Herman Rarebell

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Herman Rarebell
Background information
Born (1949-11-18) 18 November 1949 (age 71)
Origin Schmelz, Germany
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter, record producer
Instruments Drums, percussion, keyboards, piano
Years active1965–present
LabelsDark Star
Associated acts Scorpions, Herman Ze German, Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock, Rock Wolves, Missus Beastly, RS Rindfleisch
Website www.hermanrarebell.com

Herman Rarebell (born 18 November 1949 as Hermann Josef Erbel [1] ) is a German musician, best known as the drummer for the band Scorpions from 1977 to 1995, during which time he played on eight studio albums. Aside from playing drums, Rarebell wrote or co-wrote several songs for the group such as "Another Piece of Meat", "Falling in Love" and "Passion Rules the Game". He composed the lyrics for some of the band's most well known songs such as "Rock You Like a Hurricane", "Make It Real", "Dynamite", "Blackout", "Arizona", "Bad Boys Running Wild", "Don't Stop at the Top", and "Tease Me Please Me".


Herman Rarebell received his education in the subjects drums and piano at the Musikhochschule Saarbrücken. Rarebell played drums from 1965 with the band The Mastermen, from 1968 with The Fuggs Blues and RS Rindfleisch, with whom he released one single [2] and performed in the clubs of the US military throughout Germany. In 1972-73 he played on three albums by the Krautrock band Missus Beastly, [3] with a line-up consisting of three RS Rindfleisch members with a new singer and two additional musicians. The following year he joined the band Onyx after the name change to Vineyard. During his time in Scorpions, Rarebell released two solo albums Nip in the Bud (1981) and Herman Ze German (1986).


Rarebell has been a long-time user of Ludwig drums and Paiste cymbals, which he used for his entire duration with Scorpions, though he would occasionally alter the amount of drums and cymbals he would have on his setup.


Missus Beastly



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  1. "Bad Boys Running Wild"
  2. "Hit Between the Eyes"
  3. "Tease Me Please Me" (VideoClip)
  4. "I Can't Explain"
  5. "The Zoo"
  6. "Don't Believe Her" (VideoClip)
  7. "Rhythm of Love"
  8. "Crazy World"
  9. "Can‘t Live Without You"
  10. "Blackout"
  11. "Dynamite"
  12. "Lust or Love"
  13. "Send Me an Angel" (VideoClip)
  14. "Big City Nights"
  15. "Rock You Like a Hurricane"
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