List of United States commemorative coins and medals (1900s)

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Non-circulating coins

Face valueCoinObverse designReverse designCompositionMintageAvailableObverseReverse
$1 Louisiana Purchase Jefferson dollar Thomas Jefferson Denomination, 1803-190390% Au, 10% CuAuthorized:

250,000 (max, both varieties)


125,029 (P)



100 (P)

1903 Louisiana Purchase Jefferson dollar obverse.jpg Louisiana Purchase Jefferson dollar reverse.jpg
$1Louisiana Purchase McKinley dollar William McKinley Denomination, 1803-190390% Au, 10% CuUncirculated:

125,029 (P)


100 (P)

1903 Louisiana Purchase McKinley dollar obverse.jpg Louisiana Purchase Jefferson dollar reverse.jpg


Non-circulating coins

Face valueCoinObverse designReverse designCompositionMintageAvailableObverseReverse
$1 Lewis and Clark Exposition dollar Meriwether Lewis William Clark 90% Au, 10% CuAuthorized:

250,000 (max 1904-1905 total)


25,028 (P) [1]

1904 1904 Lewis and Clark dollar obverse.jpg 1904 Lewis and Clark dollar reverse.jpg


Non-circulating coins

Face valueCoinObverse designReverse designCompositionMintageAvailableObverseReverse
$1Lewis and Clark Exposition dollarMeriwether LewisWilliam Clark90% Au, 10% CuUncirculated

35,041 (P) [1]

1905 1905 Lewis and Clark dollar obverse.jpg 1905 Lewis and Clark dollar reverse.jpg

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