Jeff Martin (American musician)

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Jeff Martin
Martin performing with Dokken on June 21, 2008 in West Fargo, ND
Background information
Birth nameJeffery Louis Martin
Born (1957-11-09) November 9, 1957 (age 62)
Genres Hard rock, blues rock, heavy metal, speed metal
Instruments Vocals, drums, percussion, harmonica
Years active1982–present
Associated actsSurgical Steel, St. Michael, Racer X, Bad Dog, The Electric Fence, Badlands, Blindside Blues Band, Red Sea, The Michael Schenker Group, George Lynch, Leatherwolf, UFO, Dokken

Jeffery Louis Martin is an American musician, singer and drummer who has sung for the bands Racer X, [1] Bad Dog, Surgical Steel and St. Michael and played drums for the bands Badlands, [2] the Michael Schenker Group, Blindside Blues Band, Red Sea, St. Michael and The Electric Fence, a side project with Paul Gilbert and Russ Parrish. Jeff Martin played drums for Paul Gilbert, George Lynch, Dokken, and P.K. Mitchell.


Martin played drums in Surgical Steel before switching to lead vocals and was the drummer/lead vocalist for St. Michael, both Phoenix, AZ-based bands.

He released a lone solo album in 2006, The Fool, featuring the guitar talents of Paul Gilbert and Michael Schenker and has also sung backing vocals for Judas Priest and The Scream.

Martin appeared in the 1985 movie Thunder Alley , starring Leif Garrett, with his band Surgical Steel.



with Racer X

with Badlands

with Blindside Blues Band

with Red Sea

with Paul Gilbert

with The Michael Schenker Group

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