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ReleasedJuly 6, 1999
StudioRumbo Recorders (Canoga Park, California)
Genre Hard rock
Label Portrait
Producer Richie Zito
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Tell the World: The Very Best of Ratt
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AllMusic Star full.svgStar full.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svg [1]
Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal 8/10 [2]

Ratt is the self-titled sixth studio album by American glam metal band Ratt. Often referred to as "1999" by fans (partially to avoid confusion with their EP, which was also self-titled), the album saw the band's musical direction shift to a more blues-influenced hard rock sound and further away from their previous glam metal roots. This is the first studio album to feature bassist Robbie Crane.


Track listing

1."Over the Edge"Todd Jeremias, Stephen Pearcy, Warren DeMartini 4:22
2."Live for Today" Bobby Blotzer, Pearcy, DeMartini, Jack Russell 4:38
3."Gave Up Givin' Up"DeMartini, Pearcy, Marti Frederiksen 4:04
4."We Don't Belong"DeMartini, Pearcy, Frederiksen6:11
5."Breakout"Blotzer, Pearcy, DeMartini, Russell4:24
6."Tug of War"DeMartini, Pearcy, Taylor Rhodes 4:17
7."Dead Reckoning"DeMartini, Pearcy, Jack Blades 4:32
8."Luv Sick"DeMartini, Pearcy, Rhodes5:09
9."It Ain't Easy"Pearcy, DeMartini, Rhodes, Richie Zito 4:02
10."All the Way"Pearcy, DeMartini, Mark Hudson, Steve Dudas4:41
11."So Good, So Fine"DeMartini, Pearcy4:22



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Ratt is an American hair/glam metal band that had significant commercial success in the 1980s, with their albums having been certified as gold, platinum, and multi-platinum by the RIAA. The group is perhaps best known for hit singles such as "Round and Round" and "Lay It Down", each track having ranked on Billboard's top 40. Other songs such as "Wanted Man", "You're in Love" and "Dance" also have ranked there.

<i>Infestation</i> (album) 2010 studio album by Ratt

Infestation is the seventh and most recent studio album by American glam metal band Ratt. It is the band's first original effort since their self-titled album in 1999, and the first album since the death of Robbin Crosby in 2002. This is the only album to feature guitarist Carlos Cavazo, formerly of Quiet Riot. The band would enter a turbulent time after the edition of the album, and by 2018 all musicians in it had left the band, excepting for lead singer Stephen Pearcy. It was released by Loud & Proud via Roadrunner Records, a then-sub-label of their longtime home Atlantic Records.

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