Jesse Harms

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Jesse Harms
Birth nameJesse Harms
Genres Rock
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Keyboards, Vocals
Associated acts REO Speedwagon, Sammy Hagar, David Lee Roth

Jesse Harms (born July 6, 1952 in Massachusetts) [1] is an American session keyboard player and songwriter who was a member of Sammy Hagar's backing band from 1984 ( VOA ) to 1987 ( I Never Said Goodbye ), and from 1997–2003 as a member of Hagar's band, The Waboritas. [2] Jesse also wrote songs for/with Hagar, as well as the 1988 Eddie Money hit "Walk on Water."


During his career Jesse Harms played on three songs on the David Lee Roth album Eat 'Em and Smile and was a short-lived member of REO Speedwagon, writing or co-writing several songs and playing on the band's 1990 hit album The Earth, a Small Man, His Dog and a Chicken .

In 2004, he released his first (and to date only) solo album, The Best of What I've Got, which featured himself on lead vocals and keyboards. The album included several brand new tunes, as well as his own renditions of several hit songs he had initially written for/during his tenure with other artists. [3]

Currently retired from touring, Harms is the owner of Marin Music Center in Novato, California. He and his wife, Susan, live in the Novato area with their two children. [1]


With Sammy Hagar solo

With Sammy Hagar and The Waboritas

With David Lee Roth

With Eddie Money

With REO Speedwagon

With McAuley Schenker Group

Jesse Harms

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