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Full nameHammarby Idrottsförbund Innebandyförening
Founded1993(as a section under Hammarby IF)
1999 (as a own sportsclub)
Arena Sjöstadshallen,
LeagueSwedish Division 4

Hammarby IF Innebandy, is a Swedish floorball club based at Stockholm. The men's first team currently plays in Division 4 which is the 6th tier level of the Swedish floorball league system, while the ladies' first team plays in "Damer Division 1" which is 2nd tier level. Hammarby IF Innebandy has about 217 licensed players today. [1]



Hammarby IF Innebandy was founded as a section under Hammarby IF by Ari Juustovaara in 1993. [2] In 1999 there was reorganization in the association and all the sections under Hammarby IF got separated. They are still linked through Hammarby IF Alliansförening [3] where the brand and the central register of members are handled. [4]

The men's senior team played its first season in 1993/1994. The ladies senior team played their first season one year later, 1994/1995.



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The Women's World Floorball Championship is an international floorball competition contested by the senior women's national teams of the members of the International Floorball Federation (IFF), the sport's global governing body. It is distinct from the Floorball World Championships, which is for men's teams. Originally played in May-June, the IFF decided in 2007 to move the tournament to early-December starting in 2008.