletWillys11.24125.34 mph (201.72 km/h)
C/GS Sam Jones (Moody & Jones)Chevrolet1937 Chevrolet12.43113.20 mph (182.18 km/h)
A/GNorm HallChevroletWillys12.06120.16 mph (193.38 km/h)
B/G Johnny Loper ChevroletWillys12.04111.11 mph (178.81 km/h)
C/GLarry TeterChevrolet 1932 Ford 13.37108.30 mph (174.29 km/h)
D/G Joe Hrudka (Peters & Betz)Chevrolet1955 Chevrolet[ citation needed ]13.37105.63 mph (170.00 km/h)
E/G Dave Koffel Chevrolet1949 Packard Flintstone Flyer 13.71102.85 mph (165.52 km/h)
F/G Jerry Haley GMC1933 Plymouth14.7695.23 mph (153.26 km/h)
A/SR Hugh Tucker Oldsmobile1928 Chevrolet11.14130.24 mph (209.60 km/h)
B/SR Scott Reider Chevrolet 1932 Ford 12.65112.78 mph (181.50 km/h)
AM/SP Sam Parriott Cadillac1953 Kurtis City of Industry 12.53111.80 mph (179.92 km/h)
BM/SPBones Balogh (J&J Muffler)Chevrolet1958 Corvette11.62124.82 mph (200.88 km/h)
CM/SPJames CornellChevroletCorvette12.75104.89 mph (168.80 km/h)
DM/SPJim FriarTriumph17.1079.29 mph (127.60 km/h)
Street Eliminator Sam Jones C/GS 1937 Chevrolet

1963, NHRA Nationals, Indianapolis Raceway Park

ClassEntrantEngineCar (year and make)Elapsed time (seconds)Trap speed
A/GS "Ohio George" Montgomery Cadillac1933 Willys10.45129.00 mph (207.61 km/h)
B/GSJack MerkelChevrolet1937 Willys10.95130.05 mph (209.30 km/h)
C/GS Sam Jones (Moody & Jones)Chevrolet1937 Chevrolet11.70117.80 mph (189.58 km/h)
A/GGene AltizerChevrolet1951 Ford Anglia 11.03127.84 mph (205.74 km/h)
B/GRon HassellChevrolet1940 Willys12.27116.88 mph (188.10 km/h)
C/GHill and ZartmanChevrolet1940 Willys Filthy Forty 12.70110.42 mph (177.70 km/h)
D/G Gene Moody Chevrolet1955 Chevrolet12.58110.97 mph (178.59 km/h)
E/GGerald MurphyChevrolet1955 Chevrolet13.54103.80 mph (167.05 km/h)
F/G Dave Koffel Chevrolet1949 Packard Flintstone Flyer 13.69101.80 mph (163.83 km/h)
G/GBobby VaughnGMC1934 Willys13.79101.91 mph (164.01 km/h)
H/G Dave DeYoung (DeYoung & Theu)GMC1952 Chevrolet14.7791.83 mph (147.79 km/h)
AA/SR Hugh Tucker Oldsmobile1928 Chevrolet11.33133.33 mph (214.57 km/h)
A/SR Jim Parsons Dodge1927 Ford12.17121.13 mph (194.94 km/h)
B/SR Scott Reider (Reider & Weiler)Chevrolet 1932 Ford 11.98116.42 mph (187.36 km/h)
C/SRFerrante & CostanzoFord1923 Ford13.7198.68 mph (158.81 km/h)
AM/SPRon WaggonerChevroletAustin-Healey11.52125.34 mph (201.72 km/h)
BM/SPRon HadleyChevroletCorvette12.48114.64 mph (184.50 km/h)
CM/SPSam CunninghamChevroletCorvette12.21114.94 mph (184.98 km/h)
DM/SPBill Waddill1961 Coventry [ clarification needed ]15.2492.94 mph (149.57 km/h)
Middle Eliminator "Ohio George" Montgomery A/GS Willys
Little EliminatorDave StricklerA/FX 1963 Chevrolet
Junior Eliminator Scott Reider B/SR 1932 Ford

