Kanthi D. Suresh

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Kanthi D Suresh
Born 25 April
Bangalore, India
Alma mater University College of Commerce & Business Management
London School of Journalism
Occupation Sports Journalist
Years active 2008–present

Kanthi D Suresh is a sports journalist from India. [1] She is known for having anchored the Olympics, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games for India. [2] [3]



Kanthi started her career as an anchor in DD Sports in the year 2008. The first show that she anchored was the 2008 Summer Olympics, held in Beijing. After her successful anchoring of the Olympics, she was invited to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games Delhi [4] and subsequently, was also chosen to represent India at China to anchor the 2010 Asian Games, which she anchored from Guangzhou. Her popularity soared during 2012 Summer Olympics in London and then she went on to anchor the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. Kanthi has also anchored Lusophony Games, held in Goa. Kanthi is also a founder and CEO of Konnexions a consulting firm with its offices in New York, Delhi, London and Sharjah. [5] [6]

Personal life

Kanthi is married to an IAS officer [7] and former Ranji player Sh. D. Suresh. [8] Kanthi is also related to Late and former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Smt. J Jayalalithaa. [9]


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