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JJ Jia
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Jia Xiaochen

(1982-09-20) September 20, 1982 (age 38)
Other namesJade
OccupationActress, model
Years active2002–present
(m. 2016)
Children1 daughter
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 賈曉晨
Simplified Chinese 贾晓晨

Jia Xiaochen (born September 20, 1982), also known as JJ Jia and Fatumai, is a Hui-Chinese actress and model based in Hong Kong.


Personal life

In 2012, JJ began dating martial arts action star Louis Fan. The two married on 1 January 2016 in Hong Kong. [1] In November 2017, they had a daughter nicknamed Little Rice Bowl (小飯兜).



FilmChinese titleYearRoleNotes
Jin Jian Dao金剪刀2002
Men's Trilogy男人三部曲2003Cuicui
Juet Chu Fung Sang絕處逢生2004
Wife from Hell妻骨未寒2005Mimi
A Wondrous Bet魔幻賭船2005Cho Siu-man
Tea in Love茶色生香2006Zhang Lilei
Isabella 伊莎貝拉2006Cheung Lai-wah
The Haunted School 校墓處2007Yuen See-yum
La Lingerie 內衣少女2008CC
The Vampire Who Admires Me 有隻僵屍暗戀你2008Macy Chan
Short of Love矮仔多情2009Shum Ka-wai (Kaka)
Gallants 打擂台2010Kwai
The Jade and the Pearl 翡翠明珠2010Yeung Fa
I Love Hong Kong 我愛HK開心萬歲2011 Pauline Ha
All's Well, Ends Well 2011 最強囍事2011Kiki
Don't Go Breaking My Heart 單身男女2011Joyce Kiu Yi-sze
Life Without Principle 奪命金2011Miss Ho
My Sassy Hubby我老公不靠譜2012
Cold War 寒戰2012Spouse of Vincent Tsui's
SDU: Sex Duties Unit 飛虎出征2013
Super Models色模2015
Little Q2019

Television dramas

English TitleChinese titleYearRoleNotes
Xiayi Zhuanqi俠醫傳奇2004
Colours of Love森之愛情2007NurseEpisode 8
Zhen Han Shi Jie De Qi Ri震撼世界的七日2007Feng Ni
Dressage to Win 盛裝舞步愛作戰2008Lola
The Winter Melon Tale 大冬瓜2009Mrs. Kam
You're Hired 絕代商驕2009Gigi Luk
ICAC Investigators 2009 廉政行動20092009YoyoEpisode 5: "Public, Private, Car"
Hong Kong Customs海關故事2009Inspector Janet Ka Siu-yin
Love Thy Family愛回家2010So Fong
Sisters of Pearl 掌上明珠2010Yip Siu-man
Beauty Knows No Pain 女人最痛2010Yeda So Na
L'Escargot 抉宅男女2012Joyce Ko Chi-yiu
House of Harmony and Vengeance 耀舞長安2012Lau Cheuk-law
Tiger Cubs 飛虎2012Fu Sze-sze
Ghetto Justice II 怒火街頭II2012Chin Sam-sam
Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles 名媛望族2012Chiu Dan-dan
Friendly Fire 法網狙擊2012-2013GraceGuest star (Episode 1-3)
Season of Love 戀愛季節2013
A Change of Heart 好心作怪2013Ngan Yat Fei
Legend of Zu Mountain 蜀山战纪之剑侠传奇2015Tu Mei
The Last Healer in Forbidden City 末代御醫2016Hung Bak-hap

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Jia (surname) Surname list

Jiǎ is a surname. Chia is the corresponding Wade-Giles romanization, which is commonly used in Taiwan. Ka is the corresponding Cantonese-based romanization, which is used in Hong Kong and other Cantonese-speaking regions.

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The Life Tour was the tenth concert tour by Taiwanese-band Mayday, in support of the band’s ninth studio album History of Tomorrow (2016). The tour began on March 18, 2017 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and concluded on January 6, 2019 in Taichung, Taiwan, comprising 122 concerts.


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