1964, NHRA Nationals, Indianapolis Raceway Park

ClassEntrantEngineCar (year and make)Elapsed time (seconds)Trap speed
A/GS "Ohio George" Montgomery Cadillac1933 Willys10.20138.88 mph (223.51 km/h)
B/GSJack MerkelChevrolet1937 Willys10.54134.53 mph (216.51 km/h)
C/GS Sam Jones (Moody & Jones)Chevrolet1937 Chevrolet11.70119.04 mph (191.58 km/h)
A/GLutz & LundbergChevrolet Ford Anglia 10.79131.19 mph (211.13 km/h)
B/GRon HasselChevrolet1940 Willys11.31121.29 mph (195.20 km/h)
C/GAlan TschidaChevrolet1940 Willys11.97113.63 mph (182.87 km/h)
D/G Gene Moody Chevrolet1955 Chevrolet12.33111.24 mph (179.02 km/h)
E/GWes EdwdardsChevrolet1956 Chevrolet13.25102.04 mph (164.22 km/h)
F/G Ferd Napfel Chevrolet1955 Chevrolet13.32102.01 mph (164.17 km/h)
G/G Jerry Haley GMC1933 Plymouth12.54107.39 mph (172.83 km/h)
H/G Dave DeYoung GMC1952 Chevrolet14.7090.18 mph (145.13 km/h)
AA/SR Hugh Tucker Oldsmobile1928 Chevrolet11.03128.93 mph (207.49 km/h)
A/SRJan RiedelChevrolet 1932 Ford 11.38122.78 mph (197.60 km/h)
B/SRLoren McCombsFord Model A 13.89(no speed recorded)
C/SRStan YoungFord Model T 13.29103.68 mph (166.86 km/h)
AAM/SP Sam Parriott Ford1963 Kurtis City of Industry 10.62132.93 mph (213.93 km/h)
AM/SP Joe Lunati Chevrolet Devin Trouble Maker 10.62132.93 mph (213.93 km/h)
BM/SPNeil MahrChevroletAustin-Healey11.33123.95 mph (199.48 km/h)
A/MPBill Flynn1964 Dodge11.95119.36 mph (192.09 km/h)
B/MPJess PlattChevrolet1957 Corvette12.12(no speed recorded)
C/MPRalph Holloman1955 Chevrolet13.26108.95 mph (175.34 km/h)
D/MPHoefer Bros.1956 Chevrolet13.41(no speed recorded)
E/MP Pete McNicholl Chrysler slant 6 1933 Plymouth14.3193.07 mph (149.78 km/h)
Street Eliminator Joe Lunati Devin Trouble Maker

