Gerak Khas The Movie

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Gerak Khas The Movie
Directed by Yusof Haslam
Screenplay by
  • Yusof Haslam
  • Shaharon Anuar
  • Ambri Kailani
  • A. Galak
  • Yusof Kelana
Based on Gerak Khas
by Yusof Haslam
Produced byYusof Haslam
  • Omar Ismail
  • Omar Man
Edited bySalehan Shamsuddin
Skop Productions
Release date
  • March 1, 2001 (2001-03-01)
Running time
123 minutes
Language Malay
BudgetMYR 1.35 million
Box officeMYR 4.40 million

Gerak Khas The Movie is a 2001 Malaysian Malay-language police procedural action thriller film written, directed and produced by Yusof Haslam, based on the Malaysian television series, Gerak Khas . [1] [2] The film was released on 1 March 2001 and starring Yusof himself, AC Mizal, Abby Abadi, Erra Fazira, Rosyam Nor, Norman Hakim and Nasha Aziz. The movie was a commercial success [3] and spawned two more sequels—Gerak Khas the Movie II (2002) and GK3 the Movie (2005).



Two police Inspectors—Mazlan (AC Mizal) and Aleeza (Abby Abadi) helmed the Gerak Khas unit, which was set up to crippled major crime syndicates dealing in pirated porn VCDs and ecstasy pills. Both rival syndicates are headed by Castello (Rosyam Nor) and Rafayel (Norman Hakim). Things getting complicated by the arrival of new police officer, Inspector Shafikah (Erra Fazira) and a TV journalist, Azura (Normala Samsudin) who worked at the TVKL.



Principal photography of the film began circa September and October 2000. [7] The filming cost is approximately priced RM1.3 million. [8] Malaysian singer, Illa Sabry made an uncredited cameo appearance in the film as a band singer. [9]


The soundtrack album for Gerak Khas the Movie was released on February 6, 2001 by Nova Music. "Keranamu Kekasih" performed by Illa Sabry and "Keliru" by AC Mizal was the lead singles for the soundtrack. [10]


A second sequel, Gerak Khas the Movie II was released in 2002, [11] directly after the success of the first film, [12] later followed by the third and last sequel, GK3 the Movie (also known as Gerak Khas the Movie III) was released in 2005. [13]

Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryNominated work(s)Result
200115th Malaysian Film FestivalBest Comedy ActorMazlan Pet PetWon
Best Male Supporting Actor Rosyam Nor Nominated
Best Sound EditingPeter LimWon
Best EditingSalehan ShamsuddinNominated


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