List of universities in Haiti

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This is a list of public and private Haitian universities, grouped by region and type. Public universities are mostly state funded, while private universities require some form of tuition payment.









Port-au-Prince and Port-au-Prince Arrondissement

Universite Polytechnique d'Haiti (UPOH) official website



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The grandes écoles of France are higher education establishments that are separate and parallel, but often connected to, the main framework of the French public university system. Some Grandes écoles are highly selective and prestigious institutions; and some of their graduates regularly dominate the upper levels of the private and public sectors of French society.

University of Toulouse Former french university in Toulouse existing from 1896 to 1969

The University of Toulouse is a university in France that was established by papal bull in 1229, making it one of the earliest universities to emerge in Europe. Since the closing of the university in 1793 due to the French Revolution, the University of Toulouse no longer exists as a single institution. However, there have been several independent "successor" universities inheriting the name.

Lille 2 University of Health and Law Campus Lille 2

The Lille 2 University of Health and Law was a French university for health, sports, management and law. It was located in Lille and was part of the Community of Universities and Institutions (COMUE) Lille Nord de France.

The University of Picardy Jules Verne is a university located in Amiens, France, and is under the Academy of Amiens. It was founded in 1969.

University of the Mediterranean former french university founded in 1973. Merged in 2012 with Aix-Marseille I and Aix-Marseille III to form Aix-Marseille University. (and hence abolished because of the merger)

The University of the Mediterranean Aix-Marseille II was a French university in the Academy of Aix and Marseille. Historically, it was part of the University of Aix-Marseille based across the communes of Aix-en-Provence and Marseille in southern France. It had 24,000 students. On 1 January 2012 it merged with the University of Provence and Paul Cézanne University to become Aix-Marseille University, the youngest, but also the largest in terms of students, budgets and staff in France.

The École Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et des Microtechniques (ENSMM) is a French school of engineering. It is part of Polyméca, a network of schools focusing on mechanical engineering.

University of Tours French university located in Tours, France. Founded in 1971.

The University of Tours, till 18 December 2017 François Rabelais University of Tours, is a public university in Tours, France. The university was formerly named after the French writer François Rabelais, and was founded in 1969. As of July 2015 it is a member of the regional university association Leonardo da Vinci consolidated University.

The University of Abomey-Calavi( Université d'Abomey-Calavi) is the principal university in the country of Benin, in Abomey-Calavi. The school is composed of 19 institutions and six campuses.

French university associations known as "pôles de recherche et d'enseignement supérieur" were a form of higher-level organization for universities and other institutions established by French law in effect from 2007 to 2013. The 2013 Law on Higher Education and Research (France) discontinued the PRES; these have been largely replaced by the new Communities of Universities and Institutions. The list below indicates the status of those institutions designated as PRES or related associations before the 2013 law took effect. See the list of public universities in France for the current status of these institutions.

University of Upper Alsace French university

University of Upper Alsace is a multidisciplinary teaching and research centre based in the two cities of Mulhouse and Colmar, France. Research and teaching at UHA concentrates mainly on science, technology, economics, management, arts and humanities. In 2017, UHA has more than 8000 students with about a hundred courses offered. The founding of UHA was driven by social and business players, among them was Jean-Baptiste Donnet.

Abdou Moumouni University university

Abdou Moumouni University was formerly the University of Niamey from 1974 to 1994. On the right bank of the Niger River in Niamey, its students and faculty have historically been involved in protest movements in the capital.

University of Douala university

University of Douala, or Université de Douala (UDla), is located in Douala in Cameroon. The University of Douala is one of the eight public universities of Cameroon.

La Faculté des Sciences Infirmières de l'Université Épiscopale d'Haïti à Léogâne or FSIL is a baccalaureate nursing school located in Léogâne, Haiti. It is the only four-year nursing school in Haiti and is part of the Université Épiscopale d'Haïti (UNEPH).

Jean-Michel Bony French mathematician

Jean-Michel Bony is a French mathematician, specializing in mathematical analysis. He is known for his work on microlocal analysis and pseudodifferential operators.

COUPERIN is an academic consortium in France. Formed in 1999, it includes more than 250 universities, research organizations, Grandes écoles (schools), COMUE, and others. The consortium negotiates with publishers the prices and conditions of access to scientific publications and other digital resources for the benefit of its members. It promotes open science, particularly with regard to scientific publications, both nationally and internationally. It is headquartered in Paris.