1965, NHRA Nationals, Indianapolis Raceway Park

ClassEntrantEngineCar (year and make)Elapsed time (seconds)Trap speed
A/GS Doug Cook Chrysler1941 Willys14.20116.53 mph (187.54 km/h)
B/GSBilly HoltChevrolet1933 Willys10.94128.20 mph (206.32 km/h)
C/GS Vinnie Tarantola Chevrolet1940 Willys11.45121.45 mph (195.45 km/h)
A/GCarl KirkChevrolet Ford Anglia 10.60130.43 mph (209.91 km/h)
B/GJim OddyChevrolet Ford Anglia 11.50116.58 mph (187.62 km/h)
C/GZakia & ClarkChevrolet1955 Chevrolet12.45108.43 mph (174.50 km/h)
D/GThurman TaylorChevrolet1955 Chevrolet12.22112.50 mph (181.05 km/h)
E/GRay HausendoblerChevrolet1956 Chevrolet13.22104.77 mph (168.61 km/h)
F/G Ferd Napfel Chevrolet1955 Chevrolet13.26105.67 mph (170.06 km/h)
G/GElroy AmundsonChevrolet1948 Ford Anglia 13.06(no speed recorded)
H/G Dave Ehrmann Chevrolet1939 Chevrolet13.9096.35 mph (155.06 km/h)
AAM/SPDon NoyesChevrolet1951 MG TD 10.52141.50 mph (227.72 km/h)
AM/SP Joe Lunati Chevrolet Devin Trouble Maker 10.33138.24 mph (222.48 km/h)
BM/SP Pete Ahrends DodgeCorvette10.95126.40 mph (203.42 km/h)
AA/SRAl DauernhelmChrysler1929 Ford10.32126.93 mph (204.27 km/h)
A/SRLawlis & RemyDodge1923 Ford10.38133.33 mph (214.57 km/h)
B/SRNick NashChevrolet1923 Ford11.96116.88 mph (188.10 km/h)
C/SRJoe CunninghamChevrolet1923 Ford12.77106.25 mph (170.99 km/h)
A/MP Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins 1965 Plymouth11.11130.24 mph (209.60 km/h)
B/MPRufus BoswellChevrolet1939 Chevrolet11.77118.11 mph (190.08 km/h)
C/MPRalph RidgewayChevrolet1956 Chevrolet12.67112.34 mph (180.79 km/h)
Street Eliminator Ferd Napfel F/G 1955 Chevrolet

1966, NHRA Nationals, Indianapolis Raceway Park

ClassEntrantEngineCar (year and make)Elapsed time (seconds)Trap speed
AA/G "Ohio George" Montgomery 427 SOHC 1933 Willys9.58153.58 mph (247.16 km/h)
BB/GBilly HoltChevrolet1941 Willys10.97121.62 mph (195.73 km/h)
CC/G Vinnie Tarantola Chevrolet1940 Willys11.36124.3 mph (200.0 km/h)
A/GDick WeinleChevrolet1949 Anglia 10.57130.62 mph (210.21 km/h)
B/GRon HassellChevrolet Ford Anglia 10.74128.38 mph (206.61 km/h)
C/GBill CarrollChevrolet1939 Willys11.25121.78 mph (195.99 km/h)
D/GHarry LuzaderChevrolet 1932 Ford 11.72114.06 mph (183.56 km/h)
E/GGene SchwartzChevrolet1951 Chevrolet12.98105.26 mph (169.40 km/h)
F/G Gene Moody Chevrolet1955 Chevrolet13.28105.14 mph (169.21 km/h)
G/GThomas LangdonChevrolet Ford Anglia 12.34114.06 mph (183.56 km/h)
H/G Dave Ehrmann Chevrolet1939 Chevrolet13.6397.19 mph (156.41 km/h)
AA/SR Hugh Tucker Chrysler1928 Chevrolet9.75125.69 mph (202.28 km/h)
A/SR Jim Parsons Chrysler1927 Ford10.16138.46 mph (222.83 km/h)
B/SRHowie NyeChevrolet1933 Plymouth13.8476.20 mph (122.63 km/h)
C/SRT. J. CunninghamChevrolet1923 Ford11.80115.38 mph (185.69 km/h)
AAM/SPGuzman & WardChevrolet1958 MGA 9.90141.40 mph (227.56 km/h)
AM/SP Joe Lunati Chevrolet Devin Trouble Maker 10.31139.96 mph (225.24 km/h)
BM/SPBob Schaefer1966 Corvette12.04120.64 mph (194.15 km/h)
CM/SPMarvin Sterling1959 Corvette11.60118.57 mph (190.82 km/h)
DM/SP Dick Moroso 1961 Corvette13.32103.21 mph (166.10 km/h)
A/MPFred ShallcrossChevrolet1941 Willys11.40127.11 mph (204.56 km/h)
B/MPDave MostellerChevrolet1953 Corvette11.91116.27 mph (187.12 km/h)
C/MPJim GriffithChevrolet1957 Chevrolet12.4711.66 mph (18.76 km/h)
Street Eliminator Joe Lunati AM/SP Devin Trouble Maker

