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Live at Newcastle / Live in Newcastle
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Live album by
Released1983 (LP), January 1994 (CD)
Recorded14 October 1982
VenueMayfair Suite, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Genre Punk rock
Label Damned Records (1983), Receiver Records (1994)
The Damned chronology
Live at Newcastle / Live in Newcastle

"Live at Newcastle" (a.k.a. "Live in Newcastle") is a live album by the Damned, released in 1983.


The album was recorded at Newcastle's Mayfair rock club, [1] and features material from the band's albums up to and including Strawberries, which was released in the month this was recorded (October 1982). Some tracks (on the full version of the album) are chants, and Captain Sensible's number 1 track from 1982, "Happy Talk", is also performed.


The Damned

Track listing

Full version

  1. "Ignite"
  2. "Disco Man"
  3. "Generals"
  4. "I Just Can't Be Happy Today"
  5. "Stranger on the Town"
  6. "Wait for the Blackout"
  7. "Bad Time for Bonzo"
  8. "Curtain Call"
  9. "Dozen Girls"
  10. "Limit Club"
  11. "Melody Lee"
  12. "Fuse"
  13. "Love Song"
  14. "Sensible's a Wanker"
  15. "Smash It Up"
  16. "Looking at You"
  17. "New Rose"
  18. "Happy Talk"
  19. "Noise Noise Noise"
  20. "Hippy Hippy Shake"
  21. "Citadel (cut)"

Short version

  1. "Ignite"
  2. "Disco Man"
  3. "Generals"
  4. "Bad Time for Bonzo"
  5. "Dozen Girls"
  6. "Love Song"
  7. "Smash It Up (part 1)"
  8. "Smash It Up (part 2)"
  9. "Looking At You"
  10. "New Rose"

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The discography of British punk rock band the Damned includes eleven studio albums, fifteen live albums, thirty-one compilations, two extended plays and thirty-five singles.

Dolly Mixture were an English band, formed in 1978 by the bassist and vocalist Debsey Wykes, guitarist and vocalist Rachel Bor, and drummer Hester Smith. They had a taste of Top 40 success performing backing vocals for the Captain Sensible hit "Wot", a Top 10 hit with Sensible on "Glad It's All Over", and a UK No. 1 hit backing Sensible on his 1982 cover of "Happy Talk". Rachel Bor also featured on the Animus/Loose Records single "Wot NO Meat?" also by Captain Sensible in 1985. Bor and Wykes performed together on 24 April 2013 at the Islington Assembly Hall in London.

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