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This is a list of football (soccer) clubs in Lithuania that played in A Lyga (the highest league), Lyga 1 (second-tier league), or Lyga 2 (third-tier) from 2003 to 2007. In 2007 a separate league for Reserve teams and feeder teams was created.



Club nameLocationPlace (2003)League (2003)Place (2004)League (2004)Place (2005)League (2005)Place (2006)League (2006)Place (2007)League (2007)Notes
Akmenė-Šiauliai-3 Naujoji Akmenė   10L2N10L2N8L2N  Akmenė became the second farm team of FK Šiauliai in 2006
Aktas Vilnius   8L2E       
Alytis Alytus 1L2S14L11L12L11L1Home stadium: Alytus Stadium
Alytis-2 Alytus   4L2S3L2S  2L2SFeeder team for Alytis
Atlantas Klaipėda 5LA3LA7LA6LA6LA 
Atlantas-2 Klaipėda 1L2W4L2W1L2W3L18FTFeeder team for Atlantas
Atletas Kaunas 9L115L111L116L1   
Atletas-2 Kaunas 6L2S        Feeder team for Atletas
Babrungas Plungė 8L18L112L118L17L2N 
Babrungas-2 Plungė 8L2W8L2N12L2W    Feeder team for Babrungas
Banga Gargždai 17L13L2W5L2W12L16L1 
Bangelė Gargždai       7L2W6L2NFeeder team for Banga; also known as Banga-2
Dainava Alytus 16L1         
Ekranas Panevėžys 2LA2LA1LA2LA3LA 
Ekranas-2 Panevėžys 10L111L12L2N1L2N5FTFeeder team for Ekranas
FBK Kaunas Kaunas 1LA1LA2LA1LA1LA 
FBK Kaunas-2 Kaunas         4FTFeeder team for FBK Kaunas; also known as Žalgiris-2 Kaunas
FK Anykščiai Anykščiai 2L2E12L2S11L2S1L2S12L1 
FK Kalvarija Kalvarija   11L2S13L2S10L2S15L2S 
FK Kretinga Kretinga         10L2N 
FK Mažeikiai Mažeikiai 1L2N6L14L2N3L2N4L2NBefore 2003 known as Nafta Mažeikiai
FK Pagėgiai Pagėgiai 3L2W8L2W8L2W10L2W   
FK Pasvalys Pasvalys 8L2N9L2N       
FK Prienai Prienai 9L2S13L2S12L2S6L2S9L2SBefore 2006 known as Valdima Prienai
FK Rūdiškės Rūdiškės         8L2S 
FK Šiauliai Šiauliai 8LA1L19LA8LA8LAKnown as Sakalas Šiauliai (2001-2003)
FK Šiauliai-2 Šiauliai   6L2N6L113L19FTFeeder team for FK Šiauliai
FK Šiauliai-3 Šiauliai   5L2N       
FK Šilutė Šilutė 3L16LA6LA9LA9LA 
FK Šilutė-2 Šilutė 4L2W1L2W2L2W1L2W6FTFeeder team for FK Šilutė
FK Skuodas Skuodas       11L2W   
FK Vilnius Vilnius 7LA8LA5LA7LA7LABefore 2004 known as Šviesa Vilnius
FK Vilnius-2 Vilnius 1L2E17L115L110L17FTFeeder team for FK Vilnius; also known as Šviesa-2
Gariūnai Vilnius   2L2E       
Geležinis Vilkas Vilnius 2L14L15L117L11L2S 
Gintaras Palanga 10L2W  10L2W     
Glestum Klaipėda     4L2W5L2W9L1 
Glestum-2 Klaipėda         9L2NFeeder team for Glestrum
GMT-83 Gargždai     6L2W    Merged with Banga
Granitas Naujoji Vilnia   6L2E       
Interas Visaginas 3L2E2L2S2L2S8L110LA 
Interas-2 Visaginas         10FTFeeder team for Interas
