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Lewis in 1995

Jerry Lewis appeared in movies and television from 1949 to 2017.


Martin and Lewis in film

Martin and Lewis Dean Martin Jerry Lewis 1955 Colgate Comedy Hour.JPG
YearTitleLewis roleNotes
1949 My Friend Irma Seymour
1950 My Friend Irma Goes West Seymour
1950 At War with the Army PFC Alvin Korwin
1951 That's My Boy 'Junior' Jackson
1952 Sailor Beware Melvin Jones
1952 Jumping Jacks Hap Smith
1952 Road to Bali 'Woman' in Lala's Dream Cameo
1952 The Stooge Theodore RogersAlso uncredited writer
1953 Scared Stiff Myron Mertz
1953 The Caddy Harvey Miller, Jr.
1953 Money from Home Virgil Yokum
1954 Living It Up Homer Flagg
1954 3 Ring Circus Jerome F. Hotchkiss
1955 You're Never Too Young Wilbur Hoolick
1955 Artists and Models Eugene Fullstack
1956 Pardners Wade Kingsley Sr/Wade Kingsley Jr.
1956 Hollywood or Bust Malcolm Smith

Jerry Lewis in film

1957 The Delicate Delinquent Sidney L. PythiasAlso producer
1957 The Sad Sack Private Meredith Bixby
1958 Rock-A-Bye Baby Clayton PooleAlso producer
1958 The Geisha Boy Gilbert WooleyAlso producer
1959 Don't Give Up the Ship John Paul Steckler I, IV, and VII
1959 Li'l Abner Itchy McRabbitCameo
1960 Visit to a Small Planet Kreton
1960 The Bellboy Stanley / HimselfAlso director, writer and producer
1960 Cinderfella CinderfellaAlso producer
1961 The Ladies Man Herbert H. Heebert / Mama HeebertAlso director, writer and producer
1961 The Errand Boy Morty S. TashmanAlso director and writer
1962 It's Only Money Lester March
1963 The Nutty Professor Professor Julius Kelp / Buddy Love / Baby KelpAlso director and writer. Selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".
1963 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Man Who Runs Over HatCameo
1963 Who's Minding the Store? Norman Phiffier
1964 The Patsy Stanley Belt / Singers of the TrioAlso director and writer
1964 The Disorderly Orderly Jerome LittlefieldAlso executive producer
1965 The Family Jewels Willard Woodward / James Peyton / Everett Peyton / Julius Peyton / Capt. Eddie Peyton / Skylock Peyton / Bugsy PeytonAlso director, writer and producer
1965 Boeing Boeing Robert ReedFinal film for Paramount
1966 Three on a Couch Christopher Pride / Warren / Ringo Raintree / Rutherford / HeatherAlso director and producer; first film for Columbia Pictures
1966 Way...Way Out Pete Mattermore 20th Century Fox release
1967 The Big Mouth Gerald Clamson / Syd ValentineAlso director and producer
1968 Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River George Lester
1969 Hook, Line & Sinker Peter Ingersoll / Fred DobbsAlso producer
1970 One More Time Offscreen voice of the bandleaderAlso director and producer
1970 Which Way to the Front? Brendon Byers IIIAlso director and producer
1972 The Day the Clown Cried Helmut DoorkAlso director and writer; uncompleted/unreleased
1980 Hardly Working Bo HooperAlso director and writer
1982 Slapstick of Another Kind Wilbur Swain / Caleb Swain
1982 The King of Comedy Jerry Langford
1983 Cracking Up Warren Nefron / Dr. PerksAlso director and writer
1984 Retenez Moi...Ou Je Fais Un Malheur Jerry Logan
1984 Par où t'es rentré ? On t'a pas vu sortir Clovis Blaireau
1987 Fight For Life Dr. Bernard AbramsTelevision film
1989 Cookie Arnold Ross
1992 Mr. Saturday Night HimselfCameo
1993 Arizona Dream Leo Sweetie
1995 Funny Bones George Fawkes
2008 The Nutty Professor Professor Julius Kelp / Buddy Love (voice) Direct-to-DVD
2009 Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey! Stationmaster (voice)Direct-to-DVD
2013 Até que a Sorte nos Separe 2 Bellboy
2016 The Trust Mr. Stone
2016 Max Rose Max Rose