1967, NHRA Nationals, Indianapolis Raceway Park

ClassEntrantEngineCar (year and make)Elapsed time (seconds)Trap speed
AA/G "Ohio George" Montgomery 427 SOHC 1933 Willys8.92134.32 mph (216.17 km/h)
BB/GJoe AirosoChevrolet1941 Willys10.48133.92 mph (215.52 km/h)
CC/GBill LindnerChevrolet1937 Willys10.91129.12 mph (207.80 km/h)
A/GCarl KirkChevrolet Ford Anglia 9.96138.67 mph (223.17 km/h)
B/G Bob Riffle Chevrolet Ford Anglia 10.54128.22 mph (206.35 km/h)
C/GTony RussoChevrolet1941 Willys11.20119.60 mph (192.48 km/h)
D/GJim RodriguezChevrolet1956 Chevrolet11.64116.42 mph (187.36 km/h)
E/GBob BlumChevrolet1950 Ford12.51108.17 mph (174.08 km/h)
F/G Ferd Napfel Chevrolet1955 Chevrolet12.88106.50 mph (171.40 km/h)
G/G Dick Becker Ford1950 Ford Anglia 11.42108.17 mph (174.08 km/h)
H/GDean Lowery1965 Volkswagen Beetle 12.8896.35 mph (155.06 km/h)
I/GBobby VaughnGMC1934 International14.71(no speed recorded)
AA/SRMickey HartChrysler1923 Ford9.61152.02 mph (244.65 km/h)
A/SRLarry WeitzelDodge1923 Ford9.84139.53 mph (224.55 km/h)
B/SRHowie NyeChevrolet1933 Plymouth11.28121.13 mph (194.94 km/h)
C/SRBuddy ShumazeChevrolet1923 Ford18.18(no speed recorded)
AAM/SPLou AbelChrysleSpecial9.40156.25 mph (251.46 km/h)
AM/SPDave KannersChevrolet1957 Corvette9.55133.13 mph (214.25 km/h)
BM/SPBill ManningChevrolet1957 MGA 10.63123.22 mph (198.30 km/h)

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Drag racing Type of motor racing

Drag racing is a type of motor racing in which automobiles or motorcycles compete, usually two at a time, to be first to cross a set finish line. The race follows a short, straight course from a standing start over a measured distance, most commonly 14 mi, with a shorter distance becoming increasingly popular, as it has become the standard for Top Fuel dragsters and funny cars, where some major bracket races and other sanctioning bodies have adopted it as the standard. The 18 mi is also popular in some circles. Electronic timing and speed sensing systems have been used to record race results since the 1960s.

National Hot Rod Association North American drag auto racing organization

The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) is a drag racing governing body, which sets rules in drag racing and hosts events all over the United States and Canada. With over 40,000 drivers in its rosters, the NHRA claims to be the largest motorsports sanctioning body in the world.

Don Garlits NHRA champion, drag racing pioneer

Donald Glenn Garlits is an American race car driver and automotive engineer. Considered the father of drag racing, he is known as "Big Daddy" to drag racing fans around the world. A pioneer in the field of drag racing, he perfected the rear-engine Top Fuel dragster, an innovation motivated by the loss of part of his foot in a dragster accident. This design was notably safer since it put most of the fuel processing and rotating parts of the dragster behind the driver. The driver was placed in front of nearly all the mechanical components, thus protecting him and allowing him to activate a variety of safety equipment in the event of catastrophic mechanical failure or a fire. Garlits was an early promoter of the full-body, fire-resistant Nomex driving suit, complete with socks, gloves, and balaclava.