Juventa-99 Šiauliai 2L2N4L2N3L2N5L2N1L2N 
Kaitra Lentvaris   5L2E       
Kareda Kaunas 14L1        Moved from Šiauliai to Kaunas in 2000; dissolved in 2003
Kauno Jėgeriai Kaunas 7L12L12L11L18L1Former feeder team for FBK Kaunas
Kražantė Kelmė 9L2N2L2N1L2N2L2N   
Kruoja Pakruojis 6L2N1L2N10L14L14L1 
Kvintencija Kaunas 6L13L2S       
Lietava Jonava 11L17L19L114L15L1 
Lietuvos Paštas Vilnius   1L2E       
Lifosa Kėdainiai         3L2S 
LKKA ir Teledema Kaunas   12L17L16L17L1Sponsored by Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education
LVDK Kaunas Kaunas       9L2S   
Mastis Telšiai 5L2N5L2N7L2N7L2N5L2N 
Minija Kretinga 6L2W7L2W3L2W6L2W8L2N 
Mituva Jurbarkas 10L2S         
Naujieji Verkiai Vilnius   13L2E       
Neris Karmėlava 3L2S10L2S7L2S     
Nevėžis Kėdainiai 13L13L110LA10LA3L1 
Nevėžis-2 Kėdainiai 2L2S8L2S10L2S7L2S13L2SFeeder team for Nevėžis
Orbit Vilnius   7L2E       
Ozas Vilnius   12L2E       
Piritas Klaipėda 4L19L118L19L2W  Until 2006 known as Rodovitas
Polonija Vilnius 1L15L14L1    Run by Polish minority in Lithuania
Polonija-2 Vilnius   3L2E      Feeder team for Polonija
Prelegentai Vilnius   15L2E       
Rinkuškiai Biržai 4L2N7L2N9L2N4L2N   
Rodiklis Kaunas   6L2S1L2S5L12L1 
Sakuona Plikiai 7L2W6L2W7L2W2L2W2L2N 
Salantas Salantai 9L2W9L2W9L2W8L2W11L2N 
Savingė Kaišiadorys 7L2S9L2S4L2S8L2S4L2S 
Šilas Kazlų Rūda 5L2S14L2S9L2S    Changed name to Kvintencija-Šilas in 2006
Širvinta Širvintos 4L2E11L2E       
SM Alytus Alytus   7L2S       
Sostinės Policija Vilnius   9L2E       
Sostinės Svajotojas Vilnius   4L2E       
Spyris Kaunas     6L2S4L2S11L2S 
Sūduva Marijampolė 6LA7LA3LA5LA2LA 
Sūduva-2 Marijampolė 4L2S1L2S8L111L13FTFarm team for Sūduva
Sveikata Kybartai 8L2S5L2S5L2S3L2S10L2S 
Švyturys Klaipėda 2L2W2L2W13L14L2W  Until 2006 known as Kuršiai Neringa
Tauras ERRA Tauragė 18L116L117L13L2W11L1Known as Tauras before 2005
Titanikas Klaipėda   5L2W       
Troleibusas Vilnius   10L2E       
Universitetas Šiauliai 7L2N         
Utenis Utena 15L113L116L15L2S12L2S 
Vakarų Dujos Klaipėda 5L2W         
Venta Kuršėnai 3L2N3L2N6L2N6L2N3L2N 
Vėtra Vilnius 3LA5LA4LA3LA5LAIn 2004 moved from Rūdiškės to Vilnius
Vėtra-2 Vilnius 5L110L13L17L12FTIn 2004 moved from Rūdiškės to Vilnius; feeder team for Vėtra
Vėtra-89 Vilnius         5L2SYouth team for Vėtra
Vidzgiris Alytus     8L2S2L2S6L2S 
Vienybė Ukmergė 5L2E  14L2S     
Vilkmergė Ukmergė     14L115L110L1 
Visas Labas Kaunas         7L2S 
VPU Šviesa Vilnius         14L2SSponsored by Vilnius Pedagogical University
Žalgiris Vilnius 4LA4LA8LA4LA4LA 
Žalgiris-2 Vilnius 12L1    9L11FTFarm team for Žalgiris
Žeimena Pabradė   14L2E       