1948 Toast of the Town HimselfWith Dean Martin; June 20
1948 Admiral Presents the Five Star Revue—Welcome Aboard HimselfWith Dean Martin; October 3
1949 Texaco Star Theater HimselfWith Dean Martin; October 18
1950–55 The Colgate Comedy Hour Host33 appearances (28 as Host) [lower-alpha 1] with Dean Martin
1952Olympic Fund Telethon [1] HimselfWith Dean Martin; June 21-22
1954 What's My Line? Mystery GuestEpisode 191 with Dean Martin; January 24
1954 The Jack Benny Program HimselfEpisode "Road to Nairobi" with Dean Martin; May 23
1956What's My Line?Mystery GuestEpisode 320; July 22
1956What's My Line?PanelistEpisode 336; November 11
1957The Jerry Lewis ShowHimselfSpecial; January 19
1957The Jerry Lewis ShowHimselfSpecial; June 8
1957The Jerry Lewis ShowHimselfSpecial; November 5
1958The Jerry Lewis ShowHimselfSpecial; February 18
1958The Jerry Lewis ShowHimselfSpecial; April 5
1958The Jerry Lewis ShowHimselfSpecial; May 16
1958 The Eddie Fisher Show HimselfReunion with Dean Martin; [2] September 30
1958The Jerry Lewis ShowHimselfSpecial; October 18
1958The Jerry Lewis ShowHimselfSpecial; December 10
1959 Startime Joey Robin/RabinowitzEpisode, "The Jazz Singer"; October 13
1960Celebrity GolfHimself
1960The Jerry Lewis ShowHimselfSpecial; January 16
1960The Jerry Lewis ShowHimselfSpecial; April 15
1960What's My Line?Mystery GuestEpisode 522; July 17
1960Permanent WavesNoneUnsold pilot, [3] director only
1961 The Garry Moore Show June 13 [4]
1961What's My Line?PanelistEpisode 578; August 27
1962The Wacky World of Jerry Lewis [5] HimselfABC Special; May 29
1962What's My Line?Mystery GuestEpisode 619; June 24
1963 The Jerry Lewis Show 13 episodes
1965 Ben Casey Dr. Dennis GreenEpisode, "A Little Fun to Match the Sorrow"; March 8
1965-1975 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Guest Host52 episodes
1965 The Andy Williams Show
1965 Hullabaloo With his son Gary Lewis
1966 Batman Episode: "The Bookworm Turns"; April 20
1966What's My Line?Mystery GuestEpisode 818; June 19
1966 Password Game Show Contestant/Celebrity Guest Star
1966Sheriff WhoNBC pilot (Unaired)
1966–2010 The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon Host
1967–69 The Jerry Lewis Show
1968 Playboy After Dark
1970The Engelbert Humperdinck ShowHimselfMarch 4
1970 The Red Skelton Show Magician's AssistantEpisode, "The Magic Act"; September 14
1970 The Bold Ones: The New Doctors NoneDirected episode "In Dreams They Run"; December 13
1971 The Carol Burnett Show Episode 04.17; January 11
1973 The Dick Cavett Show Himself
1974Celebrity SportsmanHimself
1978 Circus of the Stars RingmasterDecember 8
1980 Rascal Dazzle NarratorHBO documentary on The Little Rascals
1983 Saturday Night Live Host
1984 The Jerry Lewis Show 5 episodes
1985 Brothers NoneDirected episode, "Donald's Dad"; June 13
1987 Brothers Himself"Las Vegas Serenade: Part 2"; September 18
1988–89 Wiseguy Eli Sternberg5 episodes
1991 Good Grief HimselfEpisode: "The Bear"; January 6. Also directed
1993 Mad About You Freddy StatlerEpisode: "The Billionaire"; February 20
1999 Inside the Actors Studio [6] Episode 68; August 15
2003 The Simpsons Professor John Frink Sr.Episode, "Treehouse of Horror XIV"; November 2
2006 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Andrew MunchEpisode, "Uncle" ; October 10
2010 Michel Legrand & Friends - 50 Years of Movies & MusicPBS Special; July 31
2011 Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis HimselfDocumentary; also produced
2018 Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee [7] HimselfEpisode Heere's Jerry!. Posthumous release; July 6


1975Spellbound game [8]
19807-Eleven Convenience Stores [9]
1991Diet Pepsi "You Got the Right One, Baby" [10]
1990sCoca-Cola [11] Directed by John Landis

Other works

1949 How to Smuggle a Hernia Across the Border Privately made short film; never commercially released
1950Screen Snapshots: Thirtieth Anniversary SpecialShort subject
1950 My Friend Irma Goes West TrailerSpecial scenes filmed for the promotional trailer
1951 Sailor Beware TrailerSpecial scenes filmed for the promotional trailer
1953 Scared Stiff TrailerSpecial scenes filmed for the promotional trailer
1954 Living It Up TrailerSpecial scenes filmed for the promotional trailer
1960 The Bellboy TrailerSpecial scenes filmed for the promotional trailer
1960 Raymie Sings the title song only
1964 The Nutty Professor TrailerSpecial scenes filmed for the promotional trailer
1964 The Disorderly Orderly TrailerSpecial scenes filmed for the promotional trailer
1966Man in MotionProduction trailer for Three on a Couch
1984 Terror in the Aisles Archival footage of Lewis in Scared Stiff
1990Boy8-minute short from the compilation film How Are the Kids? (writer and director only) [12]
1992The Making of Mr. Saturday NightDocumentary for Mr. Saturday Night
2013When Comedy Went To SchoolInterviewed for the documentary on The Borscht Belt comedians
2015 Trumbo Archive footage of Lewis hosting The 29th Academy Awards
2017Sammy Davis Jr.: I’ve Gotta Be MeScenes for the documentary on Sammy Davis Jr.
2017 Five Came Back Netflix Documentary; Archive footage of Lewis presenting George Stevens Best Director at The 29th Academy Awards


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