Just One of the Guys

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Just One of the Guys
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Theatrical release poster
Directed by Lisa Gottlieb
Produced byAndrew Fogelson
Screenplay by
Story byDennis Feldman
Music by Tom Scott
Cinematography John McPherson
Edited byTony Lombardo
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release date
  • 26 April 1985 (1985-04-26)
Running time
90 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$11,528,900

Just One of the Guys is a 1985 teen comedy film directed by Lisa Gottlieb and co-written by Dennis Feldman and Jeff Franklin, although according to Gottlieb, she also co-wrote the screenplay together with her writing partner Mitch Giannunzio but then supposedly denied writing credit by the producers. [1] Just One of the Guys is a loose adaptation of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night . [2] [3]

Teen film is a film genre targeted at teenagers and young adults in which the plot is based upon the special interests of teenagers and young adults, such as coming of age, attempting to fit in, bullying, peer pressure, first love, teen rebellion, conflict with parents, teen angst or alienation. Often these normally serious subject matters are presented in a glossy, stereotyped or trivialized way. For legal reasons, many teenage characters are portrayed by young adults. Some teen films appeal to young males while others appeal to young females.

Comedy is a genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humour. These films are designed to make the audience laugh through amusement and most often work by exaggerating characteristics for humorous effect. Films in this style traditionally have a happy ending. One of the oldest genres in film, some of the very first silent movies were comedies, as slapstick comedy often relies on visual depictions, without requiring sound. When sound films became more prevalent during the 1920s, comedy films took another swing, as laughter could result from burlesque situations but also dialogue.

Lisa Gottlieb is an American film, television director and college professor. She is best known for directing the 1985 film Just One of the Guys. She went on to direct the films Across the Moon (1995) starring Christina Applegate and Elizabeth Peña and Cadillac Ranch (1996) starring Christopher Lloyd and Suzy Amis.


The film ranked number 48 on Entertainment Weekly 's list of the "50 Best High School Movies". [4]

<i>Entertainment Weekly</i> American entertainment magazine published by Meredith Corporation

Entertainment Weekly is an American magazine, published by Meredith Corporation, that covers film, television, music, Broadway theatre, books and popular culture.


Terri Griffith is an aspiring teenage journalist in Phoenix who feels that her teachers don't take her articles seriously because of her good looks. After failing to get her dream job as a newspaper intern, she comes to the conclusion that it is because she is a girl.

With her parents out of town on a two-week Caribbean vacation, Terri decides to remedy the situation. Enrolling at a rival high school, she enlists the help of her little brother, Buddy, and her best friend Denise to disguise herself as a boy. Along the way she meets Rick Morehouse, a nerd who becomes her pet project. After helping him through an image makeover and encouraging him to start talking to girls, Terri starts to fall for him.

After many episodes in and out of school, including fending off a group of bullies led by bodybuilder Greg Tolan, dealing with her real college boyfriend Kevin and being set up on a blind date with a potential new girlfriend named Sandy, Terri manages to be accepted as "one of the guys". However, she is stunned when she turns in an article and her teacher still criticizes her work, making Terri realize her gender and looks were never the issue.

At the senior prom, a jealous Greg picks a fight with Rick, who ultimately trounces the bully in front of the entire class. When Terri's boyfriend shows up unexpectedly and discovers the ruse, Rick assumes that Terri's big secret was that she was gay. To prove otherwise, Terri opens her shirt and reveals her breasts to Rick. Although she admits to loving him, Rick rejects her, prompting a desperate Terri to kiss him in front of everyone. To placate the awestruck students, Rick derisively announces that Terri "has tits" before leaving the prom and Terri behind.

Heartbroken and humiliated, Terri retreats to her room and writes a long article on what it is like to be a girl in boy's clothing, detailing all of her experiences, both good and bad.

Terri returns to her own school. When her article is printed in the newspaper, she receives high praise and finally earns her dream job at the newspaper. Nevertheless, she still finds herself yearning for Rick, who has not spoken to her since the prom. One day during the summer, Rick suddenly turns up after reading her article. Realizing their true feelings for each other, they reconcile and make plans for another date. They decide to go for a drive in Terri's car, but before Buddy can join them, an attractive blonde on a motorcycle rides up and beckons to him with a smile. Buddy then climbs onto the back of her motorcycle, and both couples happily drive away.


Joyce Hyser is an American actress.

Clayton Rohner is an American actor.

William Jayne is an American actor. He has been in many films and has sometimes been credited as Billy Jacoby. His siblings, Robert Jayne, Susan Jayne, Laura Jacoby, as well as his half-brother Scott Jacoby are also actors.


Just One of the Guys
Soundtrack album by
various artists
Genre Rock, pop, R&B
Label Elektra
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar empty.svgStar empty.svg
  1. "Just One of the Guys" by Shalamar – 3:55
  2. "Girls Got Something Boys Ain't Got" by Midnight Star – 3:56
  3. "Tonight You're Mine, Baby" by Ronnie Spector – 4:57
  4. "Prove It to You" by Dwight Twilley – 3:20
  5. "Jealous" by Berlin – 4:23
  6. "Way Down" by Billy Burnette – 3:34
  7. "Burning" by Brock/Davis – 4:20
  8. "Thrills" by Greg French – 3:15
  9. "Hard Way" by Brock/Davis – 4:48
  10. "Guy Talk" by Tom Scott – 2:29

The songs and music that were played in the film not on the soundtrack.

  1. "Trouble" by Lindsey Buckingham
  2. "Down on the Street" by The Stooges
  3. "Turn Out Right" by Private Domain
  4. "Comb My Hair" by Johnny Lyon
  5. "Buns" by Bonedaddys
  6. "Gone Too Far" by Neurotica


Just One of the Guys received mixed reviews from critics. It holds a score of 45% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 11 reviews, with an average rating of 4.62/10. [5]

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