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Holte is a suburban district in Rudersdal Municipality on the northern outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. The local town centre is centred on Holte station and is surrounded by extensive areas of single-family, detached homes as well as several lakes and forests. The district has merged with the old villages of Søllerød and Øverød which both belong to Holte postal district (2840 Holte). Gammel Holte ("Old Holte"), a few kilometres to the east, also in Rudersdal Municipality but merged with the urban area of neighbouring Hørsholm, predates what is now called Holte by several hundred years; in the past Holte was formally referred to as Ny Holte ("New Holte") to distinguish the two.[1][ clarification needed ]



Frederiksborg Kongevej at Geel's Hill in present-day Holte. Painting by Andreas Juuel Andreas Juuel - Geels Bakke.jpg
Frederiksborg Kongevej at Geel's Hill in present-day Holte. Painting by Andreas Juuel

Modern Holte is located on land that used to belong to the Dronninggård estate. The name Holte originally referred to the medieval village of Holte (now Gammel Holte – literally Old Holte) located a few kilometres to the northeast of the modern district. When the owner of Holtegård moved his inn to a new site on Kongevejen in the 1780s, he gave it the name Ny Holte Kro ("New Holte Inn"). This name was adopted for the local railway station when the North Line opened in 1864. The name of the station and the surrounding district was later changed to Holte while the name of the old village was changed to Gammel Holte ("Old Holte"). [1]


The Søllerød Town Hall, completed in 1942, was designed in the Functionalist style by Arne Jacobsen and Flemming Lassen. [2] The town centre also contains the Holte Midtpunkt shopping centre. Holte Church was completed on the top of Geel's Hill (Geels Bakke) in 1945.

Natural surroundings

Several lakes are located in the Holte area. There is a small leisure craft harbor and a beach at Vejlesø which is connected to the larger lake Furesø on the western boundary of the district by a canal. A small ferry operates on the two lakes in the summer time. Søllerød Lake separates Holte from Søllerød to the east.

Holte also borders on the natural areas Vaserne, Rude Forest, Søllerød Naturpark and Geel's Forest.

Notable people

Frank Hoj, 2009 Frank Hoj 3.jpg
Frank Hoj, 2009


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Søllerød is a suburban district of Rudersdal Municipality in the northern outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. The original village, one of the oldest in the area, is perched on Søllerød Hill on the south side of Søllerød Lake. It merged with the neighbouring village of Øverød to the north and the modern district of Holte to the southwest in the middle of the 20th century and now forms part of the Greater Copenhagen area.

Øverød is a suburban neighborhood situated on the north side of Søllerød Lake in Holte, Rudersdal Municipality, in the northern outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. The original village is now agglomerated with the modern district of Holte and the village of Søllerød, forming the northernmost part of Copenhagen's urban area. Øverød is bounded by Rude Forest on the west and Søllerød Naturpark on the east. It belongs to Holte postal district.

Gammel Holtegård

Gammel Holtegaard is a former Manor house in Rudersdal Municipality north of Copenhagen, Denmark, today operated as an arts centre and a museum. It was built by the Danish Baroque architect Lauritz de Thurah (1706–1759), for his own use in 1757. Its original Baroque gardens were reconstructed in 2003.

Søllerød Town Hall

Søllerød Town Hall, now renamed Rudersdal Town Hall, was built for the former Søllerød Municipality which in 2007 became part of Rudersdal Municipality, combining Søllerød and Birkerød. The building is located in Holte some 19 km to the north of Copenhagen's city centre. Designed by Danish architects Arne Jacobsen and Flemming Lassen, it was completed in 1942.

Søllerød Naturpark is a protected area of rolling fields, meadows and small woods in Rudersdal Municipality, some 20 kilometres north of central Copenhagen, Denmark. It reaches from Søllerød Kirkeskov in the south to Høje Sandbjerg in the north. The area is state-owned and managed by the Danish Nature Agency.


Mothsgården is a former country retreat in Søllerød in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark. It now houses the main branch of Rudersdal Museum, a local history museum for Rudersdal Municipality. The museum also comprises the Vedbæk Finds, a collection of archeological finds from Vedbæk, now on display in Gammel Holtegård, and the Rudersdal Local Historic Archives in Rudersdal Library.

Lyngby Kongevej

Secondary route 201 is a numbered road in North Zealand to the north of Copenhagen, Denmark, consisting of Lyngby Omfartsvej, a motorway bypass avoiding Lyngby Hovedgade, and Kongevejen which links Kongens Lyngby in the south with Hillerød in the north by way of Holte, Birkerød and Blovstrød. The road originates in a royal road which was built in 1587 between Copenhagen and Frederiksborg Castle, Frederick II's new North Zealand residence. The southern part of the road has now been replaced by Lyngbyvej and the southernmost portion of Helsingør Motorway.


Sjælsø is a lake straddling the borders between the municipalities of Rudersdal, Allerød and Hørsholm in North Zealand to the north of Copenhagen, Denmark. Situated immediately to the north of the suburban town of Birkerød, it is surrounded by a mixture of farmland, pastures and small woodlands.


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