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This is a list of universities and specialized institutions in El Salvador . [1] [2]

University academic institution for further education

A university is an institution of higher education and research which awards academic degrees in various academic disciplines. Universities typically provide undergraduate education and postgraduate education.

El Salvador country in Central America

El Salvador, officially the Republic of El Salvador, is the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America. It is bordered on the northeast by Honduras, on the northwest by Guatemala, and on the south by the Pacific Ocean. El Salvador's capital and largest city is San Salvador. As of 2016, the country had a population of approximately 6.34 million.





José Matías Delgado University

Dr. José Matías Delgado University, is a private university located in Antiguo Cuscatlán, La Libertad, El Salvador. Founded on September 15, 1977, it is one of the first private institutions of higher education established in the country.

Francisco Gavidia University University in San Salvador, El Salvador

Francisco Gavidia University (UFG) is a university located in San Salvador, El Salvador. The university was named after the famous Salvadoran scholar, Francisco Gavidia.

The Universidad Autónoma de Santa Ana is a university in Santa Ana, El Salvador.

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Ricardo Legorreta Vilchis was a Mexican architect. He was a prolific designer of private houses, public buildings and master plans in Mexico, the United States of America and some other countries.

José María San Martín Central-american politician.

Colonel José María San Martín was born in Nacaome, Honduras to Colonel Joaquín de San Martín and Joaquina Fugón.

Ignacio Martín-Baró Spanish scholar, Jesuit priest, assassinated martyr in El Salvador

Ignacio Martín-Baró, S.J. was a scholar, social psychologist, philosopher and Jesuit priest. He was one of the victims of the 1989 murders of Jesuits in El Salvador

Central American University

José Simeón Cañas Central American University, also known as UCA El Salvador, is a private university with nonprofit purposes in San Salvador, El Salvador, run by the Society of Jesus. It was founded on September 15, 1965, at the request of a group of Roman Catholic families who appealed to the Salvadoran government and the Society of Jesus in order to create another university as an alternative to the University of El Salvador, becoming the first private institution of higher education in the country. The Jesuits also run Central American University in Nicaragua, opened in 1960.

Luis Salvador Efraín Salazar Arrué, known as Salarrué, was a Salvadoran writer, poet and painter

Central American Technological University university

The Central American Technological University(UNITEC) is a private coeducational institution with campuses in the three main cities of Honduras: Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba.

The National University of Equatorial Guinea is a public institution of higher education, being one of the main universities of Equatorial Guinea in Central Africa.

La Universidad Gerardo Barrios es una Universidad Privada ubicada en la oriental San Miguel, El Salvador. La Universidad Gerardo Barrios (UGB) fue fundada el 5 de diciembre de 1,981 en el centro histórico de la ciudad de San Miguel en El Salvador. Su sede central se ubicó en la casa donde nació Juan José Cañas, compositor de la letra del Himno Nacional de El Salvador.

The Salvadorian Athletics Federation is the governing body for the sport of athletics in El Salvador.

José María Peralta Lagos (1873-1944), was a Salvadoran writer, military engineer, and politician. He wrote under the pseudonym T.P. Mechín.

The Instituto de Educación Media Superior de la Ciudad de México is the public high school education system of Mexico City.

Rosa Amelia Guzmán was a Salvadoran journalist, feminist and suffragette. She later became the second wife of former Salvadoran president Arturo Araujo and was one of the first three women elected to serve in the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador.

The chess championship of El Salvador is organized by the Salvadoran Chess Federation, and was first held in 1946. FIDE Master Boris Pineda has won the title a record eight times. A separate Salvadoran Women's Chess Championship has also been held annually since 1993.

Javier Milei Argentine economist

Javier Gerardo Milei is an Argentine libertarian economist sympathetic to the Austrian School of economic thought. He became widely known in account of his regular TV appearances where he has been a critic of Kirchner and Macri administrations. During a conference at the Provincial Theater, he was introduced by the presenter as "the Mozart of the economy".

2019 Salvadoran presidential election presidential election in El Salvador

Presidential elections were held in El Salvador on 3 February 2019, with voters electing a President and Vice President for a five-year term.

Carmen Aída Lazo El Salvadoran economist and politician (b. 1976)

Carmen Aída Lazo is a Salvadoran economist and dean of the School of Economics and Business at Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios. She was a candidate for Vice President of El Salvador for the National Coalition Party (PCN) for the 2019 Presidential Election.


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