Funny Car Type of drag racing vehicle

Funny Car is a type of drag racing vehicle and a specific racing class in organized drag racing. Funny cars are characterized by having tilt-up fiberglass or carbon fiber automotive bodies over a custom-fabricated chassis, giving them an appearance vaguely approximating manufacturers' showroom models. They also have the engine placed in front of the driver, as opposed to dragsters, which place it behind the driver.

Hot rod American car with a large engine modified for linear speed

Hot rods are typically American cars that might be old, classic, or modern and that have been rebuilt or modified with large engines optimised for speed and acceleration. One definition is: "a car that's been stripped down, souped up and made to go much faster." However, there is no definition of the term that is universally accepted and the term is attached to a wide range of vehicles. Most often they are individually designed and constructed using components from many makes of old or new cars, and are most prevalent in the United States and Canada. Many are intended for exhibition rather than for racing or everyday driving.

Frank Hawley is a two-time World champion drag racing driver.

Lee Alan Shepherd was an American drag racing driver from Arlington, Texas.

Jack Chrisman American racing driver

Jack Chrisman was an American drag racer. He was a drag racing pioneer and 1961 champion. He was influential in the formation of the Funny Car class, as he introduced the first blown injected nitro-burning Funny Car. The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) ranked Chrisman 23rd on their Top 50 drivers in 2001.

Don Nicholson

Don Nicholson was an American drag racer from Missouri. He raced in the 1960s and 1970s when there were few national events. The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) estimates he won 90 percent of his match races. As of 2002, he held the record for the most number of categories in which he reached a final round : Funny Car, Pro Stock, Super Stock, Competition Eliminator, Stock, and Street. He was nicknamed "Dyno Don" after he was one of the first drivers to use a chassis dynamometer on his cars in the late 1950s, a skill that he learned while working as a line mechanic at a Chevrolet car dealer.

Mendy Fry

Mendy Fry is an American dragster and funny car driver competing in the NHRA. Under the tutelage of her father, Ron, she began driving quarter-midget sprint cars at age 4. As a teenager, she campaigned in the NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster class. She is the only female drag racer to record a 5-second 1/4 mile elapsed time in a front-engined Top Fuel dragster, as well as the only female member of the exclusive "Nostalgia Top Fuel 250 mph Club". In 2019 she recorded the first 5.4 second quarter-mile elapsed time in a AA/Fuel Dragster.

Tom McEwen (drag racer)

Tom McEwen was an American drag racer who was a winner of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) U.S. Nationals. His racing career spanned 45 years. He is ranked at number 16 on a list of the 50 most significant drivers of NHRA’s first 50 years.

The NHRA Winternationals are an annual drag racing event held by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) at Auto Club Raceway in Pomona, California.

Dragster (car)

A dragster is a specialized competition automobile used in drag racing.

The Hot Rod Magazine Championship Drag Races were a series of drag racing events sponsored by Hot Rod Magazine between 1961 and 1969. It was considered "one of the most significant drag racing events" of that era. These racing events were dominated by BDD in a 2016 Cadillac ATS Turbo Coupe that ran consistent 11.92 second quarter mile times and was known as Badillac.

Doug “Cookie" Cook was an American drag racer.

Top Gas (T/G) is a former NHRA drag racing professional class.

Altered is a former National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) drag racing class and a current drag racing chassis configuration that forms the basis of many classes of NHRA Competition Eliminator.

The 1962 NHRA Winternationals were a National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) drag racing event, held at Auto Club Raceway, Pomona, California on 18 February.

Gaspar Ronda, better known as Gas Ronda, was an American drag racer. He was also a restaurateur. In 2016, Ronda was made a member of the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame.

Doug Thorley was an American Funny Car drag racer, hot rodder and businessman. In 1967, he won the NHRA Nationals' first Funny Car Eliminator title, and was given Car Craft's All-Star Drag Racing Team Funny Car Driver of the Year Award in 1968. Hot Rod magazine describes him as "one of drag racing's most famous early era drivers."


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