Jizzy Pearl

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Jizzy Pearl
Jizzy Pearl on stage with Ratt in 2005
Background information
Birth nameJames Wilkinson
Born (1958-03-17) March 17, 1958 (age 63)
Chicago, Illinois
Genres Hard rock, heavy metal, glam metal
Instruments Vocals
Years active1984–present
Associated acts Love/Hate, L.A. Guns, Ratt, Adler's Appetite, Quiet Riot, Sin City Sinners
Website http://www.jizzypearl.com

Jizzy Pearl (born James Wilkinson) is an American vocalist who was born on March 17, 1958, in Chicago, Illinois. He's had notable performances in several heavy metal and hard rock groups. He first fronted the band Data Clan, which eventually became Love/Hate. Pearl has also sung for L.A. Guns, Ratt, Adler's Appetite, Quiet Riot and other, lesser known acts.


Pearl is known for, in the words of KNAC.com, his "gritty-sounding blues-influenced" vocals. [1]

Personal history and music career

In the late 1980s, Pearl sang for Love/Hate, which achieved notoriety for performances as the house band at the Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood. The group subsequently signed to Columbia Records. [2]

In early 2007, Pearl announced he would reunite with Love/Hate after ten years, on February 24, 2007 at Club Vodka in Hollywood, California, to perform their classic record Blackout in the Red Room in its entirety. [3]

In 2013, Pearl joined Quiet Riot, replacing then vocalist Scott Vokoun. The band decided to record a new album with Pearl that they set for release in early 2014. [4]

That effort became Quiet Riot 10 (also alternatively known as just 10), which was the twelfth studio album by the heavy metal band and featured a mix of songs with Pearl as well as live tracks with founder vocalist Kevin DuBrow. [1] The album came out on June 27, 2014. It has received mixed to positive reviews from publications such as KNAC.com and Music Enthusiast Magazine. [1] [5]

Pearl quit Quiet Riot at the end of 2016 to focus on his solo work, and was replaced by Seann Nichols, who was subsequently replaced by James Durbin in March 2017. Durbin quit in September 2019, and Pearl re-joined.


Dataclan (EP)Dataclan1985Independent Release
Blackout in the Red Room Love/Hate February 22, 1990 Columbia Records
Wasted In America Love/Hate March 10, 1992 Columbia Records
Let's Rumble Love/Hate April 1, 1994Calibre Records
I'm Not Happy Love/Hate September 19, 1995Mayhem Records
Livin' Off Layla Love/Hate 1997SK-9 Records
Let's Eat Love/Hate June 1, 1999Perris Records
Shrinking Violet L.A. Guns June 1, 1999Perris Records
Greatest & Latest Love/Hate April 25, 2000 Cleopatra Records
Adler's Appetite (EP) Adler's Appetite February 2005Arrogant Bastard
Vegas Must DieJizzy PearlJuly 19, 2005 Shrapnel Records
Just A BoyJizzy PearlOctober 30, 2007 Shrapnel Records
Acoustic Gypsy Live L.A. Guns September 27, 2011 Favored Nations Entertainment
Crucified Jizzy PearlDecember 20, 2013 Independent Release
Quiet Riot 10 Quiet Riot June 27, 2014RSM Records
All You Need Is SoulJizzy PearlMay 11, 2018Frontiers Records

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