Jesuit (band)

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Origin Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.
Genres Hardcore punk, mathcore
Years active1995 (1995)–1999 (1999), 2011
Labels Hydra Head, Reservoir, Magic Bullet
Associated actsChannel, Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Doomriders, Old Man Gloom, The End Of The Universe, Moutheater

Jesuit was an American hardcore punk band from Virginia Beach, Virginia, formed in 1995. The band disbanded in 1999 and had a one-off reunion in 2011.



Jesuit formed in 1995 with drummer J. How, bassist Brett Matthews, and guitarists Nate Newton (ex-Channel) and Kelly Posadas. In 1996 the group released a self-titled 7" vinyl EP produced by Kurt Ballou through Reservoir Records. The CD version of the EP also featured the three song's from Jesuit's demo tape as bonus tracks. In December 1996, Jesuit embarked on a tour which took them all the way north into Canada for a week's worth of shows in Ontario with Canadian grindcore band Acrid. [1] Jesuit and Acrid teamed up again in July 1997 for a full tour across the Midwest, Northeast and East Coast of the United States. [1]

In 1998, Jesuit toured North America with Botch and The Dillinger Escape Plan. The group traded out Kelly Posadas for Brian Benoit, and released a second self-titled 7" EP through Hydra Head Records in 1999—again produced by Ballou. [2] Jesuit disbanded later in 1999.

After the break up, Nate Newton and Brian Benoit moved to Massachusetts/New Jersey (respectively) and either joined or formed new bands. [3] Newton would go on to perform in Converge, Old Man Gloom and Doomriders. Benoit performed with The Dillinger Escape Plan until severe nerve damage in his arm made it difficult for him to play his instrument. [4]

Reunion (2011)

In November 2010, Jesuit announced their intent to reform for a few shows in 2011, and also release a collective anthology of the group's early releases which had all gone out of print. [5] Magic Bullet Records released Jesuit's Discography in April 2011. The compilation album featured the group's two EPs, demo tape, and compilation contributions in reverse chronological order. The songs were remixed by Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studios, remastered by Bob Lipton at Peerless Studios, and the packaging featured newly designed artwork by Florian Bertmer and Brent Eyestone. [6]

On April 9, 2011 Jesuit performed their first show in over a decade. The group opened for the also recently reformed bands Unbroken and Indecision at the Santos Party House club in New York City. [4] [5] Jesuit also performed at Virginia's Best Friends Day festival in August 2011. [7]


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<i>Discography</i> (Jesuit album) 2011 compilation album by Jesuit

Discography is a compilation album released by the American rock band Jesuit. Released on April 12, 2011 through Magic Bullet Records, the compilation features every song ever recorded by the hardcore punk group during their brief tenure in the mid 1990s. Jesuit recorded a demo tape, two self-titled EPs and a Black Sabbath cover for a compilation album before disbanding in 1999.

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