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Kauno futbolo ir beisbolo klubas, commonly known as FBK Kaunas, was a Lithuanian football club from the city of Kaunas.

A Lyga

The A Lyga is the top division of professional football in Lithuania. The A Lyga is an abbreviation of Aukščiausia lyga meaning Highest League. It is organized by Lithuanian Football Federation LFF. The Aukščiausia lyga also existed during the Soviet period of Lithuania, but was not considered to be a professional league until dissolution of the Soviet Union.

FC Šiauliai

FC Šiauliai is a Lithuanian football team from the city of Šiauliai. The team is referred to as "Šiauliai".

Football is one of the top two most popular sports in Lithuania by the quantity of active sportsmen. However, with only 52,000 match spectators a year (2019) in all top league matches, it falls far behind country's most popular sport, basketball. Other variations of football like futsal, 5-a-side to 8-a-side football, beach soccer have become fairly popular as well.

I Lyga

The I Lyga, LFF I Lyga, Pirma Lyga, is the second tier of professional Lithuanian football championship.

The Lithuanian A Lyga 2009 was the 20th season of top-tier football in Lithuania. The season started on 4 April 2009 and ended on 31 October 2009. Ekranas successfully defended their title.

Lithuanian Football Federation's II lyga, LFF II lyga – the third tier Lithuanian football championship. The league consists of the Southern Zone and the Western Zone. The two winners gain promotion to the I Lyga.

The 2011 A Lyga was the 22nd season of the A Lyga, the top-tier football league of Lithuania. The season began on 12 March 2011 and ended on 6 November 2011. Ekranas were the defending champions, having won their third consecutive title at the end of the 2010 season.

FK Riteriai

Futbolo Klubas Riteriai, also known as FK Riteriai or as Riteriai, is a Lithuanian professional football club based in Vilnius. The team has been playing in the top level of Lithuanian football, the A Lyga, since 2014. Until 21 February 2019, the club was based in Trakai and was known as FK Trakai.

The 2014 A Lyga, also known as A Lyga for sponsoring purposes, is the 25th season of the A Lyga, the top-tier association football league of Lithuania. The season starts on 8 March 2014 and ends on 29 November 2014. VMFD Žalgiris Vilnius are the defending champions.

FC Stumbras

Football Club Stumbras was a professional football club, based in Kaunas, Lithuania, which played in A Lyga, the top tier of Lithuanian football. Founded in 2013 on the basis of the NFA, the club has reached the heights of Lithuanian football in a fairly short period of time. It became infamous for one-sided footballer contracts. The club stopped functioning mid-season in 2019 after the owner pulled out the funds. The club played its home matches at the Darius and Girėnas Stadium and used the NFA stadium in Kaunas as an alternative.

The 2015 A Lyga, also known as A Lyga for sponsoring purposes was the 26th season of the A Lyga, the top-tier association football league of Lithuania. The season started in February 2015 and ended in November 2015. Žalgiris Vilnius are the defending champions.

FK Palanga Association football club from Palanga, Lithuania

FK Palanga was a professional football club based in Palanga, Lithuania. The team competes in the A Lyga, the top division of Lithuanian football in 2018 and 2019 seasons.

2016 LFF I Lyga is a Lithuanian second-tier football league season which started on 25 March 2016 and will finish in 6 November 2016. It consists of 16 teams.

FC Džiugas Telšiai

Football Club Džiugas Telšiai, commonly known as Džiugas Telšiai, or simply as Džiugas, is a Lithuanian association football club based in Telšiai, that competes in the I Lyga, second tier of Lithuanian football.

Futbolo klubas Sveikata, commonly known as Sveikata, is a Lithuanian football club located in Kybartai, in Vilkaviškis District. They currently play in the II Lyga, Southern zone, the third tier of Lithuanian football. They are the oldest active football club in the country. In 2019 FK Sveikata became a member of the prestigious Club of Pioneers.

Futbolo klubas Atmosfera, commonly known as Atmosfera, is a Lithuanian football club located in Mažeikiai, in Mažeikiai District. They currently play in the I Lyga, the second tier of Lithuanian football. FK Atmosfera is a phoenix club of Atmosfera Mažeikiai.

Baltijos Futbolo Akademija Lithuanian association football club

Baltijos Futbolo Akademija, BFA is a Lithuanian football club based in Vilnius, established as an extension of the youth football academy.

The 2019 II Lyga season is the third season since return to two divisions system, the twenty-first after switch to spring-to-fall format and the thirty-first overall after the restoration of Independence.

The 2020 A Lyga was the 31st season of the A Lyga, the top-tier football league of Lithuania. The season began on 6 March and was planned to end on 7 November 2020. On 12 March all sports events were postponed for two weeks in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.